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Apr 29, 2010

Astrology of Laura Bush's fatal car crash of 1963

Raw Story has an interesting article concerning Laura Bush's "small STOP sign" car accident which killed a classmate - some say, boyfriend - on the evening of November 6, 1963.

This is my first discovery of the exact date of the accident which occurred on that evening as Laura then-Welch and a girlfriend were motoring to a drive-in theater, ran what she details in her upcoming book as a "small" STOP sign, and crashed into a fellow student's Corvair. Mrs. Bush's memory of the night's weather and road conditions do not match police records, btw...what few remain in existence.

View Mrs. Bush's natal chart if you wish with its chart-ruler Venus retrograde in Sagittarius and out-of-bounds. And if you missed it, check out my Wedding Day Astrology Report on George and Laura's 1977 nuptials.


Was the fatal accident part of a lovers' break-up scenario? Hmm. Well, I have speculated rather unkindly before that membership in certain secret societies may include murder as initiation, but this particular post isn't about that. Or is it?

Checking the horoscope for Nov 6, 1963 Midland, TX, precise hour unknown but in the 'evening' (drive-in movies weren't visible until after dark!), I'm setting the chart for 8:50:40 pm cst because this places Mrs. Bush's natal Moon 15Pis00 at Midheaven, along with Fixed Star Achernar, keywords: crisis; risk of rapid endings...certainly not conclusive but a good way to time the chart is to use the Moon or another planet in angular position.

She definitely caused a crisis for the young man and his family, that we know.

Plus, the transiting Moon that night was at a crisis or critical degree @ '29Cancer'..."Daughter of the American Revolution" in the Sabian Symbols which may relate to the car accident itself or to a very upset young lady (perhaps before if spurned, and certainly after the crash which left a very mangled Corvair and a dead young man who may or may not have been her boyfriend.)

Also, the 29Can Moon of Nov 6, 1963 conjoined Laura Bush's natal Ic, the point of Endings in a there's an important bit of angularity!

Curiously, on the morning of Nov 6, 1963, a Venus Return occurred for Laura Welch Bush which to suspicious-of-all-Bushes me indicates that love or love-lost was part of the picture for the mayhem caused by Laura Bush on that fateful night, for Love Spurned makes for a very vengeful Lady Venus. And certainly relationship issues are on any one's menu during a Venus Return.

And with 1963's transiting South Node of the Moon (a point of separation where we fall back on previous, possibly neurotic, behaviors) conjunct Mrs. Bush's natal Sun/Moon midpoint 13Cap29 (male-female relationships; marriage) and the cruel Saturn/Pluto midpoint crossing her natal Venus during that time, we see hints of upsetting losses involving relationships. Of course, the accident itself falls into that category as well.

However, there is a natal midpoint picture involving Neptune that I shall mention as well (in effect no matter her hour of birth)...Neptune's connotations include deceptions and cover-ups, as well as negative escapisms such as alcohol and other drugs...

Mercury/Pluto = Neptune: using deception and concealing information; falsification of data; cunning strategies. (Ebertin.)

And since in 1963, tr Uranus and Pluto were in process of lining up for their Great Conjunction/s of 1965/66, I've checked for her natal midpoints in the range of their degrees in Virgo in the accident chart: 9 - 13.

Mercury/NN (meeting with a young person), Saturn/Neptune (loss; suffering; renunciation), Mars/Uranus (a sudden application of effort; bodily intervention), Venus/Uranus (splitsville?; the arousing of love; eccentricity), Neptune/Pluto (other realms, unseen forces, mysticism, the supernatural), and Mercury/Uranus (intuition; astuteness; unexpected or sudden events while traveling.)

I shall leave you to look up the pictures formed by tr Uranus and Pluto triggering her midpoints that night and simply add the Pre-Natal Solar Eclipse influence in effect the night of Nov 6, 1963. It's the 1 North Series which includes the JFK assassination a couple of weeks later, the first atomic bomb attack of August 6, 1945, and the Mother of All Eclipses, the King of Terror Eclipse, of August 11, 1999...

1N: unexpected events involving friends or groups put tremendous pressure on relationships; hasty decisions are ill-advised because information is distorted and possibly false; an element of health problems (or death?) and fatigue may be evident. (Paraphrasing Brady's Predictive Astrology.)

Short of a confession, we'll probably never know the full truth behind Laura Bush's bad driving and its subsequent fatal consequence, but 'looking under the hood' of mysterious happenings by using Astrology does have its merits for shining light into dark and hidden corners.

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