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Nov 25, 2022

Dec 7, 2022 Full Moon Spotlights Infamy

In a Gullible World Morality in War is M.I.A.

by Jude Cowell

Embedded within our country's collective memory is the "date that will live in infamy," as cited by FDR, and known as the Attack on Pearl Harbor carried out just before 8:00 am local time on December 7, 1941 (Honolulu, Hawaii).

Synchronistically, a cosmic time link is in process because December 7, 2022 brings a Full Moon @16Gem02 conjunct 1941 Jupiter Rx @16Gem30; this suggests a link to moral and ethical values yet with 1941 Sun opposing Jupiter, we might suspect that egotistical goals must have muddied the morality of the situation, as war always does. For when a population is 'lied into war', the entire endeavor is marred by deception, fraud, and illusion. Understandably, disillusionment with leaders inevitably follows and We the People lose trust in our government. This we know, for lies have been used against the American people in subsequent years to galvanize the US military into action, among other misguided activities (US 1776 Mars-Neptune square).

In view of this, let's note that a certain conspiracy theory has been proposed through the decades: that the FDR administration knew ahead of time of the 1941 attack but declined to intervene so that the US could "righteously" declare war upon Japan (with Congress necessarily aiding and abetting through an official declaration). If so, FDR's war declaration of December 8, 1941 was not righteous at all, but a mere ruse perpetrated with 1941 Node Node @17Virgo conjunct FDR's natal Uranus Rx rising: reformist politics; radical new ideas; meeting with unusual people.

Also notable in the 1941 Attack Horoscope shown below, is that the Mars-Chiron midpoint (the 'sacred warrior' duo) @15Gem00 conjuncts the goal-oriented Gemini Sun, while the 7:52 am LT Midheaven ('MC'; The Objective) holds the pair of fated questing upon it: Sun-Chiron @14Lib52 - and with US 1775 Saturn @14Lib48 conjunct MC as well. The goal? Roping in Congress for the consolidation and legalization of presidential authority (to wage war).

And of course, Chiron is associated with bombs, wounds, and the atomic power that Harry Truman later used to decimate Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan, and which, as the American people are always told, helped end WWII. Now there's a morality issue extraordinaire.

So I wonder: was retaliation for the Attack moral justification to use nuclear power as the ultimate goal of a far-sighted America aided by Nazi scientists brought over to work in the US after WWII (aka, Operation Paperclip), so that the power struggle and grabbing of Germany's weapons secrets had to begin with a delaration of war against Japan? This is a simplistic question, I agree, but on this 'Black Friday' 2022, I'm just typing out loud as Luna waxes toward fulfillment and complete awareness, culminating in mid-Gemini on December 7, 2022, and spotlighting the 81st anniversary of the Attack on Pearl Harbor, a horrific event which occurred under the auspices of a 16 North Solar Eclipse with its themes of Uranus-Neptune-inspired 'illumination' and 'bright ideas' (B. Brady).

Then perhaps a quick look at a bi-wheel of 1941 vs 2022 planets could be instructive regarding the aggressive, expansive United States of America, currently under siege by hostile forces both foreign and domestic. Please enlarge or print the image for better viewing for my notes are penned on the chart including several transits that pop out at me (upper right) although you'll certainly spy more planetary contacts worthy of your consideration:

And if you wish, take a step back in history by listening to the radio broadcast of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt delivering his "date that will live in infamy" speech to a joint session of Congress and declaring war on Japan (as commemorated by Radios of the Era).

In closing, I shall add a heartfelt R.I.P. to all those who died in the Attack on Pearl Harbor and to those who've lost their lives during America's lied-into wars, including my generation's duplicitous, fog-of-war (US Mars-Neptune square) Vietnam War (horoscope shown in which the "break-up of a value system" unsurprisingly appears).

Aug 16, 2020

Uranus-Pluto 1966 with Bucket Handle Saturn in Pisces

Troubles by the Bucket: 1966, 2015, and 2020

by Jude Cowell

During the presidency of Lyndon Baines Johnson ('LBJ') came the three Great Conjunctions of Uranus and Pluto in mid-Virgo: 1. October 9, 1965 @17Vir09; 2. April 4, 1966 @16Vir28; and 3. June 30, 1966 @16Vir06. Below is the June 30, 1966 horoscope set for Washington DC with many messy study notes penned on for the daring to read if they so wish:

1966 vs 2020: Upheavals vs Upheavals

There are multiple places in this chart where Trump figures into the equation, one of which is karmic Saturn @29Pis35 (10th house) conjunct Scheat, star of misfortune (suicide, murder), which was activated by the Summer Solstice 2015 Eclipse and in part resulted in Trump's 'escalator ride' to deliver his 2015 'Prez Bid' announcement the morning of a Gemini New Moon. Yes, his disturbing announcement occurred under the influence of the 17 South Saros Series which imprints upon his 'prez bid' and upon what turned out to be his 'presidency' involving the 17 South themes of 'sudden success/good news concerning groups or relationships'. We may wish to note that 17 South can have positive or negative effects and is the Prenatal Eclipse series ('PE') of notables such as Adolf Hitler, Ayn Rand, Rachel Carson, Princess Diana (her birth and tragic death!), Newt Gingrich, and Barack Obama.

Eclipses: Uranian Wild Cards and Cosmic Blinks from Above

However! 17 South is not the PE of this 1966 Uranus-Pluto Conjunction, 4 North is! Because prior to the June 30th conjunction, a 4 North Eclipse manifested on May 20, 1966 @28Tau55 (spotlighted in red, 11th house near the NN-Algol conjunction) among the stars of the Pleiades constellation. And considering America's current conditions of upheaval, protests, revolt, violence, riots that bring changes in government, and civil rights demonstrations, it seems significant to me that the Uranus-Pluto Conjunctions of the mid-1960s are now triggered or activated via opposition from the transiting midpoint of Uranus-and-Pluto in mid-Pisces (@16Pis51 as I type).

Other cosmic factors are involved, of course, such as the harsh conjunction of karmic Saturn and Pluto on January 12, 2020 which imprinted the duo's compressed, toilsome energies upon the year 2020. As a planetary pair, Saturn-Pluto can also represent 'deeply researching scientists, violent people, reactionaries, and mass murderers' (Ebertin) - all of which sounds to me like events and people of 2020 so far including the pandemic, rioting in the streets, violent acts and the threat of them, political conflicts, and the cruelty of a leadership that cares nothing for its people.

Yet another chart factor stands out and cosmically links events and conditions of 1966 with 2020: currently we're again influenced by a 4 North Solar Eclipse which recently perfected at Summer Solstice 2020 @00Can21, a Cardinal World Point of Manifestation. And as you know, History tends to rhyme so it's no wonder that we are dealing once again with 4 North themes of 'restraint, restriction, separation, illusions' and more. Note that 4 North solar eclipses occurred in the years 1912, 1930, 1948, (1966), 1984, and 2002 and relate to restrictive or separative events and/or illusions operable during those years. See the center of the horoscope for a few events of 1966. You may also wish to note the Sabian Symbol of the rising Jupiter ('12 Cancer' = "A Chinese Woman Nursing a Baby With a Message") and the fact that opposing expansive Jupiter is health asteroid Aesculapia. Plus, 2020's Capricorn stellium of planets cluster around 1966's Saturn-Neptune midpoint @24Cap37 which is the "illness axis" (Ebertin) - and the 8th cusp of this chart with US natal Pluto upon it. Saturn-Neptune = Pluto: a serious illness (Ebertin).

Donald Trump June 14, 1946 10:54 am edt Queens (or Jamaica) New York; Sun Gemini-Moon Sagittarius = "The Pied Piper" (Sun Sign-Moon Sign, Charles and Suzi Harvey).

Other cosmic links are more obvious than the eclipse connection: Trump's natal Mercury (8Can51--the mouthpiece) rises in this Uranus-Pluto 1966 chart along with the Sun (8Can09) and fixed star Alhena (to have a mission), plus, 1966's North Node of future direction (24Tau43 in 11th house) points toward the nasty star of fury and destruction, Algol, which twinkles upon Trump's natal Midheaven ('MC': his Goal). Algol always implicates the malevolent stare of vicious Medusa. (With Trump I tend to think of this as the raptor's stare! Tragically, We the People are in the raptor's direct line of sight with his aggressive, vengeful Mars opposing US natal Moon.)

Now there are many more chart factors worth noting (leave your on-topic comments if you wish!) but let's close with only a bigly one:

Now you know that grim reaper Saturn is aka, the old man or senex, right? Dr. Liz Greene calls him 'the old devil' and I would never disagree with that assessment. Saturn represents authority and authority figures, accountability, responsibility, maturity, seniority, old age, the past, concentration, hard work, the taskmaster, lesson-bringer, solidity, consolidation, soberness, modesty, shyness, flaws, conservation, preservation, studiousness, reserve, economy, loss, learning from experience, borders, walls, bones, skeletons, teeth, cells, systems and structures, soil, tectonic plates, the Earth, inertia - the list goes on, as you know. In the chart above, earthy Saturn is placed in watery Pisces ('a struggle with opponents') and acts as the handle of a Bucket pattern. This handle is similar to the lead planet of a Locomotive shape (ruthlessly determined toward success; a high-powered executive) of planets. Plus, Bucket handle Saturn here is at a critical-crisis 29th degree, straining toward the Aries Point.

Now as you know, a Bucket is a Bowl with a handle, hemispheric emphasis is important, and the handle planet acts as "an important direction of interest" but doesn't change the fact that a Bowl denotes a dedicated cause or mission. With a handle planet, it's more a question of "adapting allegiances to lines along which efforts count for the most" (Jones). This Saturn represents either the "instructor or inspirer of others" or the zealous "agitator and malcontent". So - what's in it for him? Well, I'll let you decide who might be fulfilling the role of 1966 Saturn in 2020, if anyone, and with the violent energies of Uranus-Pluto stirred up and expressing online and in the streets.

Yes once again, as in 1966 during the Vietnam War, deferral-lovin' Trump is "a soldier derelict in his duty" as he mishandles the Covid-19 catastrophe, takes no responsibility, and hundreds of thousands of Americans suffer and die. And instead of calming riots in the streets of America, he promotes them! To me it seems as if a lot of "misjudging strength or the situation" is going on in Washington DC (another 4 North influence) under figurehead Trump.

Meanwhile, we should probably add that the Moon-Venus opposition across the 6/12 victim-savior axis forms the rim of the Bowl (with Moon conjunct war-like Antares!) which handle Saturn, the authority figure, has hold of. Besides the suggestion of maladjusted relationships within this opposition, Moon-Venus in Politics and Business suggests potentials for "manufacturing and agricultural productivity and how it affects the overall wealth and well-being of the people" and "how a country preserves the heritage, customs, lifestyle, and culture of native people" and "esteem for minority groups" (Munkasey). Under the Trump regime, I'd have to say, lack of esteem for minorities, anti-preservation attitudes for cultural sites and customs, and little if any sense of well-being for everyone.

Because after all, authoritative Saturn rules government, law, business, and tradition, but with Trump's natal Saturn in the watery, tribal, nationalistic, emotional sign of Cancer, his tendencies toward discontent, fantasy when realism is called for, and egotistical hypersensitivity constantly interfere with the possibility that he is able to exhibit any real leadership so that his complete lack of respect for rules, laws, and traditions makes him merely a corrupt scofflaw president if he's any kind of president at all.

Troubles by the bucket? Yeah, we've got 'em.

Jun 1, 2020

Summer 2020: Uranus-Pluto and Crisis Across America

by Jude Cowell

Monday June 1, 2020: Prior to the brutal murder-by-cop of George Floyd (May 25, 2020 8:30 pm cdt Minneapolis, MN; 3Sag05 rising with his natal Neptune 5:34, then Venus 6:03) which has triggered protests, riots, and violence across our nation, I had access to my original 'Jude Cowell' Facebook account and page on which I had asked a general astrology-related question which received several interesting replies from my astute FB friends.

This became a discussion concerning the Great Conjunctions of Uranus and Pluto which perfected thrice on October 9, 1965, April 4 1966, and June 30, 1966--all in mid-Virgo (17:10, 16:28, and 16:06 respectively), and all three conjunct my natal Virgo Ascendant--and the fact that the transiting midpoint between Uranus and Pluto was now @16Pisces and therefore opposing their intense, revolutionary conjunctions of the 1965/66 across the Virgo-Pisces victim-savior axis. What I'd hoped not to face was that their midpoint might trigger similar violence, turbulence, and upheaval as their conjunctions had done--riots, protests, battles lines drawn, broken store windows and heads, shootings, arrests, shady figures in black showing up to stir events into conflagration, purposeful arson, and even assassinations as in the 1960s. Perhaps I can be forgiven for counting George Floyd as one such victim.

While History May Not Repeat It Very Often Rhymes: Long-Held Grievances now Released

So you can tell where I'm going with this, right? My worst concerns are now confirmed y events for it turns out that, yes, the transiting Uranus-Pluto midpoint of 2020 can trigger the powerful Uranus-Pluto Conjunctions of the 1960s with similar violent results and demands for freedom from oppression. Of course the combined intensity of Uranus-Pluto built and simmered prior to 1965, was most intense during their exact conjunctions, and extended beyond them. This particular planetary pair is so intense, electrical, deep, and transforming that its destabilizing, disruptive, oppressive and persecuting 'vibes' stretched through the 1960s decade, as you know, and had noticeably and finally waned by 1970.

Of course, there were other planetary influences happening in the 1960s, different from those of 2020, but this is beyond the scope of this post. With one exception--that the Uranus-Pluto Conjunctions had one significant opponent uncomfortably traversing watery Pisces--old man Saturn, karmic planet of The Establishment and the status quo. This helped to set up a generational dynamic between young vs old, counterculture vs business-as-usual, as anti-Vietnam War protests, black rights and other civil rights movements against oppression, were engaged, often with rage. Add to this the fact that mid-Pisces holds a star of crisis, Achernar, and its themes have in 2020 been reactivated by the transiting Uranus-Pluto midpoint (along with transiting Neptune in its own shady sign of Pisces, bringing paranoia, contagion and pandemic in its wake). Can a powerful planetary midpoint activate a fixed star's themes? Reluctantly I must say, yes.

Here's Noel Tyl on potentials for Uranus-Pluto = Saturn: 'tendency toward autocratic leadership' (then as now!); 'my way is the best way' (say authoritarians--then as now); toppled from position; pressure from others; egotism" (Solar Arcs).

US Politics and Rebellious Uranus-Pluto

One prominent disrupted social event within those Uranus-Pluto years was the infamous 1968 DNC in Chicago where over 600 people were arrested, hundreds were injured, Democrat Hubert Humphrey was nominated, hired instigators and intruders showed up (then as now) to make matters worse, and a later investigation of the turbulent protests and violence led to the label "police riot." An ultimate result was that laws and government were changed--then as will be now. Here's a 1m 45s WGN News video with actual footage and details that pretty well sums up the DNC Events of August 1968. And of course, current riots and protests now drench the globe and the Internet for anyone with a hankering to view or review them. Turn on a device--any device--and there they are in your face and broadcast around the world to make certain that other countries know that haughty America is wounded and weeping. One political thought is that the Soviet Union fell, now it's America's turn. It's a large part of the reason Trump was installed--to make America's collapse happen and finagling a 'race riot' is a basic tactic for such Utopian saboteurs and swindlers. Uranus, planet of zealous radical anarchists, syncs with stealthy, power-mad Pluto, the distant manipulator with his hidden wealth and destructive plans for society--for civilization.

Solar Eclipses Then and Now

Now as you know, DNC and RNC 2020 are apparently scheduled for August 2020 after the Summer Solstice 2020 Eclipse @00Cancer, a Cardinal World Point of manifestation. Yet 2020 convention details are iffy due to coronavirus concerns wherever large crowds congregate. But there were no such concerns for contagion in the 1960s which enjoyed something of a musical exclamation point to the turbulent era when the very peaceful, peace-loving Woodstock Festival of 1969 (horoscope shown) was held in upstate New York - mud, Jimi Hendrix playing The Star-Spangled Banner, and all. Yet music, social movements, and social network memes are contagious, right? We even call things "viral" when they're shared round and round.

So if you're curious, here's a previous post concerning the Flower Power Eclipse of November 12, 1966 which displays the 'cosmic peace symbol' formed by the planets, as you can see. This 1966 eclipse fell into the difficult 4 South Saros Series which, sorry to tell you, repeats on December 14, 2020 @23Sagittarius, the very day the Electoral College is set to vote, last I heard, and with Trump's natal Sag Moon and South Node 'eclipsed'. Follow the link to view the 4 South eclipse horoscope of June 21, 2020 set for Washington, DC.

For it can't be denied that in 2020 we are, in fact, influenced by the same Solar Eclipses and themes that ran in the background of the years 1965 and 1966, but with 2020 eclipses manifesting in different signs and with a different panoply of planetary actors in attendance at each 'cosmic blink' event - some harmoniously, some discordantly, and some a grand cosmic mixture of both. As Above, So Below!, an oft-quoted phrase in Astrology that for me personally represents the comforting Scriptural assurance that,

"--Thy Will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven."

For I know Whom I have believed! Do you?

Aug 15, 2019

Horoscope: Woodstock 1969 "A Mark in Cosmic Time"

by Jude Cowell

Having just watched the PBS American Experience documentary Woodstock I can gladly recommend the presentation to any reader interested in "An Aquarian Exposition: 3 Days of Peace and Music" put on by, or rather for, my own 'Flower Power Generation' within an alfalfa field in Bethel, New York starting August 15, 1969. As you know, we now approach the festival's 50th anniversary so a brief consideration of Woodstock's Solar Return 2019 Horoscope could make for interesting comparison along with its Mercury Return 2019 since the (symbolic) horoscope set for August 15, 1969 at 8:00 am edt Bethel, NY shows chart-ruler Mercury rising @13Vir41--Mercury, the planet of young people exalted in its own sign of earthy Virgo. Mercury the Messenger also rules the Midheaven as you see, and yes, a lot of exaltation went on there that weekend along with rain and mud!

A much-needed message of peace, harmony, and love was delivered to the world as well perhaps inspired in part by Woodstock's Prenatal Eclipse ('PE') in creative Pisces (27:25) in the 7 North ('7N') Saros Series with themes of: creativity, passion, lust, and birth (Brady). Yes, babies were born and apparently some were created! The passionate PE is marked in the 7th house of Partnerships and parallels happy Jupiter in music-loving Libra in 1st house (parallels are similar to close conjunctions).

Now on another of my several blogs in 2009, a few Sun-Moon blend astro-notes (on the occasion of its 40th anniversary) were posted covering August 15--August 18, 1969 if you're curious about the cosmic weather of the 3-day festival which one lady in the PBS documentary, linked above, perfectly describes as, "A mark in cosmic time." Naturally, more details about The Aquarian Music Festival of 1969 may be found on its Wikipedia page yet curiously, there were no planets traversing futuristic Aquarius during Woodstock 1969. Seems as if there should've been, don't you think?

Anyway, generationally speaking, we should mention that Woodstock 1969 occurred close to three years after the Flower Power Eclipse of November 12, 1966, a Total solar eclipse with a 'Cosmic Peace Symbol' of planets to its credit (drawn on the chart)--but the eclipse activated a negative or malevolent degree in Scorpio (19). To me this suggests a Scorpio-death connection with the Vietnam War, a travesty of horror of the era that I and my Flower Power peers protested against and which may be seen again in the Woodstock 1969 horoscope, below, via Mars the Warrior conjunct IC (The Basis or Foundation of the Matter; Endings) and conjoining violent Antares, a star of war and anti-war. And in August 1969 Mars (young males of draft age) was in Sagittarius, sign of foreign lands, foreigners, and long-distance travel. Some young American men went to Canada, an act for which I personally have never blamed them.

So! Enough of my peacenik remarks.

Below is the Woodstock 1969 Horoscope and note that the festival's Solar Return 2019 Chart perfects this year on August 15 but its Mercury Return won't perfect until September 5, 2019 with rebellious Uranus Rx in Taurus conjunct Return Midheaven ('MC" = the Goal Point) and North Node (future direction; public contact) @15Can57 in the 12th house of Politics, Karma, and Self-Undoing--and conjoining and pointing toward the natal Ascendant of our nation's horrific 'death star', The Pentagon, one of the major sources of all our troubles:

Please Note that if you follow the above link to the Vietnam War Horoscope you'll see that the war's Jupiter (the General) was unaspected in the chart and the notes for this condition (penned on) could very well describe a certain bone-spurred draft dodger under whose misbegotten administration the American people and the world now suffer--why him? Because the war's Jupiter @23Tau28 sits atop Trump's natal Midheaven where enraged star Algol reigns.

Mar 30, 2018

It's Generational: The MarchForOurLives Activists

Stars Over Washington is pleased to present a new Generational Astrology post by millennial astrologer Kevin Estes, published here with the author's express permission:

Stoneman Douglas High School Activists - The Epitome Of Pluto in Sagittarius and Neptune in Aquarius:

Emma Gonzalez. David Hogg. Sarah Chadwick. Cameron Kasky. Jaclyn Corin.

These are the names of just five of the survivors of the Stoneman Douglas High School Massacre on February 14, 2018 who have become gun control activists over the last month. At the start of the year, they were typical teenagers, and we're now at the end of March and it's gotten to the point where they have been featured on national TV, their Twitter accounts are now verified, and they now have their own Wikipedia articles! This basically means that they have become celebrities overnight, while still going through the grind of homework, term papers, school projects, tests, and final exams, while likely going through their first relationships as well!

And to be honest, they're all handling it very well! I couldn't ever picture myself handling all that pressure. Props.

What makes these teenage activists really special is that they AREN'T doing this for the purpose of becoming household names and getting their five minutes of fame. They are doing this because it's the right thing to do, quite simply because nobody should go to school with the thought that this could be their last day on earth in the back of their minds, as well as the fact that many of their friends and teachers died that day, so they want to make sure that nobody else has to go through what they have since that day. What is also quite fascinating is the similarities that these teenagers have with their grandparents.

If you're familiar with generational astrology, everybody born from 1999-2007 has Pluto in Sagittarius and Neptune in Aquarius, along with most people born in 1998 and half of the people born in 2008, meaning that all of these students share these energies. This results in a generation who not only envisions (Neptune) a world that is in the best interests of everyone (Aquarius), but they also desire absolute freedom and have more open minded world views (Pluto in Sagittarius). This is a fire sign/air sign combination, much like their grandparents in the Pluto in Leo and Neptune in Libra generation from 1942-1957. These were the people known for burning their draft cards in protest of the Vietnam War, and were a large portion of the crowd at Woodstock, so both these fire/air generations share activist roots. However, while many of the "hippies" eventually gave in to the status quo during the Neptune in Capricorn era (1984-1998), when materialism, greed, capitalism, and corporatism were glamorized (many of our current politicians, including president Trump, are Pluto Leo/Neptune Libra), Sagittarius isn't nearly as superficial as Leo (Leo's shadow side is showing off and selfishness, which is why they're known as the "me generation"), and Aquarius has an edge that Libra doesn't (Libra's shadow side is refusing to "rock the boat"), so they aren't as likely to give in to the old, outdated ways of doing things.

Another notable fact is that since these students were born before 2003, they also have Uranus in Aquarius, which allows for a tendency to ACT based on their generational vision that the older generations just don't have (similar to how the Uranus and Pluto in Virgo generation were a major reason for the technological expansion in the 90s and 2000s, as Aquarius, which Uranus rules, and Virgo are both associated with technology). And continuing with the pattern shared with their Baby Boomer grandparents, the Pluto Leo/Neptune Libras who were old enough to be drafted in the Vietnam War had Uranus in the air sign of Gemini. None of this is a coincidence.

Why is the status quo changing now, when things like school shootings have been a common occurrence for years now? Simple. Pluto has been in the sign of Capricorn since 2008 (and will be there until 2024), at the start of the Great Recession, signalling the transformation of government and big business, which has become increasingly obvious with the Trump/Russia and Brexit fiascos dominating the airwaves the last 15 months. The last time Pluto was in Capricorn was the period of the American Revolution, which is not a coincidence.

When Pluto was in Sagittarius (1995-2008), 9/11 showed the dark side of organized religion, and when Pluto was in Scorpio (1983-1995), HIV/AIDS showed the consequences of "free sex". Neptune has been in the sign of Pisces since 2011, which correlates with the spirituality and compassion culture that is prevalent. Neptune in Aquarius (1998-2012) was the technology culture, which is why these teenagers are known for their addiction to technology, most notably cell phones. While everybody is effected by the culture of the times in one way or another, people born under Neptune and Pluto transits carry these energies for the rest of their lives, just like that of their Sun signs, Moon signs, Mercury/Venus/Mars signs, etc. For example, Pluto in Scorpio and Neptune in Capricorn is why "Millennials" are known for their tattoos and piercings (Scorpio), while coming off as "entitled" (Capricorn), when their role is to dissolve (Neptune) the status quo, which can make them come off as entitled to people who aren't aware of the astrological forces that guide people.

And as I've mentioned before, the truth about our political system and how it works is coming to the surface under this Pluto in Capricorn transit, and as shown by their behavior as of late, the GOP politicians and political commentators are very scared. As they should be, because the future of the Republican Party looks very bleak, and not just because of the brave activism of these teenagers, as the Mueller investigation and Stormy Daniels scandal have tainted the already lackluster Trump presidency, which is known for a tax plan that heavily benefits the wealthy at the expense of the poor, the passing of steel and aluminum tariffs which will damage free trade (a major part of the GOP platform), as well as consistently threatening war with North Korea, while pushing the idea of a very expensive border wall between the US and Mexico that won't likely come to fruition for obvious reasons. Absolutely nothing positive has happened since Trump took office! With the Republican Party likely to be forever known as traitors in the near future, it's very likely that they will never win another election again unless they completely change their platform to become more compassionate and inclusive, and the Pluto Sagittarius/Neptune Aquarius generation starting to come of age only furthers the need for the GOP to do that. These activists will be eligible to vote in 2020, despite it being highly unlikely that Trump will be in office then.

To put it frankly, these teenage activists are the epitome of the Pluto in Sagittarius/Neptune in Aquarius generation, and are a necessary catalyst for positive change, resulting in a society that's in the best interests of everyone, rather than a wealthy few, which it has been since Reagan's presidency during Neptune in Capricorn, and only lately, with Pluto in Capricorn, have we been suffering the consequences of the greed and materialism that became glamorized in the 80s and 90s during that transit. This greed of GOP politicians has been exposed as a result of their activism, as they are STILL fighting them, solely because they are owned by the NRA, which means they're choosing money and power over children's lives, which is a very unnerving thought, and only adds more fuel to the fire in the midterm elections, which were already in jeopardy before this as a result of Trump's treason and ineptitude.

More info on the influences of Pluto, Neptune, and Uranus is here, as well as other astrological info:

Kevin's Pinterest boards.

Pluto, Neptune, and Uranus sign dates:




Thanks Kevin! And readers be sure to check out Kevin's Left Wing Astrology blog for more Millennial and Generational Astrology along with ethics analysis posts. jc

Above image:

Sep 17, 2017

Horoscope: The Vietnam War August 4, 1964

September 17, 2017: In a 10-part, 18-hour documentary, the Vietnam War receives the Ken Burns and Lynn Novick treatment beginning tonight on PBS. Below is the horoscope for the start of the Vietnam War set for the alleged assault (pretext) of the second Gulf of Tonkin incident. The resolution giving President Johnson authority for use of force was voted on in Congress and passed the House by a vote of 416 - 0 and the Senate 88 - 2.

The two senators who voted against the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution were Wayne Morse and Alaska's Ernest Groenig. "When the resolution passed, Morse declared that Congress had surrendered its authority, and therefore the authority of the people it was elected to serve. Morse also deplored the open-ended nature of the approval and condemned Congress for giving the President and the military a “blank check” which would be cashed with taxpayer’s money and citizens’ lives."

And as my generation has known for decades, Senator Morse was all too correct, wasn't he? For more info, see The Wayne Morse Center. And here's another source of information on the Vietnam War.

So here is the Vietnam War horoscope set for August 4, 1964 at 21:30 -7:00 (9:30 pm USZ6 -7:00) at Vinh, Vietnam, the naval base from which the alleged assault on a US ship was launched. Please enlarge to read chart notes which include an unaspected Jupiter (Jupiter The General, large amounts of money, financiers, politicians, etc). The Great Benefic's unaspected condition denotes those who are disconnected from moral or religious standards, live an 'Ivory tower' existence, but are zealous toward the matters of Jupiter's house--here, the 2nd house of Money and, in the US, our National Treasury, from which the funds for weapons and war issued, thanks to US taxpayers (see Senator Morse's statement, above).

When North Vietnamese troops entered Saigon, capital of South Vietnam, on April 30, 1975, the Vietnam War came to an end. On that date, Venus @19Gemini27 was unaspected, a 'wallflower' condition for the usually sociable Venus. This condition of Venus suggests unusual perspectives, sporadic or unrestrained expressions, and an obsessive single-mindedness. Another April 30, 1975 cosmic condition of interest is karmic Saturn @13Can54 conjunct US natal Sun (POTUS = Nixon). This repressive transit indicates a time of disappointment, discouragement, and resentment toward limitations, rules, and regulations. It marks a period when past mistakes must be corrected so that moving forward is possible, aka, making karmic progress.

Tragically, through subsequent wars and their flimsy pretexts, Congress' continued negligence of its war-declaration duties and shady money management, Pentagon and CIA shadow activities, fear-mongering propaganda against We The People, and Washington's obvious plundering and global conquest obsessions, we see that 'the powers that think they be' (Max Igan's phrase) continue their Ivory Tower existences while perverting the course of our nation as 'global cop' and lining their pockets via several means including the racket that is war.

War Profiteering

Besides the Vietnam War's Jupiter in a Money house (and fraudulent Neptune in the 8th house of Corporations and Big Business), note that the IC (Foundation, Basis, the HOW? point, The Drain) of the war chart reveals, as you see, America's natal Jupiter @6Cancer: "Game Birds Feathering Their Nests" (Jones).

2 New North: Collapse of 'The Tower'

One more prominent chart factor to note is the Prenatal Solar Eclipse (PE) series under which this particular hell of war was unleashed, the 2 New North, which manifested @17Cancer27 (4th house) on July 9, 1964. Themes of 2 New North, also called 'The Tower' (see Tarot card #16) are: changes of direction, sudden collapse of plans, lifestyles, and/or an existing structure; confusion reigns but after the dust settles, reshaping and rebuilding have far-reaching effects (Predictive Astrology, B.Brady).

Also note that unaspected Jupiter is apex planet of a midpoint picture--the karmic Sun-Saturn pair = Jupiter: break-up of a value system (Tyl), plus, Jupiter @23Tau28 conjoins the difficult cluster in Perseus, Capulus ('the sword hand of Perseus'- Devore), star of intense male energy, blindness, turbulence, ruthlessness, penetrating action (Brady's Fixed Stars). Capulus is partner to the intense feminine star, Algol.

The last occurrence of 2 New North was @8Leo on July 31, 2000 (not quite 9/11's PE, but obviously still of influence). The next occurrence is @19Leo on August 11, 2018; 19Leo is a sensitized degree from the King of Alarm Solar Eclipse of August 11, 1999, aka, the 'Nostradamus Eclipse' with its mid-degreed Fixed Grand Cross as described in the Scriptures' Book of Revelation. And on 9/11/01, transiting Venus activated the 19Leo degree and thus 1999's King of Alarm Eclipse.

3 Related Natal Horoscopes:

Lyndon B. Johnson; Richard M. Nixon; Ken Burns.

Vietnam War horoscope/data: The Book of World Horoscopes, N. Campion; chart #429.

Feb 17, 2013

Sec of State John Kerry: a 'new world order' (video)

There's a 'higher' agenda and has been for many years in Washington DC about creating a 'new world order' or as some call it, a 'new world economic order'. We saw evidence with the attacks of 9/11/01 and Financial Collapse 2008.

Since I didn't bother to watch Senator Kerry's recent (certain) confirmation hearing for Secretary of State, I missed his repeated reference to a 'new world order' and the fact that he actually cited a book authored by a war criminal (and fellow perpetrator of war criminal Richard Nixon), one Henry Kissinger.

I hereby remedy my neglectful omission of Senator Kerry's draconian remarks:

It seems that John Kerry didn't learn anything useful after all about lying us into war from his stint in Vietnam. Or, he willingly succumbed to 'playing the game' in Washington in order to get ahead and receive plum assignments for his Skull'n'Bones self. After serving in the war, Kerry's famous testimony about who wants to be the "last man in Vietnam," etc, was probably more for future political maneuvering than high ideals, or so I've suspected for a long time. (I watched him on TV the day he gave his testimony to a Congress full of warmongers and agreed with his lofty rhetoric. But I was younger and more gullible then...constant lies from my government through the years have cured the condition.)

So now he's getting his 'dream job' of Secretary of State, the one he's prepared for all his life, some say. With Jupiter's Direct Station @6Gem19 on January 30, 2013, this hope is realized with Jupiter conjoining Kerry's natal Uranus 6Gem20 Rx--in natal 6th house of Work and Jobs (plus, the 6th H is Cadent = preparation.) Transit Jupiter will proceed to conjoin his natal Mars @10Gem36 Rx (6th H), move into 7th H from 6th H and hit his natal Moon, then natal Saturn @23Gem30 Rx. Here's a brief summary though other effects are in the mix such as tr Jupiter opposite n Sun and trine n Neptune 4Lib04 at MC 5Lib39:

Jupiter to n Uranus = political and financial expansion succeeds; Jupiter to n Mars = work success, favored in competition, dynamic energy and force but should avoid overconfidence for best results; Jupiter to m Moon = emotional satisfaction, popularity, and a higher social status; Jupiter to n Saturn = burdens are eased, hard work and patience merit success and recognition, authority is rewarded.

For a view of John Kerry's natal horoscope with details visit his astrodatabank page although his birth time is rated C for 'accuracy in question'. Yet his Sun 18Sag40 (rising) and Moon 17Gem31 (setting) seem to be the correct Sun-Moon blend, so we find a man of creative Fire and mental Air who is versatile, inventive, intellectual, and sociable. Good at giving practical advice, he's less able to deal with emotions, and can be tactless and short-tempered when things don't suit him. (Who isn't?)

A natural spokesperson, Senator Kerry is famously long-winded often doubling back on himself while speaking though he doesn't seem quite as bad about circuitous expression as he once did. (Plus, I have a young relative with a Gemini Moon who is very chatty and can talk in paragraphs without taking a breath!) President Obama has natal Moon in communicative Gemini as well and is known for his rhetorical talent (but with natal Sun in Leo.)

Yet there is a caution with Sun Sag-Moon Gemini which is a tendency to spread oneself too thin and not finish projects. May setting up perpetual war to establish a draconian 'new world order' of totalitarian global government be one of those projects.


Blog Note: if you wish, scroll to the sidebar's Search field and type 'nwo' and you'll have a list of posts, some with the modern NWO natal chart (timed by the third of three Great Conjunctions of Uranus and Neptune in 1993) and others with lists of politicians and others who have mentioned--threatened--the creation of a 'new world order' through the decades. If you wish.

Jul 3, 2011

Where Is Leuren Moret? 7.3.11

Geoscience watchdog Leuren Moret always reports in depth and with minute detail even if or when compared to other researchers and cyber-sleuths into governmental, official, and globalist hanky panky.

This evening I find that a Comment has been left here @ SO'W asking,

Where is Leuren Moret? Given her 'independent scientist' status and the criminal acts being perpetrated within every institution, we may well ask if she is okay.

'After the first week of June" (2011) seems to be the last sighting of the doctor so I shall keep my antennae revolving in case some word of the scientific whistle blower's whereabouts wafts by upon the wind. Will you as well? Hopefully she is safe, perhaps On Vacation, or in hiding and no one who has read her reports would fail to understand the reason for discretion.

For you, a snippet from the above-linked article which you may think curious:
National Security Memo 200, dated April 24, 1974, and titled “Implications of world wide population growth for U.S. security & overseas interests,” says:

“Dr. Henry Kissinger proposed in his memorandum to the NSC that ‘depopulation should be the highest priority of U.S. foreign policy towards the Third World.’ He quoted reasons of national security, and because (t)he U.S. economy will require large and increasing amounts of minerals from abroad, especially from less-developed countries...Wherever a lessening of population can increase the prospects for such stability, population policy becomes relevant to resources, supplies and to the economic interests of U.S.”

Recently Leuren Moret has become known for her assertions about the Fukushima Japan Nuclear Meltdown. In March 2011, she was interviewed saying that the nuclear catastrophe in Japan 'was no accident'.

And Moret has stated that most of the world's uranium is owned by Jacob Rothschild, of international banking fame.

Then from 2004, you may wish to read a published report with Leuren Moret quoted on the topic of depleted uranium (DU) which the US has spewed all over Iraq and beyond: Washington's secret nuclear war. Guess it's dirty but no secret, right?

As you know, the 'half life' (length of time it takes for a mere half of the atoms to decay) of DU is 4.5 billion years. Guess the globally powerful, syndicated social engineers and 'imagineers' of that bet-on-both-sides (like Eric Cantor against the US dollar) speculation persuasion bethink themselves to have somehow cheated death since their destructive handiwork, for all intents and purposes, never degrades into perpetuity.

Well, I do hope you caught Amy Goodman interviewing Julian Assange in London, UK earlier on Saturday (7.2.11) but if not, it's available to you on video @ Democracy Now!

Maybe the quote noted below applies to much that's going on in our nation and across the globe, circa 2011, and with Independence Day 2011 this Monday, it reminds me of that vague sense of integrity we once imagined ourselves to possess as it was often expressed in the world by US politicians and public officials.

Nowadays, Washington's political, financial, and ideological demons lounge about the Halls of Power so fiercely and finally and do enormous amounts of harm to The Commons that they show themselves to be sorely in need of exorcism every day and twice at night, apparently - and I'm not even Catholic.

Have you read this one before from another era's whistle blower?

"When the President starts lying, he begins to need evidence to back up his lies because in this democracy he is questioned on his statements. It then percolates down through the bureaucracy that you are helping the Boss if you come up with evidence that is supportive of our public position and you are distinctly unhelpful if you commit to paper statements that might leak to the wrong people.

The effect of that is to poison the flow of information to the President himself and to create a situation where a President can be almost, to use a metaphor, psychotically divorced from the realities in which he is acting...."

- Daniel Ellsburg to the US Senate on Foreign Relations, May 13, 1970

That's 41 years ago this past May 13th. And still we learn nothing.

Astro-Peeks at DC Freaks

At noon in DC on May 13, 1970, Sun was in Aries, Moon in Cancer, a Fire-Water blend of steamy energies. It's a self-protective, temperamental, clannish, yet highly artistic combo which is shared natally by poet Robert Frost who thought that,

"Americans are like a rich father who wishes he knew how to give his son the hardships that made him rich."

Don't look now, but since Bush-Cheney Heist 2008, I do believe many Americans have figured out that Corporate America is in process of happily taking care of that wish in the Hardships Department.

Now! Please leave links to articles in a Comment concerning recent news about Leuren Moret if you have any. If possible, I really would like to know that the lady is safe and sound even if she's keeping quiet or gone into hiding for personal safety's sake. For those are the sorts of times in which we live. jc

Jun 13, 2011

Lunar Eclipse 24Sag23 June 15, 2011

Having returned today from a weekend visit in the Atlanta area, I find that one of our best and most prolific astrologers, Julie Demboski, has covered this Wednesday's Lunar Eclipse (June 15, 2011) @ 24Sag23 which places the opposite point ('Illumination Point'), the Sun @ 24Gem23. You'll discover Julie's article link provided, below.

A Full Moon Spoon in June?

Full Moons, whether Lunar Eclipses or not, indicate a focus on relationship and partnerships issues, awareness, and/or revelations with the stronger Lunar Eclipses bringing to light what's been hidden in the unconscious or previously undisclosed by others. They also indicate fulfillment of something begun at the previous New Moon, and since the last lunation was the Solar Eclipse of June 1, 2011 in Gemini, the 6.15.11 Lunar Eclipse carries within its energies some level of importance for the collective. This eclipse of the Moon is snugly sandwiched between two Solar Eclipses, a rather rare celestial event!

As you know, the sign of Sagittarius is ruled by abundant Jupiter, so financial disclosures may be a 'wild card' target for Luna's brightening influences in June. Alternately, brewing scandals may erupt so keep your ears to the ground and your eyes on YouTube.

Plus, the recent announcement that the Pentagon Papers will now be fully revealed may be part of the disclosure scenario of June 2011 as they'll soon be published unredacted (including online) and will go back to the 1940s and up until 1967. After all these years, we may yet find out what the 'big deal' was really about when the information was leaked by whistle blower Daniel Ellsberg and the New York Times published it.

Such a political hullabaloo was created, suitable for massive diversion from the business which should have been taken care of in Washington DC, circa 1971!

Well, today is the 40th anniversary of the NYT beginning to publish (June 13, 1971) the leaked info so you may wish to snag yourself a read of an interview concerning the Pentagon Papers on Daniel Ellsberg's website where you can read the 1971 headlines for yourself.

Lunar Eclipse June 15, 2011 and America's Natal Chart

So Wednesday's Lunar Eclipse Sun will highlight US natal Mars @ '22Gem' the day prior to the eclipse (6.14.11), a 'transit' to US n Mars which indicates taking action on plans that have been in discussion or on the drawing board for a while. Being too pushy, hot-headed, or impulsive are distinct possibilities but should be discouraged at this time. Plus, injuries to head or face, fevers, cuts, or bruises may come someone's way, especially if they're acting too brash or careless.

The eclipse triggers as well the natal square between US n Mars and n Neptune, one of the weakest areas in America's national psyche with its confused or deceptive motivations and actions vibe. 'Massive army' may also be a description of a Mars/Neptune contact, and that, we got plenty of. Too much in fact, for our 'global police force' role groweth old, unwieldy, and unsustainable.

Therefore, with the Lunar Eclipse Sun squaring US n Neptune on Wednesday, the US government, the president, and we-the-people are 'on our own' in a sense. Those in charge are elusive and/or deceptive so trusting them is a fool's game (as usual, yes, but this condition is highlighted by the June 15th eclipse - we may find out where we erred in doing so.) Someone will be intentionally misleading and clear thinking is quite impossible for we may be overly transfixed by the lustrous Full Moon's revealed secrets!

Traveling over water may be risky, too, and perhaps we should stick to creative or spiritual pursuits since hard facts may be impossible to determine or to confirm. (Perhaps what is allegedly revealed is a pack of lies!)

Having the eclipsed Moon opposite US n Mars may denote that the public (Moon) opposes the actions (Mars) being taken for they may not be popular or coordinate with current social trends or opinions. In any case, revelations of all sorts may occur on several levels this week and for the next few weeks - at least until the Solar Eclipse of July 1, 2011 @ 9Can12, which begins a brand new Saros Series, but the Lunar Eclipse's contact with our nation's natal Mars/Neptune square may give us less understanding rather than more...or, we may receive an incorrect picture or concept.

(See this blog's sidebar or underneath posts for links to Solar Eclipse columns.)

Now that's my Mundane Astrology take on June 15th's Lunar Eclipse which manifests in America's natal horoscope (Sibly version = July 4, 1776 5:10 pm LMT Philadelphia, PA; ASC '13Sag') in the 1st house of Self which personalizes it for the Washington political establishment while collectivizing it for us all. Check other versions of the US natal chart to see where this energy of revelation and disclosure occurs.

So What Does the Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius Mean for Me?

Glad you asked! First, note the 24Sag23/24Gem23 degree area in your natal and progressed charts for clues as to where hidden info or unconscious content may be revealed or realized in your life at this juncture, and read up on any aspects the Lunar Eclipse makes to your planets and angles, if any; other current planetary contacts and their rulerships will play in to the eclipse energies as well.

Then you'll find that Julie Demboski's The Power of Nature details a more personal level of interaction from this Lunar Eclipse in the sign of The Seeker than is ever mentioned here on SO'W with its Political Astrology focus, so my very best advice is to check out Julie's column, if you haven't already!


Mossy image revealed above: Full Moon at Green Arch from my Secret Moon Art gallery of cosmic and botanical drawings...drop on by for an Art Browse when it suits. jc

May 3, 2010

Horoscope of the Kent State Massacre May 4, 1970

The US Government Lost All Moral Authority on May 4, 1970

by Jude Cowell

But that's assuming America had any moral authority left to lose by 1970.

On TV, as I watched coverage of the Kent State Massacre on May 4, 1970, my scorn and fear of President Richard Nixon and 'my' government grew. Having traveled to Georgia to visit family, I was heading back to DC soon but with ambivalent feelings - eager to return to friends and get their reactions, yet dreading the city's gray pall that drooped ever lower now thanks to the presidency of Richard Nixon and his opposition to my countrymen's anti-war sentiments.

Actually, it was my own anti-war sentiments that led to creating this blog in October 2005, and my hope that frustrations with the US government would somehow lessen by tapping out my dissent on a keyboard. Well, you know how the Bush-Cheney wars were going in 2005 and you know they continue into 2010 and beyond, so perhaps you share my pain - a world pain suffered at the hands of a select few history-directing men who hold themselves so far above the rest of us that common decency and moral standards mean absolutely nothing to them.

Hence the order from on-high given to the on-campus National Guardsmen @ 12:24 pm on Monday, May 4, 1970, Kent State:

"Right Here, Get Set! Point! Fire!"

Although an enhanced audio tape of the order was released publicly in 2007 (see articles linked below), the FBI has never found a shred of evidence that the shootings were carried out under 'orders' of any kind!

And yet they say they're good at detectin'!! Leaving all common sense out of it, it does seem that some coordination among the soldiers was witnessed because...

Sixty-seven shots were fired in 13 seconds by some of the 77 Guardsmen on the hill, four unarmed students lay dead, nine wounded, and Nixon, who apparently held a grudge against the Kent State SDS since 1968 when they disrupted a speech he was giving at Akron University in Oct 1968, attempted to deal with his lifelong feelings of powerlessness and envy while simultaneously rationalizing his latest abuse of power on behalf of his masters, and was probably acting under the haze of a bottle or two.

Over The Line: A Man Gone Wild

Richard Nixon, a shrunken man if there ever was one, sent steel helmeted, gas masked Guardsmen to quell the four-day protest on the Kent State campus, known as a working class college. Harvard, Yale, and other ivy leagues had no worries on that score, no matter their politics.

But violence against the working class is always permissible, say the upper crusters.

Even 40 years later I recall the feeling of pride that beamed upon my face as I heard of two protesters that weekend, one 'burying' the US Constitution (as US presidents have done for decades - I think Tricky Dick - both of them - must have used it for dart practice, too) while the other protester burned his draft card issued from the same draft that Bush Jr and Cheney chose to wiggle out of honoring. But as it turns out, they sure didn't mind sending others to war!

Richard Nixon Jan 9, 1913 9:30 pm pst Whittier, CA (rated AA: from B.C.)

Sun '20Cap'; his natal Moon '21AQ' conjunct Nemesis (unbeatable foe; divine retribution), Tricky's reigning need was to take revenge on all enemies, and he never forgot a single one - and was very good at making them, in fact. He, with his noble Capricorn Sun, was a petty, vindictive, and vicious man.

The National Guard troops, who arrived on campus May 2 around 10 pm when the ROTC building was already in flames (it burned to the ground but was already scheduled for demolition) were ostensibly sent to 'maintain the peace' but that's what all the tyrants say, now isn't it?

For America is hardly a virgin in use of false flag ops so the broken bank windows in the town of Kent, Ohio, and confrontations downtown on the night of May 1 could have issued solely from protesters, yes - but also from those pretending to be protesters. Plus, there remain unsolved mysteries concerning a 'school photographer' on the scene named 'Terry Norman' who was rumored to have been hired by the FBI and the campus police. The young man may have been armed as well.

A sniper was rumored to be present, too, and this may be the case, imho (Mars in Gemini = multiple shooters - plus, an extra one in a sniper's nest: vengeful Venus?) These are typical tactics used by those jealous of their power and enraged that anyone dares oppose them, and 1970's transiting Pluto 24Vir56 Rx was in process of eroding US power by stomping upon our natal Neptune 22:25, a generational transit that brings political, social, economic, and spiritual power struggles.

(As you know, US natal Neptune is in 'working class' Virgo.)

Now it's reported that 43 bank windows were broken on Friday night, May 1, 1970; then Saturday night, the ROTC building was burned to the ground, as noted. One of the murdered students was a member of the ROTC yet was against the Vietnam War: he was shot in the back and killed (curiously to me this seems a targeted hit: hidden sniper or Guardsman?)

Money-man Jupiter @ a crisis 29th degree of Libra conj IC (Foundation; Basis of the Matter) in the chart you seen shown below. Of course, Jupiter also indicates a guru, preacher, pope, judge, lawyer, actor, professor, banker, general...whomever he represents in this chart, he's at the base of the matter. Perhaps he was one of the Kent State officials...the president, perhaps, or, a member of the Republican Party since in Mundane Astrology, planet Jupiter = the Rs.

Perhaps he was an ideologue encouraging Nixon to make his 'own' decisions (1970 Neptune/NN = Nixon's n Sun: being tormented; feeling let down by others; encouraged to 'be your own person' when making decisions.)

So not only did the protesters tweak Nixon's nose repeatedly, they tweaked bankers' noses and the US military's snoot who were actively recruiting students on campus to serve - in the unpopular Vietnam War! Nixon had just announced the Pentagon's "incursion" - aka, invasion - of Cambodia a few days earlier on April 30. Four days of protesting resulted at Kent State, culminating on May 4, 1970 with the strong-armed and deadly paternalism of the US government abusing its power.

(Asteroid Atlantis: abuse of power; where we feel doomed) is rising in the chart @ 14Leo34; ASC 10Leo27 conjoins the R Party's natal Mercury.)

However, the power-mongers didn't quite get their way altogether, did they? At least not while my fellow Flower Power Generation-ers were on guard and marching...

For Nixon's unarmed-student murders resulted in the largest wave of anti-war protests and campus shut-downs in US history. Too bad our colleges and universities weren't just as determined to follow truth and engage in dissent against an out-of-control, lying administration in March 2003 (their faculties and administrations had been well-infiltrated by then.)

Yet millions of people demonstrated against Iraq Invasion 2003 across the entire globe, but the Zionist neocons were listening to the voice of their plutonian masters and refusing to heed the conscience of The People.

In 2007, Democracy Now's Amy Goodman interviewed brother and sister Kent State students Alan and Roseann Canfora, he a victim of an Ohio National Guard bullet to his wrist on May 4, 1970, she an eyewitness who was in the parking lot where the 4 deaths occurred. The parking lot was where the more radical protesters were located, as stated by Alan Canfora.

And on May 2, 2010, NPR thoughtfully considered the shootings.

Horoscope of the Kent State Massacre

May 4, 1970 12:24 pm edt Kent, Ohio: ASC 10Leo27; Hour of Venus (values), conjunct US natal Uranus 8Gem55 (unorthodox alliances form and there are egalitarian attitudes on all sides); Sun is chart-ruler and makes only one applying aspect, a conjunction with Mercury Rx (students, speakers, protesters, young people) 20Tau54 (7A07.)

As you know, the Sun tends to signify 'the leader' in a mundane chart, and here we see a 10th house conjunction of Sun 13Tau47 and Saturn 12Tau21...both transiting the US Inaugural Ascendant @ noon on Jan 20 each year we change NWO mouthpieces...thus, a midpoint picture is created for the Office of the President...

Sun/Saturn = ASC: mental pictures of one's goals; difficulties in development; separation; isolation; a misunderstood person (but now that you're pointing a rifle at me, Dick, I think I see your point.)

Now of course, Saturn also indicates the manager, the boss,the authority, and the old man and the planet's restrictive tendencies and difficult lessons brought to presidential ASC must have seemed a weighty interference in Nixon's Oval Office tenure and out-of-bounds war-escalating.

The Massacre's Moon 1Tau54 at Midheaven 28Ari49 is passing across the 'Trigger Point Degree' of 00Tau/1Tau, a point of violence in the zodiac (degree of Hitler's natal Sun.) And as we would expect in a chart of violence and murder, Moon is angular and so is Jupiter, two primary planets to notice in horoscopes depicting death which often show an angular Moon, Mars, or Jupiter.

So, angular Jupiter Rx @ 29Lib28 conjuncts asteroid Arachne, also @ 29Lib28; '30Lib' = "Three Mounds of Knowledge on a Philosopher's Head"...PRESCIENCE. Does this indicate a cold-hearted
Hegelian influence
upon the president's thinking with mayhem as the final solution?

Surveilling Arachne indicates networks, webs, or traps such as may be described by hidden snipers and armed soldiers at the top of the hill as they rained down bullets on the students they had driven into the area below...almost a 'turkey shoot' as it's termed. (See the beginning scenes of the film Cold Mountain for a perfect example of one.)

As you see, this is a Balsamic Moon chart indicating endings and separations and a time when sneaky monsters can grab the unsuspecting unawares at this, the Dark of the Moon.

The 'encounter with destiny' North Node (NN) in 8th house of Death points to US natal Ceres (security issues) and Pluto/Chiron midpoint (for they were conjoined on July 4, 1776), all in deceptive, confusing Pisces, curiously one of the signs of War. Pluto/Chiron is a duo of plutocracy, oppression, disenfranchisement, racism, corporatism, fascism, other -isms, crime syndicates, primal violence, and other nasty things that the holier-than-thous use against both the masses and the individual who thinks to stand in the way of their plans and desires.

Deceptive Neptune 29Sco58 Rx in 4th house has much to answer for as well with its quincunx (150 degr) to the Moon, the protesters on one level, the public and we-the-people on another...

Moon inconjunct (quincunx) Neptune indicates people who feel deeply and cannot remain detached; they may unconsciously seek situations in which they can be persecuted due to Neptune's martyr/victim tendencies. Social service is an area of interest but it isn't easy to see other people as they really are: 2 of the students were shot while simply walking to class and the ones who were more involved in the protests couldn't believe they were looking at a death squad until the dirty deed was done; then the soldiers merely turned and walked away as US students lay dying on the ground...meanwhile, back in Washington, the president paced the White House halls of power.

And this, the Kent State Massacre, was Richard Nixon and his international crime cronies' idea of a good course for America to take!

Yes, sometimes I feel similar droopy feelings as I did in 1970 when I think about how the majority of 2010's American people don't seem to get it. They seem to think the 'Rs vs Ds' diversion makes one bit of difference to who's selected to guide the helm of this nation when, really, it makes absolutely no difference at all which 'Party' (faction!) resides in the White House, or lurks in the Capitol Building.

My wish is that we-the-people can use Pluto/Chiron's energy more positively in the class warfare being waged against us by a separative power elite, with Us vs Them replacing the worn out, simplistic, disingenuous, and democracy-perverting Rs vs Ds!


Many chart factors have not been mentioned in this post, so feel free to leave your chartful insights or 1970 remembrances in a Comment, if you wish!

Linking 1970 with 2010 is a major factor: the revolutionary Uranus/Pluto midpoint 00Lib06 sitting atop the US natal chart ('Sibly' version: 5:10 pm LMT) which gives us a telling picture worth considering on May 4, 2010, the Kent State Massacre's 40th anniversary, because Uranus and Pluto are in process of squaring off now.

(As with all midpoint pictures all, any, or none may apply.)

Uranus/Pluto = n MC: vision; restlessness; aspirations for reforms and innovations; instant grasp and exploitation of every situation.

Plus, the mid-60s Great Conjunction/s of disruptive, rebellious Uranus and Pluto occurred upon Mr. Nixon's natal ASC '17Virgo'...this degree happens to be very near my n ASC as well - I attended a Beatles concert under this intense electric energy, while Dick Nixon was bombing foreign women and children into smithereens, and killing and maiming unarmed Americans who objected to the practice...

Uranus/Pluto = n ASC: applications of force; focusing on the kind of world which must grow out of today into tomorrow; being placed in an unusual or restless environment.

And let me not forget that the 'illuminated' pair of Uranus and Neptune, whose Great Conjunction/s of 1993 ('18Cap') time the natal chart of the NWO, have their midpoint in Mr. Nixon's birth chart @ 28Ari44, conjunct the Massacre's MC, the Goal and Aspiration Point of the chart and thus, of the shootings...

n Uranus/Neptune = 1970 MC: dissolution; mourning; a nervous breakdown; lack of stamina; subconscious forces grow in strength; guidance is sought from other realms or never-before-tapped sources (from Sun Myung Moon? Just a thought!); supernatural concerns come into play; restraint is placed on half-baked ideas. #

All midpoint pictures from Tyl, Ebertin, and Munkasey; half-baked ideas from the global crime syndicates now successfully in control of governments and all other social institutions the world over. Seriously.


Update May 4, 2010: just found a time capsule video you may wish to view:

Edit Nov 4, 2015: here's the New York Times with Nixon's statement on the tragedy if you can stomach reading his weasel words.

Mar 5, 2010

SCADs: 9/11, Iran-Contra, Watergate, MLK assassination, etc

SCADs are 'State Crimes Against Democracy' and tend to be called 'conspiracy theories' by those in power who wish their backdoor dealings and collaborations to remain secret along with their culpability.

9/11, Iran-Contra, Watergate, various assassinations...the list of SCADs and suspected SCADs gets longer all the time and goes back to LBJ's and McNamara's Vietnam and before.

And you know what they say when you have thorny problems to root out: you must first identify demons in order to fight and vanquish them.

Jan 20, 2008

Martin Luther King Day: Monday, Jan 21, 2008

If you'll scroll just below to Jan 17, you'll find my just-published post on the assassination of Dr. King, April 4, 1968, 6:01 pm CST, Memphis, TN.

Click to enlarge the chart and you'll see a factor I neglected to mention in the text although it is marked on the chart...King's natal Nemesis 11Lib17 is rising at the moment of the attack. Nemesis' keywords: the unbeatable foe; overwhelming force.

Rev. King WAS the unbeatable foe to a dishonest, warmongering administration (see my conclusions below) and was treated with a tremendous countering force which ended his ministry--or so they thought.

The chart contains other extreme midpoint pictures and factors mentioned as well, and although I certainly don't expect everyone to agree with my astrological conclusions or my sentiments, it is important for America to bring her shadow to light whenever and however we can, ugly as it may be, for it ferments in darkness.

Upon many sites and blogs you may find King's natal chart, but just below you will find the horoscope of the cruel mayhem that ended his sacrificial life. May he RIP as America continues to struggle with dark forces assailing her from all sides, but most of all--from within.

Sep 1, 2007

MLK told the truth like it was--and is

"The time has come for America to hear the truth about this tragic war. In international conflicts, the truth is hard to come by because most nations are deceived about themselves. Rationalizations and the incessant search for scapegoats are the psychological cataracts that blind us to our sins. But the day has passed for superficial patriotism. He who lives with untruth lives in spiritual slavery."

"The means by which we live have outdistanced the ends for which we live. Our scientific power has outrun our spiritual power. We have guided missiles and misguided men."

"He who accepts evil without protesting against it is really cooperating with it."

-Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. (1929-1968), US civil rights leader

Perhaps you've been hearing recently of the FBI's secret files on Coretta Scott King and how their surveillance and spying on MLK's widow actually intensified after his assassination was accomplished.

The moral of the story I'm getting here is that after Hoover's long-awaited death in 1972, the Bureau got better. Yet considering today's flap over their surveillance and harrassment of peace organisations who don't appreciate the Bush-Cheny war, I find that "moral" more than a little suspect. The White House was in the loop on the spying then and it would be daft to think it's out of the loop now.

For when it comes to tamping down criticism of yet another illegal, ill-advised war waged by the American government, who has the most to gain?

It is my belief that when it comes to America, the populist view IS the mainstream.

The fringes where reside the secret anarchists and assassins of the People's choice--and of anyone who speaks on behalf of the People and speaks up for the truth--there skulk the outsiders, the coup d'etat crowd who are the true subversives and radical reformers undermining our nation's infrastructures, social fabric, and freedoms.

Here is 9.01.07's operative Minor midpoint picture generated from the natal chart of Martin Luther King, Jr--the Minor progressions represent the mental/causal plane:

Mercury/Pluto = Mars: sharp criticism; an ability to grasp a situation quickly and to take confident and persuasive action.

See MLK's quotes cited above for evidence!

J. Edgar Hoover said MLK was "too powerful" and that the Civil Rights movement was "un-American." The closet-gay-FBI-Director called him "immoral"!

They were so afraid that the Civil Rights movement and the peace/anti-Vietnam War movement would join forces that they upped their surveillance on Mrs. King AFTER her husband's tragic death.

Have America's secret agencies really improved? Especially since the gutting of our privacies and the Bill of Rights these last several years?

If you think so, then America the Duped is alive and being followed as I type.

Aug 4, 2007

Nixon's resignation: 33rd anniversary

Thursday, Aug 9 is the 33rd anniversary of Richard Nixon's resignation from the Office of the Presidency.

Here's Nixon's resignation letter sent to Sec of State, Henry Kissinger on Aug 9, if you've never seen it. Someone wrote "11.35 AM" upon it (seems to be initials, "HK") so I'm looking at a chart for Aug 9, 1974, 11:35 am edt, White House.

And here's the Home link to WaterGate info if you want to skip the resignation letter. It has a handy Timeline, and more.

Shouldn't Bush be taking a page from Nixon's White House stationnery by now? you ask.

At Nixon's resignation, tr Saturn (13Can22) was conjunct America's n Sun which represents the leader in a nation's chart. Saturn brings along lessons, accountability, and may bring loss based on past actions which are opened to review. (But Saturn rewards long-term effort where it's deserved!)

With Nixon's n Saturn (27Tau29) in 9th house and n Pluto (28Gem39) in 10th house of Public Status/Career, a fall from grace based on irresponsibility (misuse of authority...Saturn does not like that) and abuse of power within Career (Pluto) wasn't written in stone--our charts are not, y'know--we choose how to use what we were born with--but it would've taken a stronger, more self-aware individual to fight against the temptations of power than Mr. Nixon possessed.

His proud Sun Cap/Moon AQ personality blend gave him a need to always be in control to the point of torment, and much emotional insecurity with a deep fear of rejection. He was deeply suspicious of everyone, as we know, and had an ability for ignoring people and matters which didn't interest him.

His AQ Moon indicates a detached mother, Cap Sun shows an authoritative, perhaps cold, father...not a very cozy childhood, and it's debatable how helpful his early religious training was to him emotionally. He never got over his sense of inferiority--and the only other n planet above the horizon in his birth chart is nebulous Neptune (24Can46) in 11th house of Groups and Associations.

I suppose you could say his secretive, 11th house Neptune 'served' him as he colluded with the White House "plumbers" and their Dem spying/burgling plans which resulted in the Watergate scandal. Of course, the full-of-lies Vietnam War was underneath it all, as the Iraq War is underneath Bush-Cheney's impeachment troubles (among other things--there's much to choose from with this crew, the worst we've ever seen.)

Nixon's Sun/Moon blend's Image:

Having struggled unaided to the peak, a mountaineer hitches a ride on a passing helicopter.

Sounds like his final journey from the White House when it wasn't so certain that he would not be prosecuted. My guess is that he was glad to be saying farewell without a stripedy suit upon his back, and I remember that day, seeing him on TV, saying buh-bye, which brought me to tears.

This sad, pathetic excuse of a president had ruined my favorite city--I lived in D.C. during Watergate, and the pall that Nixon cast over the city hung over us like a wet blanket of corruption. My tears were deeply sad for 'my' beautiful city, but were also tears of relief to see him go.

Buh-bye, indeed, but save your 'victory' signs for something more honorable. (Crooked presidents make me mad-as-a-wet-hen, then as now.)

And so, as Bush-Cheney and their chickenhawk pals weather the storm of distrust they have brought upon themselves--and with America's safety valve of the Impeachment process undermined by the charade that was Bill Clinton's impeachment--Saturn's Return to conjunction with the US n Sun (after nearing it beginning in the second half of Oct 2003) was exact June 10, 2004...therefore, Saturn conjuncted Bush's n Sun in June 2004 as well.

My question is: what are we waiting for?

Jul 6, 2007

Bertrand Russell on fascism

"The first step in a fascist movement is the combination under an energetic leader of a number of men who possess more than the average share of leisure, brutality, and stupidity. The next step is to fascinate fools and muzzle the intelligent, by emotional excitement on the one hand and terrorism on the other."

Bertrand Russell: Freedom, Harcourt Brace, 1940

Prolific writer, social critic, mathematician, and philosopher Bertrand Russell (May 18, 1872--Feb 2, 1970) has the 'practical mystic' Sun Tau/Moon Libra personality blend (natally shared with the Pentagon! Odd bedfellows esp considering Russell's loud opposition to the US invasion of Vietnam with which I agreed at the time...whippersnapper though I was.)

This combo gives a flair for persuasive diplomacy, a strong social sense, a gentle wit, and a love of life. The Images for Integration are:

A computer produces a beautiful painting...Cream tea for two...A loaf of fresh bread in an art exhibition. (Sun Sign, Moon Sign, Chas. and Suzy Harvey.)

Hmm-m-m...bread, tea, and a computer...sounds like some bloggers I know!