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Jun 7, 2010

US-Israeli spy-ties, 9/11, and our Mercury/Pluto

Since the events of 9/11/01, an aroma of betrayal has wafted here and there, off and on, through alternative news venues and smelling stinkily like Israel spies on, and in, the US of A. "Not true," say Israeli spokespersons.

There have been questions about how Israel could possibly have avoided knowing ahead about the WTC attacks (they have a habit of spying on Arabs) so why not spill the life-saving beans to your bestest, gosh-golly-darn'dest, bosomest of buddies, America (Once) the Beautiful.

Now surfacing - on FOX News, of all places! - Israel spends most of its spying time and money on industrial and militarial thefts bwo surveillance in and from the US. Guess the fat checks America sends the Israeli government pays for something fun after all.

Anyway, my online time has been interfered with by thunderstorm systems of late so I'm just now glomming on to this story. Read, if you will, and tell me what you think of the matter.


btw: doh! it strikes me that nothing emphasized on FOX News is there by accident. If it's aired, you can be sure there's a political reason. And that goes just as much for major network 'newscasts'. This describes America's natal Mercury/Pluto opposition, y'know...'control of the media' and 'the press used as propaganda dissimulators' (see my previous post from this morning for more details!)

Of course, the above situation with US-Israeli spy-ties may indicate that the US did know ahead of time about the attacks of 9/11 because of spywork - whether courtesy of Israel, another source, and/or from within US government spying agencies themselves.

At least, we know that someone knew ahead of time...because someone made mega-million$ on the NYSE. Now was that Goldman Sachs? ~:~

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