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Aug 17, 2010

Celente predicts market crash by end of year (video)

Gerald Celente has been correct a bunch of times about our financial prospects. Here he's predicting a possible stock market crash by the end of 2010. This post's title should read, audio. Pardon.

Then does Astrology, also a system of cycles as in the realm of finances, concur?

Right now we're 'between' two Solar Eclipses, both of which indicate financial stress and/or weakness. July 11, 2010's eclipse @ 19Can24 conjoins difficult Fixed Star Castor and is in the 8th house (Washington DC.) Round up to '20Can' and we have a critical or crisis degree as our economy continues its struggles. I agree with Mr. Celente's interesting, practical views on how the US should again become a nation of artisans, tradesmen, merchants to counteract the way we've become: clerks, shelf stockers, and short order cooks.

On January 4, 2011 another critical-degreed Solar Eclipse @ 13Cap39 falls in the other money house, the 2nd (in DC) in the 13 North Series: energy concerns large, ambitious group projects which will require a separation from an existing bond; initially events bring separation, then a joint achievement. (paraphrasing Brady's Predictive Astrology.) This eclipse opposes US natal Sun in Cancer which focuses its energies on the President.

In her book Eclipses, Celeste Teal titles the January 2011 eclipse as: The Balance of Power. She notes that the eclipse is in the degree of Fixed Star Manubrium: flaring heat. Will markets heat up only to explode with a boom that affects world markets?

(This eclipse may also be a war indicator but that's out of the scope of this post.)

If markets crash, perhaps the clincher that ties the bow will be the Lunar Eclipse of December 21, 2010 at a critical 29th degree: 29Gem21, in 8th house for Washington DC, and near World Point 00Can00. This places Sun in 2nd house, of course, which highlights again the 2/8 money-valuations axis. With the Lunar Eclipse in the last degree of Gemini, disruptions and delays concerning communications, travel, young people, trade and commerce are possible since the Lord of the Eclipse, Mercury 26Sag16 is retrograde in 2nd house.

Perhaps there will be another mysterious who-done-it? electronic run on US banks similar to the so far unexplained one the NYSE experienced in Sept 2008.

Then in the Lunar Eclipse's 4th house of Domestic Scene are Neptune and Chiron both sitting upon US natal Moon (26 - 28 AQ) so wounding and fraud to the people! and home losses continue as will the effects of April's BP-Gulf Oil Gusher whose oil is reported today to have migrated along the ocean floor much farther east than formerly known or disclosed...toward Florida.

So! Gerald Celente and I are quite a depressing pair, aren't we? Difference is, he knows whereof he speaks when it comes to markets and gold runs. I'm only reading charts and hoping for the best to miraculously come out of a bad eclipse season!

Yes, in many ways, 2011 is a pivotal year of the last few pivotal years. The public's confidence may have wavered itself out of existence as someone's 'shock doctrine' has been practiced upon the American people (and others) and I think President Obama's Goldman-Sachs Cabinet of advisors have steered him wrong when it comes to getting the US out of the financial ditch.

For they've further instituted a corrupt financial system that needs dismantling more than it needs 'rescuing'...all of which makes one wonder: did the power elite plan for the US economy to be ditched all along?


Please note: this eclipse analysis is a general one for Washington DC; any personal results for you and yours must be gleaned through the eclipse's relationship to your own chart bwo contacts with natal planets, houses, and aspects. Don't let free floating anxiety get ya! And if, like me, you've lost all confidence in Washington DC's interest in working honestly on behalf of the American people, please retain your confidence in America's first principles and have faith in we-the-people of good heart.

Which may be my polite, southern way of saying, Washington Politicians S*ck.

And, Scr*w the Bolsheviks.

1 comment:

Harriett Broughton said...

My word, what an interesting audio!

I looked up Gerald Celente on Wiki. I saw there that he has been on Glen Beck's show. I loathe Glen Beck's show, the few minutes of it I accidentally saw one time.

But I do plan to read more about Gerald Celente. I was a Y2ker. When the hurricanes came through - Ivan 2004, Katrina and Rita in 2005 - we were ready. I'm 250 miles from Mobile Bay, Alabama. We get the hurricanes.

We've been ready for anything since 1999 and will continue to stay ready.

I'm a Taurus Asc so few things catch my interest the way more and more ways to be secure do.

And I could not find a single thing to fault Gerald Celente on in this video, not a thing.

I believe there must be some sort of universal mind or collective unconscious prompt about the three things he mentioned as being essential because way too many unconnected people I've come across independently have come to the same conclusion.

Get ready and stay ready.