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Aug 29, 2010

Mercury Rx until Sep 12, 2010, psyops a favored tool

After the post I published earlier today with mention of America's natal Mercury/Pluto opposition and our Mercury/Pluto cycle which began Jan 18, 1776 @ 26Cap32, I was somehow directed toward an informative article containing info on the current Mercury Rx period (August 20 - Sept 12, 2010), psyops, thought control, propaganda, George Orwell's 1984, Noam Chomsky, and government which I believe you'll find worthwhile.

Especially if you don't appreciate such crap as words used as sinister tools, superficial debates, government programs intended to accomplish the opposite of what their names imply, and being spied on by satellites, cameras, and other contraptions that pry, spy, and nose into what should be nobody's b'ness but your own.

The Thought Overlords' mind control techniques have never been more savvy, effective, and entertaining (she typed as she watched the last 3 minutes of The Emmys with a favorite comedian hosting, Mr. Jimmy Fallon.)

Anyhow, the above-linked article really knocked my socks off so do check it out if you wish and pass it around if you may!

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