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Sep 16, 2010

An astro-peek at Constitution Day September 17, 2010

Tattered by constant assaults in recent years, ignored by arrogant, bossy globalists everywhere, the US Constitution was signed by 39 men on September 17, 1787 making tomorrow, September 17, 2010 Constitution Day and the document's 223rd birthday.

However! Master astrologer Zip Dobyns did excellent work in the mid-1980s concerning the horoscope of the US Constitution and she stated that (unlike the Declaration of Independence and our nation's founding) there is, "no question about the time the US Constitution became law" and that it "went into effect at 00 AM Local Mean Time, NYC on March 4, 1789."

Dobyns adds her views on the existing plethora of US natal charts as well so if you've ever felt conflicted over the variety and 'which one is the real natal chart?' you may wish to read her thoughts on the topic and put your kerfluffling to rest.

In its March 4, 1789 birth chart, Sun 14 Pisces conjoins Saturn 14 Pisces and Saturn is the planet ruling law, government, and business; Moon is in early Gemini, conjunct South Node (another Saturnian tone); Moon conjoins the natal Moon of President Barack Obama, former Professor of Constitutional Law.

The disciplined combination of Sun/Saturn energies in Politics and Business, according to Michael Munkasey in his excellent book Midpoints: Unleashing the Power of the Planets are described as:

Form and definition of an enterprise; the will of the people as defined in the principle founding documents; checks and balances within enterprises as implemented by various administrations; unreasonable centralization of authority in one location; older and more distanced leaders; a leadership preoccupied with various forms of law enforcement.

Now the US Constitution has worked reasonably well in the past 221 - 223 years even with the ongoing debate between 'living document' vs its stricter interpretations. My suspicion is that the mutable sign of Pisces having the rigid conjunction of Sun and Saturn as tenants indicates the typical confusion of watery, nebulous Pisces (an energy that does not like to be pigeon-holed or held captive) along with the changing character tendency shared by all mutable signs, it is, in a word, adaptable.

My thought is that if the founding fathers could have known back in the day about modern technology and other facets of modern life we deal now, they would have thought we were daft idiots to expect the US Constitution to remain as if written in Saturnian stone - and stone is never a match for Piscean waters.

So on September 17, 1787 the document was signed and then it sprung to life on March 4, 1789. Here's a link so you may view an image of the Constitution's natal chart plus, the progressions and Solar Arc work Dobyns did on behalf of us all.

The Constitution's Sun Pisces-Moon Gemini blend has a weakness which may actually be a strength: *it lives according to an ever-changing relative morality.

A weakness in an individual, oh yes. But for a living document built to last and not break from rigidity, I consider it a very great strength indeed. Do you?

Happy Constitution Day 2010, America.


*Sun Sign-Moon Sign, Charles and Suzi Harvey.

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