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Sep 16, 2010

Blackwater's client list; Prince's Sun Gemini-Moon Pisces

The Nation's Jeremy Scahill has popped the lid off the top clients list of Erik Prince's Blackwater ('Xe') operations and its bid to be the intell arm of Monsanto, one of the primary scourges of our times.

But Walt Disney? Really? What can Mickey be up to? Spying on Minnie perhaps?

If you prefer, Raw Story offers a synopsis of the situation and its disturbing implications.

And it seems the Democratic Party is on Mr. Prince's radar for his new book intends to vanquish them with damning revelations in time for the November 2010 midterms. As if I don't type every day that Ds and Rs are in league together against the American people. But who is Erik Prince in league with, do ya think?

Born on June 6, 1969 at an unknown hour in Holland, MI (est), Erik Prince's natal Moon remained in Pisces for the 24-hour period of his birth date, with Sun in mid-Gemini.

His powerful trio of Uranus 29Vir52 Rx (he's in the midst of his midlife crisis now), Jupiter 26:23, (SN 26:47), and Pluto 22Vir24 gives him enormous success potential. Yet many people were born with the same trio - so what he's done with his talents has been his choice and it reminds me of the old saw about fruitcakes at Christmas: people spend all that time, effort, and money baking fruitcakes when they could be making something good.

Yes, 'Dark Prince' certainly describes the man's career path and that's only considering the parts we know about.

Jupiter conjoined with South Node is similar to a Jupiter/Saturn conjunction which indicates a serious attitude toward life, conservatism, and practicality. Obstacles and snags must be overcome in the career path but with perseverance, success usually follows. (With him, it depends on what one defines as 'success', imho.)

Jupiter/SN conjunctions describe one whose ethical and social aims clash with prevailing standards of society and this creates conflicts of interests. He finds himself in disagreement with religious teachings and meets with blockages against attainment of higher education. Difficulties and delays in foreign lands are indicated and certainly have been encountered. (Sakoian.)

Interesting that natal Venus 00Tau07 is at a violent degree in the zodiac, the 00 - 1 Taurus area (Hitler's 'trigger point', his natal Sun degree.)

The power trio mentioned offers a midpoint picture to consider and as you know, the combo of Uranus/Pluto relates to revolution, secret agencies, collection of intell, riots, and violent upheavals that lead to changes in government. (Munkasey.)

Uranus/Pluto = Jupiter: added insight into legal and political processes that are used for expressing ideas about reform and change; an excess of strong feelings about imposing major changes into various areas of life.

Perhaps Prince's book will express this against the Democrats. But my strong feelings are that his arguments should more correctly be addressed toward the entire US political system, not just half of it, for all of them voted to invade the Middle East (with very few exceptions - and some of those were against Bush's war only to create an 'effect'.)

Is the big reveal that Dems were complicit and lies were told? Duh! They still are and do.

His Air-Water Sun Gemini-Moon Pisces blend is a moody, jack-of-all-trades combo and has these Images for Integration: Peter Pan marries Tinkerbell and they live happily ever after in Never Never Land...A weather vane on a church spire sparkles in the sunshine as the wind twirls it around, turning it into a mysterious sky gem.

(Sun Sign-Moon Sign, Charles and Suzi Harvey.)

Well, it's time to motor into the city (for I do have a real job, y'know!) and upon return my plan is to make more headway on writing an article for Julie Demboski's Fall issue of Eclipse. I'm the final stages on what is proving an interesting topic to me, and hopefully, it will prove interesting to you, too.

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