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Sep 30, 2010

March on Washington 10.2.10 w/ Sagittarius rising

Rally Update Saturday Oct 2, 2010; original post begins here:

One Nation Working Together plans a March on Washington on Saturday, October 2, 2010 to Demand the Changes We Voted For.

Beginning at 12:00 noon edt at the Lincoln Memorial (quite a busy location of late), the disgruntled event continues until 4:00 pm. You'll find there are local events to participant in if you wish to click the link above. People who voted for Barack Obama in 2008 are feeling that their confidence may have been misplaced and their generosity bestowed where it didn't belong.

During the 2008 campaign, I blogged ad nauseum that Mr. Obama's natal Mars upon US natal Neptune (the 'rock star' connection) would keep the American public from seeing him as he really was, from discerning his true motivations because the action, energy, and desires of his natal Mars are veiled by our national Neptune. This worked great for putting one over and getting elected but the honeymoon period ended months ago as more US jobs and homes are being lost with transit Neptune and wounding Chiron still sitting upon US natal Moon (the people) and bringing us loss, fraud, deception, confusion, gas leaks, rig blowouts, and flooding.

The time for platitudes, slogans, and cliches has ended.

With 7Sag26 rising (and bringing up US natal ASC 12Sag) at noon Oct 2, 2010 at the Lincoln Memorial (38N53:22 77W03:02), Jupiter 26Pis55 Rx is chart-ruler but makes no applying aspects (except to Ic 23Pis42.) Of course, tr Uranus 28Pis10 Rx is in tow and opposes the March on Washington's Mercury 28Vir18, planet of speeches, oration, and reporters. This makes Jupiter's sign and house placement (4th) prominent yet any improvements which may acrue from the March will be delayed (chart-ruler retrograde.)

Jupiter's ongoing team-up with progressive Uranus is at the base of October 2's March with the duo's 'new ideas' and 'lucky breaks' flavor. Yet we've been suffering from an abundance of fraudulent schemes and deceptions from the Jupiter opposing US natal Neptune transit - in tandem with tr Neptune to US natal Moon in Aquarius.

There are 'plants' in the crowd (Eros, the piercing, conjunct Venus 12Sco38 and Mars 12Sco01) with agents masquerading as marchers - beware. Sun 9Lib21 (the leader) conjoins Fixed Star Vindemiatrix (loss of partner - loss of the public?), fresh from a meet-up with restrictive (Democrat) Saturn 7Lib57. The Sun applies to a sesqui-square with the Neptune/Chiron conj, an aspect of dynamic activity, but which represents two entwined squares (blockages; obstacles.) Quite a disjointed relationship between leader (BHO) and we-the-people (Neptune = US natal Moon with Oct 2's Moon 28Can37 inconjunct both = adjustments are needed, and pronto! This chart's 3rd quarter Sun/Moon phase = crisis in consciousness. Oct 2's Moon at noon also opposes US natal Pluto, planet of power and control; together they have a propaganda and publicity vibe.)

At noon, the Midheaven in DC 23Vir42 places US natal Neptune (and thus, Mr. Obama's natal Mars) at the top of the chart, the Aspiration-Goal Point. Neptune also signifies the masses and Virgo is the sign of work. We may extrapolate a descriptive midpoint picture: Mars/Neptune = Mc: discontent; feeling inferior; a lack of energy; hopelessness (faded Hope!); failures; a state of weakness or illness.

That Mr. Obama could gain the Oval Office with the help of Wall Street, play his role in the mummery that was Financial Collapse 2008 and the subsequent bank bailouts to wealthy culprits and robbers, then leave Main Street in the lurch has brought the president a March on Washington to protest what seems like his half-hearted efforts on the people's behalf. Or at best, the president's efforts may help matters in the long-term when it's short-term problems that leave the kids' tummies unfed and the bills unpaid.

What I find difficult to believe is that the intelligent Mr. Obama couldn't have seen our disaffection coming from the beginning since he knew the power elite script ahead of time! Is he himself left in the lurch now - in the middle - by those who pull the strings? Was a Democrat installed in the White House as a salve to the people's Bush-ruffled feathers while the over-arching agenda of the one-world-government types awaits fuller implementation by the next president, a Republican? Are US presidents only bull-horning cheerleaders - mouthpieces - who tout the power-behind-the-throne's platform of chaos meant to lead to totalitarianism?

(Next thing we know, the old ploy of monarchs starting a war to divert their unhappy subjects may play out once again before our eyes: that's the tactic Bush-Cheney used after their disputed installation into the White House by SCOTUS! The terms "illegitimate presidency" and "usurpers" were on many people's lips in 2001 - until the attacks of 9/11 and the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq squelched them.)

As you know, Pluto 2Cap53 (about to conjoin tr North Node on Nov 9, 2010 with the Moon 3Cap36 @ 3:13 pm est, DC) has been focal planet of some difficult midpoint pictures of late even though the Cardinal T-Squares and Cross have separated. Now I won't type those pictures again but do want to mention a particular T-Square in play for October 2, 2010...the Mercury/Uranus pair indicates 'riots or rebellions which occur because info about goals are not well explained or defined' (Munkasey)...

Mercury/Uranus = Pluto: attracting sudden reverses or complications in life; a hasty realization of plans; over-strained or over-stimulated nerves; tremendous power for work, action, leadership; getting the biggest job done in a commanding way. (Ebertin; Tyl.)

And I don't mean to imply that a simple matter of 'miscommunication' is President Obama's problem here - I lean toward a belief that if he did divulge the truth of the larger global plan and the true condition of things, Washington would have mega- thousands of people marching upon it...enough to shut down The Swamp and start all over again. Plus, he has to follow the NWO's false-reality script or his presidency is aborted, and the pitchforks come out en masse. But that's me. Feel free to disagree.

So at noon on Saturday, there are two midpoints rising as the event gets underway; one is Venus/Pluto = 'extremes of wealth hidden in secret places' and 'attracting elements of organized crime'...

Venus/Pluto = ASC: meeting with those who delight in hearing about ghastly facts; creating a false sense of glamour; a fascinating personality wielding a great influence on others.

And the Mars/Pluto pair = 'a police state with rigid controls; chaos; suppression; clandestine operations'...

Mars/Pluto = ASC: showing the hero's image; aggression; a fighter who dares the impossible; daring and audacity; a coercive, intimidating demeanor; concentrating on whatever means of control you have in order to achieve your ends.

If riots or violence break out, I pre-call it as fomentation by provocative agents!

October 2, 2010's March on Washington begins during a Mercury Hour, good for mercurial concerns such as speeches, agreements, changes, and marching. It is scheduled to end at 4:00 pm edt during a Mars Hour so energy will be high (but under surveillance with Mars in secretive Scorpio, sign of spies; there may be lady spies, too, with Venus in Scorpio.) A Mercury Hour to a Mars Hour tally well with the March's slogans: "Demand the Changes We Voted For" and "One Nation Working Together."

Yes, 'One Nation Working Together' is just what Washington politicians fear! That's what the 'Ds vs Rs' and 'libs vs cons' claptrap are meant to prevent, so kudos to the marchers!

Yet we know that political slogans no longer suffice within the growing gap between rich and poor in America, so let's hope that Congress also gets the message along with President Obama: that their stalling tactics and political power games are old hat, a tiresome cliche that we-the-people, the most powerful force in the nation, are not going to wear anymore.

2 comments: said...

hey jude, ...take a sad song...:)
i'm thinking this is a march of labor unions, civil rights and progressive groups including sharpton, and la raza. naacp leader jealous is calling it an "antidote" to the tea party.

this midterm election is going to be the best brawl that i can remember. what more could a political commentator, like yourself, ask for?

it makes a person want to quit his job and roll a keg up next to the tv (like during the watergate hearings).

great post with the aspects, tangents, and agents provocateurs. it sounds like prologue to a spy novel, or better yet, a presidential election.

Jude Cowell said...

Good analysis! wish i'd had more time to read the chart and type. And though i've mentioned in passing the chart for Nov midterms 2010 it remains to be posted upon more fully, perhaps soon.

Yes, a brou-haha is simmering on Washington's hob! But i tire of politicians' "Ds vs Rs" and "lib vs cons" tactics for separating the American people from their own best interests: Obama isn't perfect by any means, but he's all the middle class has got.

The rest can go drunkenly party and sleep together under the redwoods at Bohemian Grove for all I care...the Bacchus archetype fits them quite well.

Politically grumpy, Jude

ps: Obama's natal Mc 28Sco+ was rising as he started announcing officially Rahm Emmanuel's stepdown from Chief of Staff today (11:21 am et White House) so today's change of staff brings up Mr. Obama's career issues. jc