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Sep 28, 2010

US natal Sun Cancer-Moon Aquarius and Jupiter

Most natal horoscopes for America use July 4, 1776 as our nation's birth date, the day the Declaration of Independence was unveiled to the people, and which shows the United States to be a misty, ethereal, creative Sun Cancer-Moon Aquarius blend of energies. This Water-Air combination describes the synergy between leadership (Sun) and the people (Moon) and may be worthy of a brief investigation.

This is a 'thinking vs feeling' blend with a decided past and future vibe. Humanitarianism is indicated with its concern for the public welfare, and the generous spirit of this combo supports Jupiter as our probable US natal chart-ruler (Sagittarius rising.)

Sun Can-Moon AQ is a lover of symbols which relates well to our national personality as a people, but also to the mysterious symbols our leaders have placed through the years on US coins and paper money, our flag, the Great Seal's obverse and reverse sides, etc. In fact, the Great Seal's eye in the triangle and pyramid are opposites representing the transformation process which results in a whole and creates something new: "whole-brain knowing." (Founding Fathers, Secret Societies, Robert Hieronimus.)

This relates to a new paradigm, a phrase we've heard often lately. However, this topic goes a little beyond the scope of a brief post so let's mosey back to the visionary combo of Sun Can-Moon AQ.

Typically the American people act as cautious, self-protective, old-fashioned 'crabs' with a highly romanticized view of our nation's past; yet often we are (and are seen to be) focused on futuristic plans and trends with a quirky need for space, movement, independence, and freedom. We're quite a mish-mash of thinkers and feelers which I suspect the elite ruling class realized long ago with their 'liberal vs conservative' tactics to keep us divided and conquered.

(In my universe, thinkers are allowed to feel and feelers are allowed to think whenever necessary!)

When our conscious Sun traits of Cancer are melded into our unconscious Aquarian Moon traits, we can be friends to the world with an advantageous flair for traditional progressivism. This is what I suspect most Americans are and prefer to be, for we see things as working best that way, even as politics' divisive 'either/or' requirements and propagandistic slogans busy themselves with gumming up the efficient working of our society. Unfortunately for the good of our nation, most Capitol Hill Republicans and Democrats purposefully lost that thread decades ago and have no intention of gaining it back.

With Sun Cancer-Moon AQ, the typical clannishness of Cancer is universalized by the Aquarian Moon so that broad social issues are always on our country's agenda. Family is paramount with us, yet our friends and colleagues tend to be treated as 'family', too. So personal warmth combines with abstract thought and is communicated to the world with aplomb and conviction. The sign Cancer is shrewd in business, yet we prefer to match our sentiments with actions for the benefit of all.

A weakness of the Can-AQ blend is a tendency to 'mother the world' and take on too many burdens at once. We have only to look at our government's meddling and misadventures in foreign countries to see where this tendency has led us (an empty treasury being one of its dire results.)

Sun Can-Moon AQ's Images for Integration: A mother and child skip down the street, arm in arm, to attend the Vision for World Peace charity fete at the park...The world as family...A science museum inside a restored medieval castle...Carl Orff's Carmina Burana. (Sun Sign, Moon Sign, Charles and Suzi Harvey.)

Note that Carmina Burana relates to the turning Wheel of Fortune, a perfect symbol for a nation with Jupiter as chart-ruler and our traditional focus on the acquisition of wealth and the happiness that supposedly comes with it.


astrology2horoscopes said...

hi jude,

it's always a pleasure to awaken to another thought provoking (provocative) post. you must be the life of any social function. i get vibes of libra/virgo.

what you describe about america is right on. the "fathers" did decide on divide and conquer as a means of preventing any ONE from acquiring too much power. the more divisions the better - that's the basis of jeffersonian democracy. it makes our raft hard to sink, but then, our feet are always wet.

i think you're a lovely "french anarchist" at heart, dear (i bet you own a beret).

Jude Cowell said...

lol! Thanks, and yes, i took French in school and wore a beret in my more fashionable days.

Not a lot of Libra here though except for Neptune which sextiles Venus in Sag and squares a Sun/Jup conj; 12th house Saturn in Virgo with Vir rising, so Mercury also rules my Geminian 10th house.

The Illumination Point opposing my natal Mars is '30Can' = "A Daughter of the American Revolution" so yes, my ancestors fought, and I'm snugged between both revolutions and the discovery of Uranus, my 10th house planet.

Good call, m'dear! Jude