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Sep 11, 2010

Sun-Moon blends of 9/11/01 and 9/11/10

Today marks nine years since the attacks of 9/11/01 when the Sun was in Virgo and Moon in Gemini. Naturally, the Sun is in Virgo today was well, but expectably the Moon's sign is different.

9/11/01's Solar Return to 18Vir51 occurred today at 12:42:27 pm edt in Manhattan with the Moon at 4Sco25, so let's briefly compare the two Sun-Moon blends, then and now. Rising was 00Sag46 with '1Sag' being the "A Grand Army of the Republic Campfire" for its Sabian Symbol.

9/11/01: Sun Vir/Moon Gem is an Earth-Air blend indicating rationality, innovation, and efficiency and describes a temperament of the practical idealist who thinks and plans a course of action, then acts without emotional considerations. Oddly enough, there is a conscious impulse to build, consolidate, and organize and to make one's efforts as far-reaching as possible.

I say 'oddly enough' because one might wonder how destruction of buildings on that day can apply here. Perhaps something was under construction in the then-new Bush-Cheney administration which needed the shock value of the attacks in order to prosper and grow. As with most things mysterious, we could say, follow the money to see who highly profited from these heinous acts - and add 'power grabbing' to the mix since politicians were and are intimately involved.

Earth-Air is the 'dry as dust' combo of energies of someone who is adept at mastering the mundane world with a cost-effective, scientific approach.

2001's Sun Vir-Moon Gem is a combo of mental dexterity, refined tastes, and coolness. This describes a conscientious worker who takes play just as seriously as work. Opportunities come for shrewd advancement and are relished; analytical abilities and organizational skills meet with a flair for communication and presentation.

This is a good blend for linguists, analysts, journalists and writers but may result in overly critical, overly intellectual attitudes toward life and relationships; pessimistic moods are a potential along with 'too much information'.

(We certainly saw the film of the WTC attack over and over and over again on CNN as well as on other channels, didn't we? Shoving the images into our collective memory were they.)

Images for Integration: A precision engineer develops new methods of communication...A raconteur potters in his garden.

9/11/10: Sun Vir-Moon Sco is an Earth-Water blend, the 'Mud, mud, glorious mud' combo of energies. It's potter's clay on the wheel ready to be formed - the bricks, tiles, and concrete of construction. There is an innate wisdom to understand what is important and what is not, and both material and emotional security are required. Caring and loyal, this blend must be watchful of developing a limited viewpoint.

2010's Sun Vir-Moon Sco blend is discriminating and dedicated, resourceful, emotionally controlled, and long-suffering (nine years!) Health is a prominent issue (first responders?) and opinionation may be evident.

This combo possesses a servant's loyalty mixed with a tycoon's lust for power! (A description of the attendees of today's observance? That would include VP Joe Biden and Mayor Bloomberg, I do believe...tsk tsk.)

A proud inner voice must speak up and have its say. Improving methods is a must for this blend, along with a need for concentrated work. The combo describes a 'humble soul with hidden depths' as it strives to keep feelings bottled up. Care and concern for family members runs deep and responsibilities are taken seriously; a caution is a tendency to seek vengeance when pushed into a corner (today's anti-mosque protests?)

Emotionally charged opinions limit thinking with Sun Vir-Moon Sco, a combination that lives by a 'work before play' motto.

'Images for Integration: An impassioned doctor contributes statistics and personal views at a forum discussing anti-abortion laws...A zealous insect lover stands quietly in the bushes observing the mating habits of the praying mantis.' (Sun Sign-Moon Sign, Chas & Suzi Harvey.)

That last image is almost too weird to comment on (my bold) especially since praying has occurred in NYC today...perhaps a description of secret service agents watching the proceedings?

Well, my small astro-effort here is based on a desire to pay respects on this day to the families and friends of the victims of 9/11/01. No disrespect is meant in the least and I hope my post is not taken as such. Plus, I send a personal shout-out of solidarity to my cousins and their families who live very near Ground Zero.

9/11/01 - 9/11/10
May all its victims R.I.P.

Jude Cowell


Anonymous said...

Shoving the images into our collective memory were they.

They're still doing it. All over the news and internet, they were flogging the memories through image and word. Encouraging us to wallow in it, trying to heighten the fear again. I am so SICK of this meme. I did not participate one iota. I seek a higher road.

As for the perpe-traitors, they will not escape their doom.

horoscope said...

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