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Sep 10, 2010

Global Banking Reform as Basel III meets 9.12.10

This Sunday in Basel, Switzerland, global titans meet to complete their agenda for new banking requirements which they deem are made necessary by the engineered Financial Collapse of 2008. The meeting occurs 'under the radar' for most of us, hence this posting peep-eye.

Sunday's conclave, Basel III is meant to establish, among other things, the amounts that banks must set aside for future crises and will perhaps provide substance to America's recent financial reform effort, the Dodd-Frank bill and its murky lack of particulars...devil in the details, etc. Guess the devil will be attending Basel III to help set the details.

Now you know that Mercury will still be retrograde in Virgo on Sunday, right? Virgo is good with details but a Rx Mercury, planet of meetings and negotiations, may indicate that this is not their last meeting - or, more likely, that this is another in a series of meetings where they will re-view and re-consider banking rules of a new financial order (which some call a New World Order.)

Either way, the rules they're discussing are meant for a long, drawn out implementation due to political considerations.

Fed head Ben Bernanke will be leading the US team at Basel III - which reminds me of the current position of the Neptune/Pluto midpoint (corporate titans and Robber Barons) @ '30 Capricorn'...

"A Secret Business Conference"...OPPORTUNITY...

positive expression: a gift for clever planning and successful administration in every area of life;

neg/unconscious/shadow side: rampant selfishness and rank exploitation of others.

(The Sabian Symbols in Astrology, Marc Edmund Jones.)

You don't say! Global bankers rankly exploiting other people? P-shaw!

Why, I fondly remember Ben Bernanke's first-ever shout-out as Fed head way back in February 2006...good times?

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