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Oct 7, 2010

Graphing the National Debt

Supply-siders revealed! Voo Doo Economics don't work! Trickle Down is poppycock!

There's more behind America's National Debt situation than most people care to admit - especially the GOP who rail against it only when Democrats are in charge.

The graph begins with Ronald Reagan and morphs into his virtual sidekick, George W. Bush, which in my opinion is a very good place to start.

Which reminds me: in November midterms, a vote for Republicans is a vote for Karl Rove.

Please tick one on behalf of America's future: Turdblossom ___ Not Turdblossom ___

Remember the delightful day of August 31, 2007 when Karl Rove sniffled on his last official day at the White House? Good times! Please do what you can on November 2 to keep Mr. Rove officially out of Washington so we won't rubber stamp his neocon fascist way of doing business and starting misdirected wars.

We may be uncertain of President Obama's policies now, but we know what we got under 8 years of Bush-Cheney-Rove.

And in case you missed it, do check out Teri Gross' interviews on Fresh Air today concerning the Citizens United SCOTUS decision which "opened the floodgates on groups' ad spending"; link takes you to the interview text; its audio will be available around 5:00 pm ET today.

Disclaimer: the above message is 100% unfunded by the US Chamber of Commerce, foreign entities, American Crossroads, or any other shady group of manipulators monkeying in US politics. I'm just one blogging gnat and a Child of the Revolution!

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