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Mar 15, 2015

Mar 16, 2015 12 am: US hits debt ceiling with Sun Pisc-Moon Cap vibes

Yes, at midnight tonight it's debt ceiling time again and the US Congress has been privileged to set such a limit since 1939. The limitation doesn't mean more budget-busting spending, it means satisfying obligations the US government has already taken on and neglecting these burdens is what led to America's credit downgrade in 2011, finagled mainly by anti-Obama Republicans in Congress.

Therefore, unless Congress changes its tune, the US treasury can't satisfy creditors as of March 16, 2015--the very date of the final (of 7 total) exact Cardinal Squares between revolutionary Uranus in Mars-ruled Aries and powerful wealth-hoarder Pluto in Saturn-ruled Capricorn, sign of government, law, and business. In the Eastern Time Zone, the Uranus-Pluto squares perfects at 10:54 pm.

And with dissolving, fraudulent Neptune now strong in its own sign of Pisces, the undermining of the US system of government insinuates on under the speculator-spendthrift pair of Jupiter-Neptune ruling and co-ruling murky, often deceptive Pisces.

The conscious-unconscious vibes of the debt ceiling situation of the moment are Sun Pisces-Moon Capricorn, a practical Water-Earth combo of energies that is shared natally by Freemason George Washington who advised us to, "Associate yourself with men of good quality if you esteem your own reputation; for 'tis better to be alone than in bad company."

Hopefully, the current blend's practicality concerning the March 2015 debt ceiling issue will be victorious over the zealous anarchists in Congress who apparently care little or nothing for America's reputation or credit-worthiness. Now if only such anti-government 'bad company' could be removed from Capitol Hill and take their billionaire social tinkerers and National Zionists with them!

Related: Types of Zionism, one of the many Pluto-Chiron -isms of oppression, exploitation, and primal violence. You'll note that transiting Pluto and Chiron, the Plutocracy pair, last met in Great Conjunction in November 1999 as one of civilization's cosmic 'ushers' into the New Millennium. Their conjunction in Sagittarius hit America's natal Ascendant in the July 4, 1776 5:10 pm 'Sibly' horoscope and soon the trumped up 'war on terror' began.

Also on topic is a previous post concerning the March 20, 2015 Solar Eclipse and Washington DC's neglected burdens.

Dec 10, 2012

"In Debt We Trust" (a Schechter documentary)

Our Serfdom of Debt and Oppression

by Jude Cowell

Well, Mr. Danny Schechter has done it again. He's created an elucidating documentary In Debt We Trust (1 1/2 hours long) which begins in church and reminds me of Bush43 immediately after the attacks of 9/11/01 superficially advising the American people that our best response was to, "Go shopping."

No, consumerism is not a religion but it is a form of Pluto-Chiron oppression--the oppression of -isms--and anyone who has reached the limit on a credit card or two knows just how oppressive it can be.

An Exploited Synchronicity?

Curiously, on July 4, 1776, the plutocratic and transiting Pluto-Chiron midpoint @8Pis50 conjoined US natal Ceres, an asteroid denoting basic things everyone needs to feel secure and nurtured such as food, mother's milk, and apparently in our day, an expensive haul of goodies from The Mall. Or at least, that is what the credit card and other industries have consistently preyed upon in the American psyche!

For more videos on a variety of topics, visit Forbidden Knowledge TV.

Hurrah! Now that consumerism expert Elizabeth Warren has been elected to the US Senate, dark forces are gathered against her, forces very upset with the minimal legal protections We the People now have, thanks to her leadership, which open up to the light of full disclosure some of the credit card industry's exploitive practices. And I sincerely hope that there are other benign forces who are protectively 'watching her back'!

Keep It Sheathed Until the Time Is Right

Actually, I'm glad to read that Mrs. Warren is taking a moderate course and not rushing in to that Masonic temple on Capitol Hill, sword in hand! Elizabeth Warren, establishment critic, showing restraint as she prepares for clubby Senate.

As the wise saying goes, Moderation in All Things.

Plus, here's a website with curious information relating to Washington DC, my former city of residence. Scroll down a ways for text concerning the Masonic layout of the Capital City and a photo from September 19, *1993 of Senator Strom Thurmond spreading cement to mark the 200th anniversary of the laying of the cornerstone of the US Capitol Building.

Then tell me you don't think there's more than meets the eye going on now with the current 'fiscal cliff'--national debt impasse between the White House and the US Congress! Just who really owns the notes on America's national debt anyway?


*As you know, 1993 was a watershed year in which the planets of The Enlightenment, Uranus and Neptune, met three times in Great Conjunction. Their third meeting is what I tend to use as a New World Order birth chart (October 24, 1993) with '18 Capricorn' the significant degree of their conjunction: '18Cap' = 'POLITICAL POWER...negative expression: smug or strong-armed paternalism'. (MEJ.) Of course, that's a stone's throw away from the tenets of Plutocracy's paternalistic pair, Pluto-Chiron. These days, it's hard to miss seeing--or experiencing--such strong-arming to grasp and hold on to political power on the rise across the globe, is it not?

Aug 29, 2012

RNC 8.29.12 Paul Ryan to speak tonight

And Yet They Go On Speaking Without Saying Anything...

by Jude Cowell

Let me be the nostalgic one this Dad (b. 1908) had a favorite joke after watching political speeches on TV...What's he sayin'? He ain't sayin'...which for me sums up the narrow scope of the Mitt Romney 2012 campaign for president and the hidden cards Mitt is keeping guarded so close to his vest.

Therefore, there seems to be little reason for the GOP to continue conventioning in Tampa, Florida this week (except for the dancin' babes!) since the nominee's name is known--but would someone please clue in Gov. Chris Christie that the nominee isn't him--for he seemed to think so during his 'keynote address' last evening which was mostly about him and more him, and not about a grim-faced Mitt Romney at all. Yet Republicans now appear in their costly 3-day PR ad to promote Mitt and the GOP 2012 platform which if implemented will completely undermine women's health and financial prospects 'going forward' and do more damage besides. Gotta rip up that social safety net they call the New Deal!

Conflicting Messages, Anyone?

Well, as you noticed Tuesday night, Ann Romney spoke before Gov. Cristie and she said it was all about LOVE, then Christie spoke and poo-pooed LOVE and said, No, it's all about RESPECT. His Mama drummed that into him you see, and it sounds as if little Chris must have been born with a retrograde Saturn for he asserted last evening that Mom drove and Dad was only a passenger. Too much personal info? Agreed!

And yet I heard on Current TV today that Mr. Romney expects his VP pick, Rep. Paul Ryan, to perform in a similar fashion tonight: to talk about his past and growing up in a small town. If Ryan complies, will it make for a riveting address from Mr. Austerity Plan himself? We'll have to see...of one thing we may be fairly certain--few details of a proposed Romney presidency will emerge but generalities will be star of the show. Hmm. Must be quite a disturbing political platform--even worse than we fear--when politicans with microphones and cameras pointed at them keep mum about details to keep from frightening folks away from even Republican voting booths!

Well, here's a previous, brief astro-peek at Paul Ryan's Sun-Moon personality blend with a few other notes besides.

But wait! Aren't you missing a certain austerity-minded Republican at RNC 2012 so far? Me, too. Wonder where they're keeping Eric Cantor? Will he turn up in Tampa? Too many strippers on the scene? Then you may wish to check out a few astro-notes concerning Cantor along with the planetary transits of the 2011 "debt talks" on Capitol Hill, location of America's primary Political Theater venue.

You remember the financial drama of 2011: where the Republican Party was oh-so-willing to drive the US economy over bankruptcy's cliff just to make their favorite (obsessive) point that a half-black fella simply doesn't deserve to live in a White House and play the role of US president.

May 17, 2012

Default Theater returns and the Eclipses of 2012

Reuters reports on the "fiscal cliff" that Washington 'lawmakers' are in process of setting up for January 1, 2013, a re-run of Summer 2011's dramatic debt limit-default theater that caused the US credit rating to be downgraded thanks primarily to Tea Party members of Congress and those who bankroll them.

Yes, these are basically the same tax and budget matters left over from 2011, a summer with two Solar Eclipses one month apart (June 1 and July 1. The issues must be re-negotiated in November and December 2011--just in time for Election Day November 6, 2012 and the Solar Eclipse of November 13, 2012 (more on that later including its horoscope set for Capitol Hill; see 2012 Eclipse list below.)

For shopping and the US economy (assuming America has an economy by then once these play-acting jokers get done scoring what they hope are points on November 6), we may find Christmas 2012 to be a casualty of Washington along with the paychecks of the working class, plus there's Winter Solstice 2012 and the Galactic Center Alignment to be concerned about, if you pay attention to such things.

Well, I do declare! How easy to type scathingly when you're in a major snit of miffdom over a most sorry US Congress and the super-corrupt system of government that certain operatives and agents have engineered to fail on purpose!

A Total of Four Solar and Lunar Eclipses in 2012

1. 14 South Solar Eclipse May 20 @00Gem21 conjoins Fixed Star Alcyone (potentials: mystical but judgmental; exiled; unlucky; something to cry about); (has a Mercury influence)

2. Lunar Eclipse June 4 (intros the rare Venus Transit June 5/6 in mid-Gemini) @14Sag conjunct US natal Ascendant (Sibly); Moon = We the People; (has a Jupiter influence)

3. 15 North Solar Eclipse November 13 @ 22Sco (sign of Big Business; Corporations; the Underworld; Endings; Regeneration and Healing (has a Mars-Pluto influence); conjoins two Fixed Stars: Unukalhai (Alpha Serpentis; potentials: achievement, then a fall; legal problems; accidents; success in Politics, war, writing; shipwrecks; forgeries; and Agena (potentials: honors; success with the masses; high status; scandal and gossip)--A. Louis;

4. Lunar Eclipse November 28 @7Gem conjunct US natal Uranus 8Gem55, and transiting Midas and Pan; Sun/Moon = Uranus: unusual twists of fate; sudden developments or conflicts; acting independently; the urge for freedom--Tyl; Munkasey; Ebertin; (a Mercury influence aqain which may affect communications, planning, trade, commerce, and vote counts and re-counts);

Well, 2012 is turning into an eventful year both below and above, isn't it?Hope you and yours are faring well.

Jul 16, 2011

President's Weekly Address July 16, 2011 (video)

President Obama has one of his weekly 'bully pulpit' messages for us which spotlights US economic issues and the theatrical Default Stand-Off with his usual well-crafted, seemingly direct approach.

Yes, yes, of course I agree that "we're all in this together." It's just that a select few are a lot more in than together with the rest of us.

Such as the frisky elitist movers'n'shakers now frolicking together and exclusively under the shade trees of Bohemian Grove...

Say, anyone know where Barack Obama is spending his weekend?

Jun 10, 2011

Debt Ceiling Deadline Aug 2 2011: Jupiter-Neptune active

Fighting War on China's Dime: the August 2, 2011 Debt Ceiling Squeeze

by Jude Cowell

Well, the speculator pair, Jupiter and Neptune, are activated by midpoint on August 2, 2011 which is the Obama-Geithner promoted deadline for raising the US debt ceiling or else America defaults and the globalists have the world financial collapse they've long planned for - have engineered and guided along, in fact.

Let's hope those who scr*w the world find themselves royally scr*wed before a total collapse affects the innocent even more than power elite thievery has already done.

On June 9, 2011, a headline on Huffington Post concerns the chairing of debt ceiling negotiations by VP Joe Biden, a chair choice that almost amuses me for its aptness: may-I-call-you-Joe is from the beautiful state of Delaware where so many credit banks have traditionally spawned, cavorted, and overcharged us with draconian fees and robbed us by falsehood and usury interest rates.

Anyway, what about the Jupiter-Neptune speculation duo of combined energies which also indicates wastrels, spendthrifts, and those with bubbly plans and imaginings beyond all reason and practicality?

Here's their midpoint picture sitting directly upon erratic, radical Uranus 4Ari20 Rx in 12th H of Karma, Self-Undoing, Secret Deals, and Politics. Because of our financial topic and the pair's connection to wasted money and inflationary bubbles, I believe the Jupiter-Neptune-Uranus trio wields a direct influence which is stamped upon the August 2, 2011 deadline and the debt ceiling question. One question: shouldn't it be called raising our 'credit ceiling' since more credit is the alleged solution - and we know it's long been the problem?

(Any, all, or none may apply; sources: Munkasey and Ebertin; remarks in parentheses are added by yours truly.)

Jupiter/Neptune = Uranus:

Disruptions by events having no real explanation (unless the mysterious explanation is a global financial collapse plan that no one in Washington honestly talks about because most of them are completely enthralled - and culpable - in the big ruse); basing decisions on odd or unusual theories about the effects of the supernatural (our Masonic Washington: is the Masons' Grand Plan for America on the verge of being fulfilled?); unaccustomed confusion; experiencing the contrast between imagination (fraud and lies, political theater) and reality; the stage of coming down to earth with a bump (no more credit extension for you? default?); sudden recognition of a difficult situation (now? or perhaps it's the American people en masse realizing that our political brigands have sold us out even more than we previously suspected; or, perhaps the Tea Party rank and file will wake up to their own corporate zombiism. That could be helpful.)

Making matters more complex, there is a second midpoint of zealous Mars/Pluto, with Mars out-of-bounds - up to his own activities - at a critical-crisis degree: 29Gem51 in 2nd H) which spotlights the same degree as bubbly, over promising Jupiter/Neptune, so we have:

Mars/Pluto = Uranus: using whatever power or means available to reform, disrupt, stir-up, or otherwise alter conditions (mm-hmm); brutality; violence; cruelty; sudden catastrophes.

The Mars/Pluto combo also relates to military troops, powerful weapons, and the Pentagon, that bottomless money pit bleeding us dry these too-many years. And you know the Pentagon must think it's too big to fail. It isn't, and will have only itself to blame. Wonder how long the neocons think the financial craziness can go on?

Yet I have a difficult time thinking this wasn't all done on purpose on behalf of an over-arching plan in which we-the-people are un-included. We are usurped.

More on August 2, 2011 11:59 pm Washington DC

ASC 8Tau20 with rising Jupiter 9Tau09 in the Earth (practical) sign of Taurus and Taurus does love its comforts and luxuries, and tends toward greed, possessiveness, and intolerance; here it may describe the builder and architect. Neptune is happily floating in the seas of Pisces (00:03 Rx) yet soon will re-enter scientific Aquarius; wounded Chiron 4Pis08 Rx continues nearby reminding us of the water damages our nation and other regions of the world have sadly sustained.

(Water water everywhere but very little clean water to drink anywhere. Or, it's contaminated with radiation, fluoride, mercury, hormone disruptors, or __?__.)

Chart-ruler Venus 6Leo50 conjoins Sun 10Leo30, a pair indicating self-satisfaction, even pompousness, and wanting to be liked - they conjoin the Republican Party's natal Leonine Mercury, planet of negotiations, agreements, deals, trade and commerce; Mercury 1Vir12 is retrograde, so hopefully a deal may be reached before August 2nd especially since Mercury turns Rx only 9 minutes earlier (August 2, 2011) at 11:50 pm edt.

Therefore, deals and negotiations committed to based on the August 2nd deadline may soon reverse, be delayed, or be up for major review before things settle down and move forward. Earlier would be better.

Stationary (strengthened) Mercury here rules 2nd H of Earnings and Values and US natal Uranus 8Gem55 sits upon its cusp, along with transiting MIDAS and Pan (a trickster element whose name is the basis for words such as 'panic' and 'panacea' - raising the debt ceiling would be a panacea and not doing so would cause a panic.

Mercury also rules the 6th H where the Moon (we-the-people; the public) 26Vir18 reflects the several months of US Secondary Progressed Moon's visit to US natal Neptune 23Vir and Sec Neptune 26Vir. This is part of our ongoing water catastrophes and fraud-to-the-people scenarios along with the debilitating transit of fraudulent, deceptive Neptune to US n Moon: home foreclosures, thefts, refugees, exiles, a sense of inferiority, and feeling rootless.

My guess is that a majority of the public wants war occupations and bombings overseas to cease since We Cannot Afford Them with this 6th H Moon in serving Virgo, and US troops being brought home is alleged to be on the president's calendar for Summer 2011; fluctuations in the health care debate may also be shown though usually staid Saturn in 6th H is busy blowing soap bubbles (its Sabian Symbol for '13Libra'.)

Another interesting factor in the chart is a Mystic Rectangle (practical mysticism) pattern between Pluto and Chiron (sextile; this is the plutocracy duo of oppression and corporatism) trining a Mercury-Mars sextile (60 degrees). Their sextile indicates a challenge to consider alternative options before acting; the need to be 'right' be must avoided (on Capitol Hill?!), and articulating grievances clearly is a talent. (The Sextile, Alan Epstein.)

If Not Now, Then When? US Mars Return 2011

If the pressure from China and others speeds up the process, or more important political considerations turn up, perhaps an agreement to raise the debt ceiling may be reached around the time of the US Mars Return (a new cycle of activity begins every two years) which occurs on July 21, 2011 with Mars semi square Jupiter 7Tau52 in 8th H.

US natal Mars 21Gem23 is in 9th house of the Return chart set for DC, and North Node (in the August 2nd chart and in US Mars Return chart) at '23Sag' has an "Immigrants Entering a New Country" vibe. Return Mars in 9th H denotes martian activities such as war in Foreign Lands (9th H), and this Return chart shows US natal Mars conjoining the transiting South Node, a separative point; Mars/SN is a marker for war, violence, and other disruptive conditions. Our past (SN) actions (Mars) are dogging us and yes, will probably be repeated.

(You'd think that our dire financial condition would stop the warring - raising the debt ceiling seems to be about grabbing more fake, inflated money to wage more war and build bombs. It's certainly not an increase of funds for the benefit of the American people, as their 'austerity measures' have made clear. Some would call this treason.)

Mars makes no other aspects in the July 21, 2011 Return chart; the applying semi square with Jupiter indicates minor irritations to be worked out.

Now back to August 2, 2011 and chart-ruler Venus, planet of relationships, attractions, evaluations, and valuable things. Venus is oriental (last to rise before the Sun) so dealing with things of value is on her work schedule. Any applying aspects tell how things will proceed.

From 4th H of Real Estate and Domestic Scene, Venus applies (2A20) only to a square with moneybags Jupiter (who may act as banker, judge, general, guru, hierophant, preacher, teacher, attorney, Republican, etc; Jupiter here rules the 8th cusp, the house that describes our topics of debt and credit); this frustrating aspect of blockage between two money planets denotes indulgence and being neglectful of one's duties and responsibilities; if there's generosity, it satisfies ulterior motives, and the offer to make adjustments is but an empty gesture.

Perhaps fickle Venus doesn't think she has to do anything she doesn't 'want' to do being conjunct the Sun and all. But does she hold all the cards on August 2nd? Perhaps not...

For in 6th H (Work, Health, Military and Police Service) is manager Saturn (also a stand-in for the Dems) now moving direct and approaching a rendezvous with US natal Saturn 14Lib48 on August 28, 2011 (#3 of 3), a time when US chickens will come home to roost if they haven't by August 2nd.

The August 2nd Saturn provides opportunity (sextile; 2A00) for the leader (Sun) in dramatic Leo, sign of the natural leader (and monarchy) in the house of Real Estate. Will something surface or improve concerning Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac? It's difficult to imagine Real Estate in general suddenly improving before the end of 2011, isn't it?

Still, the Sun shines on the Homeland in this chart (4th H) with lucky Venus there, too, both in happy Leo, and our topic is the debt ceiling and its effects on the US economy and our hesitant off-again-on-again recovery which will subsequently impact the rest of the world.

Well, there's a quick overview of a date we're being inundated with in the news: August 2, 2011. Apparently they want it infused within the public consciousness and imagination along with the ongoing propaganda of failure they're serving 24/7 - morning, noon, and night.

Hey! Did you notice that this post contained nary a phrase about the GOP crashing the US economy so that President Obama would fail? As if I'd ever consider voting for them after watching them spend mega-bucks for 8 years under Bush-Cheney only to crash America and blame the Democrats for their handiwork - puh!

Well, I didn't think any of us looked that stupid, but of course I could be wrong...


Blog Note: SO'W is taking a family weekend off. Hope all goes well in your area of the world...see you soon! jc

Oct 7, 2010

Graphing the National Debt

Supply-siders revealed! Voo Doo Economics don't work! Trickle Down is poppycock!

There's more behind America's National Debt situation than most people care to admit - especially the GOP who rail against it only when Democrats are in charge.

The graph begins with Ronald Reagan and morphs into his virtual sidekick, George W. Bush, which in my opinion is a very good place to start.

Which reminds me: in November midterms, a vote for Republicans is a vote for Karl Rove.

Please tick one on behalf of America's future: Turdblossom ___ Not Turdblossom ___

Remember the delightful day of August 31, 2007 when Karl Rove sniffled on his last official day at the White House? Good times! Please do what you can on November 2 to keep Mr. Rove officially out of Washington so we won't rubber stamp his neocon fascist way of doing business and starting misdirected wars.

We may be uncertain of President Obama's policies now, but we know what we got under 8 years of Bush-Cheney-Rove.

And in case you missed it, do check out Teri Gross' interviews on Fresh Air today concerning the Citizens United SCOTUS decision which "opened the floodgates on groups' ad spending"; link takes you to the interview text; its audio will be available around 5:00 pm ET today.

Disclaimer: the above message is 100% unfunded by the US Chamber of Commerce, foreign entities, American Crossroads, or any other shady group of manipulators monkeying in US politics. I'm just one blogging gnat and a Child of the Revolution!

Apr 27, 2009

National Debt has Facebook page!

NPR just reported that our national debt has a Facebook page and so do I but haven't used it much yet because you're not there...