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Oct 25, 2010

Koch memo leak: 'change balance of power' parrots 1.4.11 Solar Eclipse

Sometimes a news event or phrase in the news perfectly parrots an astrological indicator such as this:

(KurtNimmo) – One faction of globalist tools outing another faction of globalist tools. That’s how we play politics in America today.

Think Progress — which should be called Think Soros because it is funded by George Soros — has released a private correspondence sent out by Charles Koch of Koch Industries. The memo has the itinerary of a *private meeting to be held at an exclusive hotel in Aspen attached.

Soros globalists leak neocon RINO document.

In the memo, Koch says his group of neocons and RINOs plan to “change the balance of power in Congress this November.” In other words, give power back to a Republican-dominated set of globalists and statists who hope to come out the winners in the perpetual game of musical chairs as the corrupt Mafioso government continues its slow motion Titanic routine to the bottom.

Koch plans to “activate citizens,” that is to say convince them to vote for Republicans and trademark Tea Party operatives who buy into the neocon philosophy.

The hand of the neocons weighs heavily on this invitation only, media excluded event. Charles Krauthammer will dispense his wisdom — something you can get for nothing on Fox News any day of the week — and so will stand-up comic Glenn Beck and broker-dealer Peter Schiff.

Read more here. #

And here's a direct link to the PDF of the invitation to the Koch meeting of neocons plotting their take-over (and plotting revenge, no doubt, against their Dem globalist opponents - yet another battle of ideologues which will not result in improvements for the American people, imho. Yet sometimes you just want to be wrong.)


Astrology Describes 'The Balance of Power'

What perked up my antennae in the above memo is its parroting of Celeste Teal's title for the January 4, 2011 Solar Eclipse at the crisis or critical degree of 13Cap38: "The Balance of Power" which, as previously noted, opposes US natal Sun in Cancer (the leader or leadership.)

Now you see my emphasis added above to the Koch-neocon group's goal to "change the balance of power in Congress this November" and there are many Americans who may consider this to be a fabulous idea - after all, we've voted to do it before when the ruling party acts too big for its britches or is inadequate, or more corrupt than usual. (I shall remind you that GOP politicians were once deemed 'more corrupt than usual' by the American people not so very long ago. Wonder how Capitol Hill's purported 'ethics seminars' worked out? Ah, for the days of Jack Abramoff, 'The Godfather' Tom DeLay, Newt Gingrich, and the boys. Puh! The Family indeed...bwo Sicily. Interestingly, asteroid Cupido in Astrology signifies The Family, The Syndicate, and/or Corporations.)

According to Teal's book Eclipses, the critical degree of the January 4, 2011 Eclipse indicates a potential for a 'central event having wide-ranging impact' - could this be the November 2010 midterms and a Republican take-over of the House? (Get ready for SS cuts and/or privatization if you, dear voter, fall for GOP and Tea Party rhetoric. Don't know about you, but I paid 100% of those 'benefits' into the SS system for over 30 years and I'd like them all back please.)

Earning power, expenditures, trade, and labor restrictions are also highlighted by the January 2011 eclipse.

The January 4th eclipse also shows a 'turbulent spirit against those in high places' thanks in part to its nearness to Fixed Star, Manubrium (flaring heat.) Opposition to America's natal Sun gives President Obama 'potentially powerful opposition to overcome' which portends congressional battles, gridlocks, filibusters, and attempts at repealing Dem legislation. Obstacles to further legislation is on the GOP agenda as well, so if an unusually bilious amount of contentiousness on Capitol Hill is what you want - rather than dealing with the American public's immediate and dire concerns - vote GOP on November 2, 2010. That will show Mr. Obama we don't know how to vote for our own best interests! Won't he be sorry! (Here's where a font for sarcasm would come in handy.)

Of course, my more basic opinion is that the plutocratic and elite ruling class (Pluto/Chiron, Sun/Pluto, Jupiter/Pluto, etc) of royals and Luciferians has been waging class warfare upon we-the-people for decades with the only real difference being which power players call the shots in their mad drive to be the crowing roosters at the top as they shill for a One World Government (NWO.)

Economics Professor Richard Wolff says US incomes haven't risen since the 1970s! Click for his website and podcasts on topics such as the current workers' strikes in France - and why he thinks US workers don't.

As for neocon 'statists', 'Statism' is also under Pluto/Chiron's purview as are other -isms such as Socialism, Communism, Marxism, corporatism, fascism, totalitarianism, etc. Whatever disenfranchises and oppresses, there's overlord Pluto/Chiron. The US natal Pluto/Chiron in Pisces conjoins our nation's natal Ceres (security and food issues and thus they oppress us with fear-as-tactic (loss of security), and with health-weakening by food additives, mercury poisoning, chemicals in plastics, and such. Monsanto's hold over seeds is a case in point, too. Famines or the threat of them make great tools to get your way!)

Now as you know, 'absolute power corrupts absolutely' and that certainly must include our raunchy sell-out-America band of Rs and Ds - and anyone else who thinks to take charge of this huge enterprise of a cash cow and international police force that we sentimentally like to call the United States of America...for at least a little while longer.


*If I read it correctly in the PDF of the Koch memo (dated Sept 24, 2010), I believe the secret meeting in Aspen has already taken place and the next meeting of neocon plotters occurs Jan 30 - 31, 2011 in Palm Springs, CA at lovely
Rancho Mirage
- after the GOP's House and/or Senate take-over has been accomplished. So will the goose-steppers of Karl Rove's ilk be victorious on Nov 2? If the puppet-masters behind the scenes say so. Chilling. jc

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