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Oct 25, 2010

Sarah Palin's rectified natal chart and Sun AQ-Moon AQ

With today's extended thunderstorms across Georgia, my Internet service is chancy so I've not been studying this morning to complete info for a post as much as I'm moseying around the web and catching up with my preferred Political/Mundane Astrology sites and blogs.

Belatedly, I'm reading Michael O'Reilly's piece about a rectified natal chart for Sarah Palin which seems plausible to me. Palin was born February 11, 1964 in Sandpoint, Idaho and Michael has done lots of work rectifying her birth time to '4:55 pm PST' which gives Palin a showy 22Leo18 Ascendant. One reason I believe this ASC degree sounds plausible is that '22Leo' is known historically as the "Own Worst Enemy" degree, is often considered to be unfortunate, and relates to not being free to act in one's own behalf. (Horary Plain & Simple , Anthony Louis.)

Another association with '22Leo' is 'putting one's worst foot forward' and in my client files I have two people with this ASC degree and both were born with foot problems which led to corrective surgeries. Plus, both people sometimes tend to 'blurt out' their opinions before pausing to think first.

Now I don't know if Mrs. Palin has ever had physical foot issues other than putting hers in her mouth when speaking, but deeper preparation and a study of US history prior to political debates would have given her a better footing in the 2008 presidential campaign. And of course, Palin's colorful way of phrasing sentences during her well-attended speeches may be part of this '22Leo' ASC picture. Lack of preparation made her her own worst enemy if she really expected to win the Vice Presidency (and wait just behind an elderly man occupying the presidency.)

So I hope you'll check out Michael O'Reilly's excellent analysis if you haven't for it includes an image of Sarah Palin's proposed natal horoscope along with astro details on The Palin-Beck Phenomenon. Glenn Beck was born on Feb 10, 1964 so obviously both political operatives share the ultra-conservative Sun-Mars-Saturn conjunction in Aquarius. A separate feature concerning Glenn Beck's natal chart is available at the excellent Neptune Cafe as well.

Info on their not-so-secret billionaire backer, David Koch, is there, too.

So: Feb 10 and 11, 1964? Palin and Beck missed being Time Twins by just one day!


If Sarah Palin's natal ASC is on or near 22Leo18, her natal Moon position is 4AQ21 in 6th house (6th house Moon = a reigning need to serve) which gives her an Air-Air Sun AQ-Moon AQ personality blend with detached friendliness, independence, loyalty, and a law-unto-oneself vibe. Highly observant and gregarious, this combo indicates one with an eccentric lifestyle who is well-meaning and open to the unusual. She's an original, one-of-a-kind person who hates being pigeon-holed (a tendency of the media.)

A maverick, perhaps? Yes, definitely, but she considers herself to be eminently reasonable yet her eccentricities that can rock the boat. She doesn't like being considered difficult or selfish (while espousing the opposite values) yet she demands total acceptance of her ideas! Turning everything in life into something that can be dealt with only on a rational basis gives an unfeeling demeanor (Aquarius is known for its emotional detachment - don't interfere with her sense of personal freedom. Perhaps the Alaska governorship did just that and she chaffed under the yoke!)

Palin's zaniness is seen here with Sun AQ-Moon AQ, and she makes a wonderful friend since she finds everyone interesting or valuable. She is committed to her ideals and has a sense of hope and belief in human potential yet tends to over-identify with causes; her AQ-AQ bluntness of speech supports the above potential that she has a 22Leo18 Ascendant.

Images for Integration: The Jolly Green Giant...A friend to all the world looks in the mirror and takes time out to befriend herself...The living, breathing entity we call society. (Sun Sign-Moon Sign, Charles & Suzi Harvey.)

The Harvey's book gives three quotes from people (one a US president) who share the Sun AQ-Moon AQ blend in their natal charts; all may apply to the personality of Sarah Palin...from hunting to religion to politics. See what you think:

"Man-Watching: A field guide to human behavior." Title of a book by Desmond Morris

"A religion can no more afford to degrade its Devil than to degrade its God." Havelock Ellis

"Our differences are politics. Our agreements, principles." William McKinley.

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Anonymous said...

Sarah Palin is an interesting personality, love her or hate her. How about looking at her progressed chart and let us know what you see for 2012?