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Oct 15, 2010

Midas to US n Uranus with gold prices ballooning

This economic news from Thursday with gold on the rise; transiting asteroid Midas continues to affect by conjunction US natal Uranus 8Gem55, America's totem planet; 2010's Great Conjunction/s of Jupiter (money) and quirky Uranus may have something to do with it since their June 2010 conjunction occurred at Aries Point upon US natal Ic in the Sibly chart:

Posted: 14 Oct 2010 08:59 PM PDT

Hints of mutiny within Fed as attempt to crash dollar becomes clear

(Steve Watson) – The US dollar plunged once again today as the currency continues to be battered by increasingly substantial rumours that the Federal Reserve will announce, within the next three weeks, plans to buy $1 trillion of government debt in the form of “monetary easing”.

The dollar hit a fresh 10-month low Thursday morning, falling for a third day running against a basket of six major currencies.

The greenback is trading at a near 15-year low against the yen as the selling pressure picks up momentum.

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And if you missed NPR's Planet Money feature today We Bought Gold read or listen to the audio concerning their new gold-buying project with its details on why the price of gold is ballooning.

Plus, some historical perspective may be gained from the famous Cross of Gold speech delivered at the 1896 Democratic Convention. And in a flurry of historical synchronicity, the Great Conjunction/s of Neptune and Pluto (1891 - 1892), the Robber Baron duo, occurred at 8Gem38, 8Gem19, and 7Gem4...where tr Midas (and tr Pan of panic fame) now languish.

Rich vs Poor = class warfare, y'all!

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