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Oct 22, 2010

Impeach Justice Roberts over Citizens United?

Rep. Peter DeFazio (D-OR) is talking big about the potential of impeaching Chief Justice John Roberts whose only-an-umpire status touted (aka, lied about) at his confirmation hearing has been seriously undercut by 2010's democracy-numbing Citizens United decision which has allowed the flooding of the November 2010 midterms with obscene amounts of money from unnamed, foreign sources and corporations (who fancy themselves to be 'people too'. The American people have SCOTUS to thank for that outrageous, illogical decision as well.)

In an unusual move, it was Justice Robert's idea to consider the case!

So if a Roberts impeachment is attempted (or accomplished, but I'm not holding my breath), it may deepen the level of astrological meaning of January 20, 2009's Inaugural Mercury retrograde! The 2009 Inauguration chart had its Mercury Return on February 10, 2010 so the Citizens United decision handed down in January was in play during the period that transiting Mercury was in process of returning to its Inaugural degree 00AQ41 (Sun 00AQ47)...'1AQ" = "An Old Adobe Mission", a Vatican reference in the Sabian Symbols which links to esoteric subjects such as America as the New Atlantis for the 'New Age'.

The Obama presidency's Mercury Return chart of 2.10.10 shows Mars Rx 5Leo14 opposing Mercury, an opposition which falls precisely across the Nodal axis in the US natal horoscope. Activist Mars can be brash and spunky in Leo and he was apparently feeling his oats with a judicial activist (and pretend 'umpire') like Roberts leading the fight against the American people's right to choose who wins our elections (always assuming there's such a thing as an accurate voting machine somewhere in this nation.)

And on 2.10.10, Mars was apex (focal) planet in a YOD (special task; crisis; turning point; crossroads - I'm thinking of Karl Rove) pattern with the powerful, overstepping, internationally inclined big bankers-plutocrats-leading-the-masses duo of Jupiter sextile Pluto at its base...

Jupiter/Pluto = Mars: a desire to achieve great things; organizing talent; applying controls to suit one's aims; a controlling and ruthless purpose in life. (Ebertin; Munkasey; Tyl.) Et tu, Justice Roberts?

Interestingly, John Roberts (Jan 27, 1955, Buffalo, NY; birth time unknown) entered Earth's time flux with Chiron @ 00AQ00 and his Mercury/NN midpoint 00AQ17. Chiron can represent the blind spot, and Mercury/NN = 'well-coordinated joint efforts; the arrangement of social or business contacts'. (Ebertin; Munkasey.)

Of course, you'll remember that it was Justice John Roberts who mucked up the Presidential Oath of Office (Mercury) which was re-taken (Rx) later just to be certain no one could say that Barack Obama was not duly sworn in.

Now wouldn't a John Roberts impeachment be ironic? And yet it could indicate yet another signpost on the road to completely undermining the US Justice System.


Anonymous said...

I have been dreaming of a Roberts impeachment since he was seated. However I don't believe that "we" have the power to pull it off. First we would have to destroy his reputation which I am morally opposed to-remember what "they did to Bill Clinton!! Otherwise I don't think that there are enough engaged and informed citizens to get such a wild move passed.

Jude Cowell said...

Agreed, yet politicians impeached Clinton (at great expense to the people while diverting public attention away from what we should have been noticing), not us. Thnx for commenting, jc