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Nov 4, 2010

Bill Moyers: Welcome to the Plutocracy

Here's an excerpt from Bill Moyers new book, Welcome to the Plutocracy:

"On another site – “” – you can find out how the multibillionaire Koch brothers – also big oil polluters and Tea Party supporters – are recruiting “captains of industry” to fund the right-wing infrastructure of front groups, political campaigns, think tanks and media outlets. Now, hold on to your seats, because this can blow away the faint-hearted: Among the right-wing luminaries who showed up among Koch’s ‘secretive network of Republican donors’ were two Supreme Court Justices: Antonin Scalia and Clarence Thomas. That’s right: 2 of the 5 votes to enable the final corporate takeover of government came from justices who were present as members of the plutocracy hatched their schemes for doing so." #

Bill Moyers: Money Fights Hard and It Fights Dirty.

(My bold. Didn't want the SCOTUS names to be lost in the shuffle: Scalia and Thomas. jc)

Further reading: We're No# 49.

My thanks go to Alex D'Atria of Modern Astrology for the heads-up.

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