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Nov 5, 2010

The Fed: "Return to Jekyll Island" w a Scorpio New Moon

In what may be considered by some a 'return to the scene of the crime', today and Saturday, members of the Federal Reserve Bank are again meeting on Jekyll Island, Georgia, where their shadowy entity, the private and central bank of America, was hatched in response (allegedly) to the bankers' Panic of 1907.

If the script sounds familiar since Financial Collapse 2007/2008, it should.

Here's something I wrote on the topic in February 2010 with a link to an article by astrologer Jessica Murray who shares many of my feelings about the Creature from Jekyll Island...the Fed.

Now their meeting is taking place under the rays of a New Moon 13Sco40 which conjoins the retrograde station degree of Venus (October 8, 2010) and with Venus' role in evaluations, she's proving important in financial considerations with the steps the Fed has taken this week to dabble in and tinker with the US economy.

Now Venus performs her station direct in 2 weeks (Nov 18) @ 27Lib40 and will leave her shadow (move past the degree of Rx station 13Sco13) the third week of December 2010 - just in time for Christmas but in tandem with the financially worrisome Lunar Eclipse of December 21, 2010 which seems to indicate market problems (crisis-turning point YOD directed toward the eclipse's 8th cusp when set for Washington DC; asteroid Midas and Pan nearby in 8th house; chart image included.)

Let's look at the Sun Scorpio-Moon Scorpio of the New Moon which signifies the Fed meeting today and tomorrow on Jekyll Island. A Water-Water blend can 'go with the flow' and is highly imaginative and intuitive; Scorpio is the sign of Big Business,
Finance, Secrets, and Transformation.

New Moons in Scorpio are about gathering all info and becoming an adept (as mentioned in my American Empire: When Jupiter Bowed to the Sun article in the just-released Fall 2010 issue of Eclipse magazine - the US had a Progressed New Moon in Scorpio in relation to the article's topic.)

Sun Sco-Moon Sco: astutely perceptive, intensely private, wary, and stubborn with uncompromisingly strong convictions. There is a jealous and sarcastic flavor, too, with relentless willpower and a crusading nature.

This double Scorpio combo is loathe to share its fears and tends to take itself too seriously; its cynicism can be limiting.

Sharing this blend in his natal chart is Dracula author Bram Stoker, whose words may apply to today's topic:

"Ah, sir, you dwellers in the city cannot enter into the feelings of the hunter."

(Since I'm typing from near Athens - up the road from Jekyll Island where we once frolicked on the beach as children - I guess that makes me a city dweller, of sorts. And I don't think highly of the power elite's style of financial vampirism.)

Now let's consider the Images for Integration for the Sun Sco-Moon Sco blend which infuses the darkened atmosphere of the New Moon 13Sco40 and the Fed meeting on Jekyll Island:

'A pile of manure slowly permeates the deeper soil as November rains soak the still, dark garden...A millionaire businessman establishes a foundation for medical research.'

(Sun Sign-Moon Sign, Charles and Suzi Harvey.)

Seems to me that that's what the Fed and their colleagues have left the rest of us: a pile of manure.

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