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Nov 13, 2010

The Fed's 'quantitative easing' made simple (video)

The Fed's wrong streak continues with even the high-stakes G-20 Summit nations agreeing that another round of 'quantitative easing' in the US is a bad economic idea - unless collapsing the global economy is your ultimate goal, Mr. Bernanke.

Why, many people (like myself) see the Fed's culpable clawprints on every financial bubble and collapse in history. Guess the Federal Reserve Bank's natal Sun/Pluto opposition foreshadows its future (now?) realignment which such an opposition promises as they vie for more power with the defensive-when-challenged energy of a Sun/Pluto opposition.

Many thanks to Alex D'Atria for sending along this excellent and instructive video. jc


Well, for both of you keeping up with the Fed's natal chart (Dec 23, 1913), its natal Sun/Pluto opposition (using '12:07:10 pm est' Capitol Building: 1Cap18/00Can05 Rx) has been under fire from transiting Pluto in early Capricorn - on one hand, conjoining the Fed's natal Sun, on the other hand, Pluto opposing natal Pluto which describes the grand proportions of one power locking into a no-compromise struggle with another power - with the rest of us and our budgets caught in the middle.

Pluto to natal Sun shows the recent ploys of the Fed to gain more power and control though the 'no-compromise struggle' of tr Pluto in Cap seems to be interfering with those plans. One thing is certain: where powerful, subversive Pluto lurks and catalyzes, complete transformation will be the ultimate result.

And now, here's a limerick I published in September 2008 concerning
Mr. Bernanke
; the post contains a link to a news article of the day in which the IMF was threatening to peruse the Fed's books...wonder what happened to that little endeavor? Is it Pluto perusing Pluto?

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