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Nov 18, 2010

George H. W. Bush to receive a Medal of FREEDOM?

While I'd be more likely to issue Bush Sr a warrant for his arrest, The White House is awarding the Presidential Medal of Freedom to 15 honorees and one of them is New World Order promoter and implementer, George H. W. Bush.

What Orwellian madness is this? Well, obviously, the one-world-government types have infiltrated every public and private institution and are recognizing their own so that the world may admire them (except I don't.) Perhaps this qualifies as something of history rewrite for the re-education of future generations.

While he's still 'with us' (in a manner of speaking), let's consider the natal horoscope of George H. W. Bush who was born on June 12, 1924 at 11:45 am edt in Milton, MA. His birth data comes from many sources: see his Astro-Databank page for details and chart image.

Here is a list of Bush Sr's planetary placements with a few additional factors:

ASC 11Vir09 conjoins Fixed Star Zosma, one of the 'victim/savior' stars; MC 7Gem39 (transiting Midas has been conjunct his MC for a while now as is asteroid Pan; US natal Uranus conjoins his n MC); n MC = n Uranus/NN (Uran/NN = radical political activity): desire to bring plans to fruition with others; assurances of help from those who share your destiny; professional recognition; teamwork paying off.

Sun 21Gem22 in 10th house of Public Status; Sun conjoins US natal Mars so his ego has been intimately tied up with US military and might.

Moon 17Lib56 in 2nd house with tr Saturn approaching n Moon which is a sobering and possibly depressing time; this man has had his Uranus Return so at his advanced age of 86, vulnerability to health problems increases, and the wife may suffer a setback of some kind); note: tr Jupiter and Uranus will be entering his 8th house w/ 8th cusp 5Ari08; either planet may cause major health setbacks with Jupiter's expansion tendency and Uranus causing sudden disruptions and separations.

Mercury 29Tau24 in 9th house will have November 21, 2010's Full Moon 29Tau18 spotlighting it and timing a culmination of some kind; this is a 29th degree of crisis.

Venus 17Can27 Rx is in a wide conjunction with n Pluto 11Can21 with Venus/Pluto giving a strong will, passions, and possible sexual indulgences; his n Pluto was precisely conjoined by tr NN 11Can56 when JFK was shot in Dallas - when GHWB was CIA Director, and the revolutionary pair of tr Uranus 9Vir49 and tr Pluto 14Vir04 were snugged around his n ASC = Uranus/Pluto: an enhanced ability to focus on the kind of world which must grow out of today into tomorrow; reading how restless others are with the status quo; application of force.

Mars 25AQ28 in 6th house of Health is being undermined by tr Neptune which indicates increased difficulties with physical activities, deception and confusion reign, and fraud turns up on the menu; Mars conjoins n SN = a loner who acts upon decisions that disregard the opinions or circumstances of others, lashes out in anger which antagonizes others and causes opposition, and has desires which he acts upon and which tend to be out of harmony with societal standards.

Jupiter 14Sag11 Rx in 4th house, strong in his own sign, and Rx = 'a maverick' holed up in the comfy digs of the family compound.

Saturn 25Lib50 in 2nd house, in wide conjunction with n Moon which gives an ambitious streak and tends to identify emotionally with material wealth; this pair may describe his marriage to Barbara Bush who's only one year younger than her husband but has tended to look older than him through the years;

Uranus 21Pis26 in 7th house and square his n Sun = eccentricity, erratic behavior, original but often impractical ideas (like a world government?), a dislike of routine, and strong self-will which can become a fraternal group member and a leader of organizations.

Neptune 18Leo08 in 12th house of Politics along with NN 25Leo14; Neptune/NN in Politics and Business = leadership that neglects the growth and progress demands of the population or important groups; spies (CIA) or terrorists (9/11? JFK?); drug policies which avoid important concerns (the original Bush fortune, I've read, was founded upon the opium trade), and ill-adapted and inadequate hospital or medical systems; scandals caused by foreign concerns (Munkasey; other midpoints by Tyl and Ebertin.)

Bush's Pre-Natal Solar Eclipse Series is the 16 South: 'issues of wasted energy or misdirected motivation especially when dealing with groups' which last manifested in 1996, next: 2014. (Brady's Predictive Astrology.)

Interestingly, Bush Sr shares his Sun Gem-Moon Lib combo with another old cuss, Henry Kissinger, who so famously propagandized us with, "Henceforth the adequacy of any military establishment will be judged by its ability to keep the peace."

Really? Then this must be a reference to their version of a 'NWO peace'.

So there! If you didn't know anything at all about G.H.W. Bush's natal horoscope and psyche, you know a smidgeon now. If only someone could please explain to me how this relic of the NWO, with its agenda that intends totalitarian harm and chaos toward society, can possibly deserve a Presidential Medal of FREEDOM?



Update Nov 18, 2010: be sure to check out Erin Sullivan's excellent astro-comparison of the horoscopes of Bush Sr and Jr as suggested by Alex D'Atria.


Alex said...

Hi Jude,

Erin Sullivan wrote a good-un too on 'Poopy' and 'Jr.'

Alex said...

oops meant Poppy and Jr. .... really have to watch out for typos!

Anonymous said...

Sure, Alex, sure! Whatever you say. :D

I say, "If the shoe fits..."