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Nov 23, 2010

Unemployment benefits expire Dec 31, Rs rejoice!

Well, in America, droves of rich folk turned out to vote against Democrats on November 2, 2010 - to protect their own monied self-interests. And you know that they and their reps on Capitol Hill are against extending federal "jobless benefits" (unemployment 'insurance' checks of about $290 per week set to expire December 31) to unemployed US workers, many of which were laid off or made redundant by the very same class of rich folk and their kin who voted en masse on November 2.

Yes, it seems to be dandy fine with the wealthy class if millions of US children go without the basics. No skin, one assumes, off their bulbous noses. And yet such tax relief they need, pitiful things!

So why did Independents, young people, and others who voted in massive numbers in 2008 stay home from the 2010 dance? If it was so that the upper crust plutocrats could gain a leg up, you leave me sputtering. As of tomorrow I'll be off for the holiday here in the US and perhaps I'll have a quiet moment to think about all of you, for you puzzle me, you do. Trusting plutocrats with your society, your politics, and your money is never fruitful and won't make you into one of them, you know. Nowhere near, not even close.

Now Wednesday morning's SO'W post of 11.24 will tide this blog over until my return, so it's: Have a good one, Everyone! And I can only hope a few of you non-voting folk will give serious thought to giving up on something else instead - something that isn't as near and dear to you and your family's future and best interests, and that won't affect your personal livelihoods in such a dire and disruptive way as what's coming from Capitol Hill.

Or perhaps I should say, Not coming?

A vote for Republicans (or someone resembling them) is a vote for Turdblossom.


Anonymous said...

Beautifully put. The schoolchildren in Britain were out in the streets protesting. Nice to see some gumption somewhere in the Western world. Good story at Common Dreams about employers like Harley Davidson and Kohler creating two-tier employees and Tier A (the best) will die by attrition. The reactionaries can only be rubbing their hands...30 years of culture wars and they've finally won the class war.

Anonymous said...

The soul is indistiguishable (Republican) mutable sexy. On the other, pretty scarry when facebook creators i.e., Harvard elite class police state has been corrupt Democrat data mining socialist lets privatize gains socialize loses runs up deficits destroys America piece by starry piece.