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Nov 23, 2010

Uphill on Capitol Hill: Rs ruling the turkey roost?

Doyle McManus' analysis of what's going on on Capitol Hill since the Republicans triumphed in midterms 2010 (thanks a lot, everyone who voted for Karl Rove's party) sums things up quite well.

You know, the Republican Party experienced a Progressed Full Moon in 2005 which is a timing device indicating that one has reached one's limit of expansion in the world - a culmination of sorts. (The R Party entered its Disseminating phase by progression on March 19, 2009 with its 'put out the message' vibe.)

Well, I'm assuming that if it weren't for Tea Party madness, the Rs would be tamping themselves down instead of revving up for more of their "I'm not my brother's keeper" cold-heartedness at a time when the poor and middle classes have already sacrificed - or been sacrificed - into ruination or close to it.

Which begs the usual question around this blog: is the collapsing of American society the ultimate goal of Washington politicians?

In Ireland, the IMF is recommending (insisting) that the Irish minimum wage be lowered. How outrageous! And in America, President Barack Obama handed trillions of tax payer dollars to...the people who would spend them and infuse life into the US economy? Nope! To wealthy bankers who engineered the mess and who now cheer on the IMF and others who advise 'austerity cuts' against the people thereby demanding what money and dignity we have left!

So my question for you is: will November 25, 2010 become known as America's last Thanksgiving Day?

Maybe we should take a gobble down memory lane: the video of the President's Thanksgiving Day message to America during the embroilment of Financial Collapse 2008.

Wonder what he'll be able to say to us this year?


Singing Sparrow said...

Well!!!! Thanksgiving has always been my favorite holiday save perhaps the 4th of July so I will not let go of it. The holiday: no religious cords, no nothing but pulling out all the family traditions and eat,eat,eat and as I announced in the baking aisle of Safeway this year "ready ,set, bake"
I believe that we are witnessing a long planned destruction of Western philosophy so that those whoever, and wherever, they are who command the strings of the us, the puppets so that we will work for them for less than the current minimum wage without benefits such as healthcare, 40 hour work week, unemployment insurance.
Frankly I see the collapse of Europe and the US as just simply too tidy and even to be organic. the Pluto in Leo group with their never ending story have been led down the garden path by whom? Whi is ready to clean up after us? Who wants us to be slaves? Or rather who wants out children and grandchildren to be slaves?
Still and all Happy Holidays to everyone here. Let us enjoy and save a little on the panty shelves to insure that we have a Harvest Moon and a Renewal Moon next year.

clymela said...

Well!! Typos are so embarrassing!! Really i wasn't drunk just caught up n the moment and didn't see the mistakes until now.

tees markhan said...

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