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Dec 15, 2010

If Ron Paul runs for president in 2012 (video)

Here's a video of 2008 candidate Ron Paul where he expresses precisely and succinctly what an out-of-control US government has done and why the Republican Party cannot fairly exclude him for his conservative views: of all the Ron Paul videos, this may be my favorite and shows why Dr. Paul's candidacy should be viable in 2012 if we want America to continue to exist as a nation.

Not that he'll be the next war profiteering GOP neocon warhawk candidate, of course!

Even then-super-popular Barack Obama had to play ball with the global elite bankers and be bankrolled by them in order to get himself installed in the Oval Office with the Fed's collapse-and-bailout deals made before and during the 2008 campaign. :-(


DD said...

Yeah, Yippee.
Thanks for keeping our eyes and hear on the issues and truth.

Anonymous said...

Whipping Post! Funny where truth comes up in this digital age.