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Dec 17, 2010

The latest newsletter from Visual Astrology is a stunner.

It contains Bernadette Brady's analysis of Julian Assange's natal chart in relation to fixed star parans (her specialty) which explains Mr. Assange's and WikiLeaks' tendencies to speak in 'a confronting manner, struggle with new or unusual ideas, take a contra argument, be verbally aggressive and a lover of mental challenges,' and to have 'a military mind' while being 'playful with truth and facts' with 'a different way of seeing the world' (different from the false reality the public is constantly force-fed by a complicit media.

Mr. Assange was born with several fixed stars in paran to his chart but difficult Capulus stands out with the tightest orb to natal Saturn 1Gem41: Capulus is a nebula in the Sword of Perseus, the Prince!

Brady's Book of Fixed Stars gives Capulus' keywords as 'male intense passion; rage' which can bring strong feelings and turbulence into the life (Rigor); Robson adds "blindness" to its influence which may be a tradition in archery since nebulae were allegedly used by the Roman army as tests for good eyesight.

Capulus is the male counterpart to difficult Algol (intense female passion; rage) and indicates focused and clear action; hastiness and rash anger should be guarded against for such actions will have far-reaching and possibly negative effects. A picture of ruthlessness appears when the action-oriented energy of Capulus is involved and destruction may be the result.

Linked to Assange's Saturn in Gemini, we see Capulus busily at work that involves mercurial communications with a decidedly Saturnian sense of restriction, delay, and something karmic afoot...Saturn's insistence on realism and truth has come to US governmental communications in a way that vexes the raptors of Washington, a town of secrets best not revealed if one wants to stay in office and keep a grasp on the globalist reins of power.

You know, America's fear-as-national-policy has gotten mighty old around here! In fact, it now sports graying whiskers just like old man Saturn, the senex, who is also our favorite stand-in at this particular season: as Santa Claus who brings rewards - but only for upright behavior!

During this time of our US Saturn Return (Dec 2010 into 2011), we might wistfully pine for our government to own up to its past actions which have not been upright. But even with the golden and karmic opportunity posed by WikiLeaks revelations, we instead get only messenger-shooting from a plutocracy insisting on endless war and US imperialism!

The rest of the newsletter concerns a timely consideration of the Harmonic Convergence of 1987 (in the Reagan era), the Mayan Calendar and the collective fear vs hope issues surrounding the year 2012, and the Star of Bethlehem, so I hope that if you haven't, you'll check out the Visual Astrology newsletter for December 2010!

For further reading and video-viewing on such societal topics as WikiLeaks, illegal wars, and the Orwellian-labeled 'War on Terror' you may wish to visit Democracy Now!.


Anonymous said...

Ahhhhh! Thank you for that! Perseus' sword of adamantine given to him by Zeus to slay Medusa.

Sword of Truth: Indeed a very sharp and ruthless weapon.

Thankfully, the Sword is safe with WikiLeaks members for now. If humanity can be saved from the forces of greed, corruption, and terror, it would have to start with exposing the truth.

Before the WikiLeaks release on BofA, Arizona has decided to sue Bank of America for unethical home foreclosures, and Nevada is getting ready to do the same.

It's such an amazement to me that the people would even consider prosecuting Assange rather than Cheney: The Prince of Truth rather than the Master of Death and Deception.

Jon Stewart's portrayal of Cheney as Darth Vader comes to mind: Much better to laugh than cry. Family Guy's portrayal of Rove was just as hilarious.

Where did Cheney get Hades' helm of invincibility/invisibility, anyway?

I have to smile when playing out the Perseus myth, imagining Assange holding up the head of Cheney as Medusa, turning the foes of truth into stone in a world court.

Thanks! Too scared to set up a Google identity: Nephelezephyr.

christmas said...

merry christmas dearest jude, and all the friends of sow. may the holidays bring you peace, joy, and love, and the new year greater success and prosperity! btw, interesting info on capulus.