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Dec 30, 2010

A New Year and the natal chart of Barack Obama

In this, my last post to you until after the New Year, I pass the astro-baton to expert astrologer Donna Cunningham and her article on New Year's intentions (rather than resolutions), hot zones in horoscopes, transits to these important degree areas, and the natal chart of President Obama (displayed.)

Now Donna's New Year offering is but one of the many instructive articles to be found on her SkyWriter blog so check it out and stay a while, if you can!

Signing off and hoping to see you in the New Year!



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Donna Cunningham said...

Thanks for mentioning my post about setting intentions for the New Year, Jude.

What is your take on Obama's chart for the coming year? I was struck by the long square of transiting Neptune in the 1st to his Scorpio Midheaven. It surely sounds like the story of his 1st year in office. The public adoring him and his family around the Inauguration--the glitter, the glamour,like a rock star.

And the progressive disillusionment as the year wore on--approval ratings tumbling, criticism of everything he does, and the stagnation when the Republicans blocked so much of what he tried.

And next year, as that Neptune square continues, and now a stronger Republican presence in Congress, it looks like more of the same. Tough on him and tough on all of us.

Here's wishing you a good year in 2011, Jude.
Donna Cunningham

Alex said...

The Budget Committee Rules have changed ( click on URL-Alex ) where the GOP took majority at mid-term elections; for interested readers Paul Ryan R-WI column;

the GOP/TEA will cut the budget, squeeze the economy, drive up the deficit and blame Obama and the Democrats; drumming it towards and for the summer rallies/spinning/ginning-up anger and fear just as before (using Health Care Reform AGAIN - John Boehner quote at URL plus whatever other politically expedient issue catches on in public domain from the corporate-media-driven news);

I agree the GOP/TEA found an effective formula to work over the public; they will repeat the political/public anti- Obama/Dems rollout; the politics will be the same; what covert economic damage they can actually do we'll have to watch for; it will originate from the House of Representatives Budget Committee - Paul Ryan R- WI;

Jude Cowell said...

Hi, Donna, a mention of your excellent article? Sure thing!

Yes, tr Neptune in BHO's 1st house along w other Neptunian implications have been of concern to me along w BHO's natal MC conj Inaugural Moon 2009. Its instability has supported Inaugural Moon 2009's VOC condition w the falling away of the public - and political support - w the disillusion you mention.

Seems the early thrill of his n Mars/US Neptune 'rockstar' link has turned into confusion and illusion where few can 'see' him or his motives clearly. We were too idealistic about his potential actions and (i fret) also about his true motivations.

The Mars/Nep link has given him a chance to be 'all things to all people' but as you know, that never works for long!

Neptune's lies about the President abound yet fraudulent activity from his direction cannot be ruled out just yet. Or at least, i'm not ready to rule it out. The 1st house Neptune transit and the 'birther' movement suggests fear that there is a mask over his true ID, OR, deception concerning it (opponents trying to create one.)

Then there's our US natal Mars/Neptune square - well, Neptune is echoed in many factors when it comes to Mr. Obama, isn't it? Inspirational, deceptive, or both? As you know, one can't hide one's true motives forever!

Glad to hear from you Donna, and wishing you the best of 2011 in all your endeavors! Jude

Jude Cowell said...

Alex, i've been out of town for a few days as you know and i see you are much better informed about Paul Ryan than i am - must 'get with it' for Jan 5, 2011 cometh w the 112th Congress in tow.

i agree w you on GOP ploys yet it pains me to even think how, with the sorry state of affairs our politicians of the last 30 years or so have put us in, all that most of them can think of in these late days is playing dirty politics. It's a good way for them to diss the American people while attempting to divert our attention from the real issues - one of which is their corrupt, undermining way of 'doing the people's business'.

Doing the people, more like.

Thanks muchly for weighing in! Jude

Alex said...

Hi Jude,

Bad News 2010 Mid-Term Elections - Good News are the health care reforms that went into force as of 1.01.2011

The New Year brought mixed reviews: (click on URL-Alex) the good news is a long list of provisions from 'Affordable Health Care Act' that went into force as of 1.01.2011; and another nine provisions will come into force later in 2011.