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Dec 30, 2010

Gerald Celente: predictions for 2011

Economist Gerald Celente has made financial predictions for 2011.

Not an easy read but worth the trouble if you think facing demons is better than ignoring them and allowing them to fester in darkness.

The most basic planetary transit affecting the US now is Pluto's ongoing opposition to America's natal planets in Cancer: Venus, Jupiter, Sun, and eventually our Mercury Rx which shows, among other things, a titanic power struggle between our nation and the secret power elite who have engineered the financial crisis (and other crises) for their own New World Order/fascist purposes.

This morning I watched C-SPAN's feature on the first presidential debate on TV (Sep 26, 1960) between Richard Nixon and John F. Kennedy. The tape was shown and once again I was struck by JFK's opening statement in which he laid out what is now in its final stages: whether the world will move toward freedom or slavery.

I leave it to you to decide how we're doing as we look toward 2011.


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Heads-Up Update12.30.10 3:16 pm est: just received a link to some very interesting reading at Is Seeing Believing? which might interest anyone concerned about the future of America.

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