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Jan 5, 2011

A dead-birds/John Wheeler murder connection? (video)

Is the chemical weapon phosgene the culprit in the 'dead birds falling from the sky' mystery? Well, it seems that the murder of Reagan-Bush-Bush aide John Wheeler, the chemical weapons expert whose body was found in a Delaware landfill on New Year's Eve afternoon, may have had a lot to do with the mysterious avian deaths (which are happening in places other than Arkansas, it turns out.)

Did Wheeler make it to Washington DC on December 28, 2010 in order to complain loudly about phosgene being sent to Afghanistan? If he did, he became "marked" and was dead a couple of days later...kind of like Dr. David Kelly's assassination for he was a weapons expert, too.

For more info, you may wish to read today's previous post on the Astrology of John P. Wheeler's Murder. For if the mainstream media doesn't squelch it entirely, this may turn into a very large scandal for the US government and Pentagon.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Jude. I knew there was something really hinky about the whole deal when news of his death disappeared completely from mainstream media in a matter of hours, then reappeared the next day discrediting him.

Another he assassinated: One of the few good ones who made it through Vietnam and devoted a large part of his years to getting the Vietnam Veteran War Memorial built. Didn't he also testify heatedly against the repetitive tours of duty being forced on our soldiers during Bush-time?

Anyway. THANKS!

Jude Cowell said...

Yes, his murder has hardly made a ripple in MSM but i did hear a journalist say a few mins ago on C-SPAN that she heard members talking about the dead birds yesterday during all the hoohah on Capitol Hill. Thnx! Jude

Jude Cowell said...

And yes, Mr. Wheeler did protest forced repetitive tours of duty! jc

Anonymous said...

Perhaps this link clarifies something that is relevant too:

Jude Cowell said...

Thnx, Anonymous, am checking it out now. And i posted this a few days ago on my WordPress blog:
Shift of Earth's Pole and John Wheeler but w/out thinking of dead birds when i did so.

For the last few yrs i've had a pole-shift question about bees that each spring/summer have begun turning up dead in one spot on my front porch. This is something new since i've lived here for years without the problem - they hit the side of the house, knocking themselves silly, pile up, but some accidentally get into the house - and those seem disoriented. (Like: who put a house here?) It's occurred for 3 yrs now. Hmmm....their GPS off-kilter? jc