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Jan 12, 2011

Rhetoric targets Palin w Mars to her natal Moon

Is Sarah Palin the Victim?

Sarah Palin on Wednesday leveled a charge of "blood libel" against those who've blamed the January 8, 2011 tragedy in Tucson on her violent rhetoric against her party's Democratic opponents.

Now I prefer not to blog much about Palin's natal chart but it may be time for SO'W to record a current look at transits to the former Alaska governor's natal placements. As you know, her favorite network, Fox, has seen fit to cancel the Sarah Palin's Alaska show where she preens over the killing of animals.

The natal horoscope I use is for February 11, 1964 4:40 pm pst Sandpoint Idaho; based on this chart (which is in common usage online), here are Mrs. Palin's natal positions:

ASC 19Leo34; Mc 6Tau54; chart-ruler Sun 22AQ20 7th house; Moon 4AQ14 6th h; Mercury 1AQ37 6th h; Venus 1Ari22 8th h; Mars 23AQ27 7th h; Jupiter 16Ari43 9th h; Saturn 25AQ12 7th h; Uranus 8Vir42 1st h conj 2nd cusp; Neptune 17Sco49 4th h; Pluto 13Vir27 2nd h; Chiron 13Pis06 8th h; NN 10Can40 11th h.

You see her 7th house line-up in AQ: Sun, Mars, and Saturn; the pair of revolution and rebellion, Uranus and Pluto, are conjoined in the sign of the critic, Virgo; Moon (feelings) and Mercury (thinking) are conjoined in AQ, a conjunction making her sympathetic to those she cares for, yet emotions can alter clarity of thought, and there's a tendency to accept whatever happens as a chance for enlarging her total worth.

Her ambitious Sun/Saturn conjunction has activist, gun-toting Mars between them (Palin fanatics won't care for this): Sun/Saturn = Mars: abrupt and abrasive mannerisms within an already stern demeanor; a desire to be in charge; fights through rigidity and structure; enhanced ability to endure in competitions; energies feel confined; running hot and cold.

January 2011 Transits to Sarah Palin's Natal Horoscope

Mars approaches natal Mercury which greatly increases mental activity; there are urges to turn thoughts into action; much information flows in and out to the point of chaos due to the high volume of communications, and an aggressive atmosphere is noted; much energy is brought to meetings and discussions which can easily become combative; business activities are more vigorous and competitive, even fierce, and speedy travel may be on the menu.

Mars, god of war and instigator of violence, then approaches her natal Moon, a time when pulses quicken and anger or frustrations lead to temper tantrums for feelings lie close to the surface. Life's pace picks up during this transit and feelings are easily turned into physical actions; danger may become part of the environment. Quarrels (especially with males) are possible along with health issues such as insect bites, cuts, bruises, fever, insomnia, or tummy aches.

As testy Mars nears her Moon/Mercury pair, he then will insinuate himself between them, then move slightly beyond so there are three midpoint pictures which may yield details:

Moon/Mars = Mercury: premature criticism; easy irritability; nervousness.

Moon/Mercury = Mars: keen and sharp judgment; thinking directed upon an objective; primitive, instinctive thinking; a passionate woman.

Mercury/Mars = Moon: 'clearing the air' by means of argument or talking it out; thinking and acting are strongly influenced by feelings; a quarrelsome or nagging woman; quarreling because of a woman.

Now if you follow Astrology and Politics at all, you know that Neptune has been lumbering through Palin's Aquarian planets (Sun, Mars, Saturn) since she burst upon the national scene and consciousness. Her Moon/Mercury conjunction in AQ had already been sprinkled with Neptunian fairy dust when magical Neptune was in early Aquarius prior to the 2008 presidential campaign.

On January 8, 2011, the morning that Rep. Gabrielle Giffords was shot point blank and others were killed or injured, Neptune 28AQ58 was still within orb (5 degrees either side) of Palin's natal Sun. Now I had blurbed about this transit in 2008 on my WordPress blog and I held out little hope for Palin's prospects in the honesty and stability departments. To me it seemed that Neptune's association with Mass Media, fame, and deception were the more important issues based on what I observed of her early on.

So perhaps a recap is in order: Neptune to natal Sun is a time when confusion affects one's ego and self-image (as the media so generously applied lipstick to a pig?); ego-driven goals may have no solid purpose when inspired by unrealistic or misguided notions (like becoming VP, then president); ideals, leadership ability, and integrity are eroded or brought into question (as now); fanaticism is possible (you betcha!) as illusions encourage fanciful expectations; imagination and inspiration may be of the highest order (yet the 'highest order' in Politics is seldom of the spiritual kind.)

Jan 2011's Neptune is well within orb of its dissolving effects upon natal Mars, a period when one may run up against others who misunderstand one's methods or goals which may be considered questionable; physical enterprises and relationships with males are adversely affected (or positively affected depending on circumstances.) Failure to receive recognition is common under this transit and unrealistic enterprises may be engaged in.

Neptune to natal Saturn brings a new approach to how authority is handled yet tradition and structure may disintegrate within current circumstances as the ideals of authority figures are affected positively or negatively - which then affects the individual.

There is a double transit of sorts and both are applying: Uranus conjoining natal Venus and tr Venus squaring natal Uranus. The first transit is a time of instability in partnerships, friendships, and associations of all types, and joint/cooperative ventures encounter unanticipated problems; actions of others cause obstacles in one's pursuits. Unusual social conditions arise, unorthodox alliances are offered, and one is surprised at the unpleasant reactions to what one says, does, tweets - or to the blame-deflecting video one puts out.

Tr Venus SQ natal Uranus indicates awkwardness in social interactions, difficulty when coordinating group activities, and circumstances that feel quite uncomfortable (though they may end up being just dandy fine.)

Now I know that stressful Venus/Uranus contacts are known for their 'divorce' flavor but that's between Todd and Sarah (no comment!)

Another factor of interest is that Palin has recently experienced her Half-Nodal Return (tr NN to n SN, tr SN to n NN), a time when relationships are irreparably broken if they're not strong enough to take the strain, but if strong, they may become even stronger.

Also, transiting Saturn in mid-Libra opposes Palin's natal Jupiter in Aries so bad timing, past failures, and those in authority tend to frustrate one's ambitions; one may be expected to give back what has been generously given (ex: a TV show?) which may strain the budget; one should not defy odds at this time or invite situations which may threaten one's authority, success, or prosperity.

(Perhaps it's a good time for Palin to establish an ixnay on the eetstway for a while? Perhaps she has. I don't Follow her on Twitter so I don't know unless I read it somewhere. Her new video seems to be the primary tool of the day.)

Well, you can find other interesting transits, I know, so leave a comment here if you wish. Of course, there are planetary factors which are simultaneously and currently lending support to her ambitions and progress with more on the way, for the Universe seldom leaves anyone without resources to counter life's negative events and influences, if one will make the effort.

So that's my take on what's affecting the natal chart of Sarah Palin in the wake of the tragedy in Tucson and subsequent criticism of NRA-adoring Palin's colorful way of targeting those she deems to be her opponents. It's a vigorous way to go about things when at least half the population of one's nation falls under a non-neocon, non-lock-and-load label and one just can't seem to tolerate any opposition at all within the win-at-any-cost Machiavellian model of dirty Politics.

In retrospect, one thing seems clear to me about the entire incident: higher powers have engineered financial collapse for just this sort of embroilment in order to further undermine this nation and rent apart our social fabric. The violent actions of a mentally ill young man and the loose rhetoric of Palin and others are but some of the symptoms of a society completely disintegrating after decades of being sold down the river by its own government in league with foreign entities.

That a moderate lady such as Rep. Gabrielle Giffords and her family are forced to suffer so grievously as 'casualties' toward the ambitious ends of a power elite hungry for world domination only underscores the total lack of human feeling these morally deformed monsters have toward all humankind.


Prayers go out from my direction this day for the victims of the violence in Tucson, the good people of Haiti with today being the 1st anniversary of the horrendous Haiti earthquake, and the good people of Australia now being flooded from their homes. In fact, the entire world could use the power of prayer from any direction it can be garnered. jc

Midpoint pictures from Tyl, Ebertin, Munkasey; any, all, or none may apply.

Further reading: The Wrath of Fools and my book review of Cosmic Conflict.


Anonymous said...

As always, a fascinating analysis, Jude!

I hope that once Neptune is beyond that personality cluster the public (ALL the public!) sees Palin for what she truly is--because even if I'm deluded about who she is, I KNOW what will be revealed as the tattered shreds of her Soul WILL NOT be pretty!
Thank You!

Jude Cowell said...

Julie, thank you for your encouraging comments as always. i agree w you that tr Neptune isn't done w Palin yet and perhaps its ability to create - and remove -masks will soon come more into play for this media darling. The current controversy may be the start of such disillusion! jc

Lieb said...

I agree about the neptune transit of Aquarius still in effect (vis a vis SPs sun) She's being used and doesn't really have a clue - even though she thinks she does.

Jude Cowell said...

Agreed, Lieb, thanks. Yes, she is being used as a tool (w a pretty face) and doesn't have a clue but to me she seems a willing tool since it has brought her more fame, notoriety in the press which feeds her ego, and a larger bank balance. jc

Duse said...

Although I agree with most of what you've written and am by no means whatsoever a Sarah Palin fan, I'm going to offer a slight correction.

The network that runs her Alaska Show is very eager to get a second season and are offering her a huge pay-day if she signs on. She has yet to respond, so it's in a bit of limbo right now. If she moves forward with a second season, she's not running for President. If she decides not to do a second season, well ...

With that Uranus aspecting her Venus, though (I think that's right), it wouldn't surprise me if she finds the "relationships" she's built with Republican big wigs and even the Public suddenly changing. And this makes sense after the shooting in AZ as Miss Palin is the Face, if you will, of overheated, muscular, oftentimes violent political rhetoric.

Not that the rhetoric will stop -- we Americans have a problem with people who seem "too nice", equating that with "weakness"; we want our public figures to act like jacked-up sports stars talking smack about the "enemy" i.e. other Party and firing us up with battle cries --, but Miss Palin's "brand" is now smeared with the blood of the dead and wounded in Arizona and I'd be surprised if she moves forward with the same pull in the Party that she had before. Especially if she's not able to pivot and recreate herself as a kinder and gentler Sarah. Yeah, I'm chuckling over that one, too.

In other words, if you're a Republican who can't stand the woman, realizing her brand of stupidity mixed with her Media power can be very dangerous, now is the best time to cut her loose and no one will question why.

Jude Cowell said...

Duse, thank you: i salute your show business knowledge and expertise! Hmmm. What a dilemma for her: run when the GOP establishment may not actually want her to or stay on TV for big bucks. She and the party bosses will be fussing all the time if she wins. If SP is susceptible, GOP mind control would come in handy for the party at that point.

Otherwise The Maverick can so easily muck up their well-laid plans.

Seems to me that re-branding her image has to be done yet it's iffy if they try it. i think she'll take the 2nd season pay day.

But i still won't be watching. ;p jc

Alex said...

Interested readers can sort through political links to Sarah Palin's Neocon origins and other articles on the 'Neocon Echo Chamber' - click on URL, Alex

The Return of The NeoCons (scroll downpage)

Randy Scheunemann's political relationship connections: he became Palin’s personal foreign-policy tutor after she was nominated to run with McCain

These connections — especially financial connections — are always worth noting.

Sarah Palin Employs Randy Scheunemann

Sarah Palin paid $30,000 to Orion Strategies, the tiny Washington consulting firm headed by Randy Scheunemann. That money was for ‘national and international’ work, according to the records.

Bill Kristol is one of the three ECI directors along with “Bad” Rachel Abrams and Gary Bauer, “discovered” Palin on the Weekly Standard’s Alaska Cruise several years ago (2007) and is a long-time friend of Scheunemann’s (director of PNAC), dating back before the founding of the Project for the New American Century (PNAC).

Kieron said...

I was troubled by her "blood libel" reference. It seems to be a subtle Zionist hint to someone, and the third comment about being used seems to fit this. Christian Zionists like her are clueless about how Israel is using them.

Dear God, how I wish we could ship every last one of these fools to some desolate planet where they would ideally kill one another off, so we decent folk are left in peace to rebuild the shambles they are leaving of this beautiful world.

Lieb said...

Sarah Palin's moon in the crosshairs from Mars could be a further reflection of her basic confusion at the moment as well as her portrayal of the gun-toting pioneer woman with the tremendous gut instinct inherent in such a mythical character. W apparently had gut instinct. What amazes me is how often these self professed and projected GI type people are wrong in their assessments of people and situations. There seems to be a disconnect between Palin with her mouth shut and Palin with her mouth open. I can't stand neptune in Aquarius. Speaking as an Aquarian myself of course.

Duse said...

Don't forget as well, Jude, that Neptune doesn't build anything solid. Whatever illusion surrounding Palin will dissolve once Neptune moves out of orb. So, will we be talking about Sarah Palin 5 years from now? Probably not. Neptune's fog isn't made to last.

But Palin is wrapped in it right now, believing it's real. The let-down associated with reality coming back in will be quiet a shock, especially when she realizes the "solid opportunities" she assumed would be there as a "political superstar" are nowhere to be found.

Makes me think of Neptune squaring Obama's Midheaven, challenging his ambitious plans and goals, all on the world stage for everyone to see.

But, again, Neptune dissolves, so it'll be interesting to see what he -- I assume Neptune is a he -- has in store for these two relative political lightweights as we move into 2012.