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Feb 5, 2011

Bush cancels Swiss visit to avoid protests and arrest

They Once Called It Treason

by Jude Cowell

Now this is the sort of news I delight in hearing: that George W. Bush (the decider) has decided to cancel his plans to speak in Switzerland on February 12th due to the threat of protests and the potential arrest of his war criminal self.

Wonder if he'll return their check? If he was paid by direct deposit, good luck to them trying to claw back their funds.

Now it's been a while since it was necessary so I swallowed my distaste and had a quick peek at current transits to Bush's natal chart (July 6, 1946 7:26 am edt New Haven, CT; ASC 7Leo07 = '8Leo' = "A Bolshevik Propagandist" - or "propaganda catapulter," as he described himself while in office; Mc 24Ari13; Sun 13Can47 in 12th house and conjunct US natal Sun; Moon 16Lib42 conj Chiron 15Lib25 and Jupiter 18Lib09 in 3rd house with Neptune 5Lib56; Mars 9Vir18 in 2nd house; Mercury 9Leo50 rising and conjunct the Republican Party's natal Mercury, Pluto 10Leo35, Venus 21Leo30, all in 1st house of Self; born during a Jupiter Hour.

Restrictive Saturn 17Lib08 Rx has been tromping about Dubya's expansive Moon/Jupiter conjunction of late, off and on due to Saturn's retrogradation, but the Lesson Bringer is now between them which forms a midpoint picture:

Natal Moon/Jupiter = tr Saturn: concerns about security; interference through outside restrictions.

I should say so!

One of Bush's natal midpoint pictures may have come into play as well since tr Saturn is active in his chart:

Sun/Pluto = Saturn 26Can30 (in 12th house of Karma and Politics): a blockage of wild tendencies; restraint when showing self-destructive tendencies; restriction; imprisonment (!)

Then, with Bush's natal Sun famously conjoining US natal Sun, tr Saturn has been providing blockages and obstacles to his ability to 'shine' (Sun = ego) by its squaring aspect, a time when ego-satisfaction is difficult to come by, and an annoying situation can easily become worse if Saturnian rules and regulations are ignored in a brazen attempt to bypass them while authorities (Saturn) challenge or threaten the success of goals or ventures (or journeys abroad to spread neoconnism or to defend one's prior actions and decisions.)

My suspicion is that someone older and wiser (Saturn) advised the cancellation of Bush's plans to speak in Switzerland and it's good advice since defying authority when Saturn squares one's natal Sun is foolhardy at best and quite useless besides.

Tr Mars in Aquarius has recently opposed his natal Mercury and Pluto as well: Mars (protesters; police) opposing n Mercury (oration; travel) indicates a time when intellectual efforts (such as speeches) are not apt to succeed if they proceed at all, one's mercurial plans may be opposed or dismissed altogether, and discussions are disrupted by angry words (or slogans on placards.)

Tr Mars opposing n Pluto describes an encounter with hostile forces which has an immobilizing effect, and any contest of wills should be avoided!

A coming-soon transit shared by the US (natal Sun, the leader) is tr Pluto's opposition to Bush's natal Sun, a time of power struggles between opposing forces, no-compromise competition, and manipulation within a contest of wills.

Yet more long-distance travel may be on Bush's schedule with the travel-inducing Jupiter/Uranus conjunction (now separating so perhaps his Swiss engagement seemed a good idea when the reservations were made) in his natal 9th house of Foreign Lands and Philosophy. Tr Neptune 27AQ56 today, sits directly upon Bush's n 8th cusp 27:36 making his capture a dream but also a possibility. Fraud and loss (Neptune) of funds (8th H) are potentials as well.

And with tr Mercury 2AQ45 soon to oppose his n Mercury 9Leo50, diverse opinions are in the air and may be in total conflict with his own. Cooperative ventures are lacking and feelings of being appreciated are missing with tr Sun about to oppose n Venus 21Leo30, planet of attraction and popularity. (Boo Hoo.)

Now I don't know about you, but it would suit this blogging gnat of the Common Good persuasion if someone caught and prosecuted this Oval Office usurper who together with his pals have caused the world so much damage and harm by way of their jingoistic slogans, propaganda, and doctored intell invented in order to lead the US into illegal war and virtual bankruptcy.

Any thoughts on the topic? Leave a comment!


Midpoint pictures: Tyl; Ebertin: Munkasey; any, all, or none may apply.


Diane said...

Never thought the day would come when the shrub looks if not better than what we now have than certainly less of a betrayer. You always knew what you were dealing with with the shrub. Now not so much.

Jude Cowell said...

Diane, thanks for your comment - your honest opinion is much valued here. Yet there's a reason for the 'peaceful transfer of power' the US loudly touts as the presidential baton is passed from old leader to new on Jan 20: what we see is a continuation of an overarching agenda, no matter who is in the WH. And this protects each president's misdeeds and criminality from ever being prosecuted by future incumbents (tit for tat - they All want this assurance.)

Our national cult-of-personality and hero worhip tendencies are used to great effect (against us) and I can no longer see major differences between R and D for we-the-people have been betrayed for decades now, both outright and w great subtlety.

Propagandists have muddied the waters for so long, we seem to be paralyzed en masse when trying to find our way out of the nwo maze which is why alternative info/news is so important for countering the state script!


Anonymous said...

You think of dubbya as I do of the Clinton dynasty.

Jude Cowell said...

Yes, the Bush Crime Family and the Clinton Crime Family have many traits in common! One extends back into history further w opium trade creating a basis for family wealth though both have been linked to the drug trade in recent years.

And it's only through complicity by mainstream media that a majority of people remain largely unaware of what these peo really are (horns and all) imho...9/11's 'My Pet Goat' held upside down (a Luciferian twist) indeed. jc