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Feb 13, 2011

Julian Assange writes on The Hidden Curse of Thomas Paine; Johndro appears

Propaganda, its methods of implementation, its symbols and archetypes, and The Press are primary topics of interest to me though I'm not certain it shows through with my limited blogging hours and usual topics of news, events, and personalities. It's why I watch the Sunday morning parade of politicians and pundits on my TV - to keep an eye on their current...methods...of persuasion and dissemination of disinformation with a few true bits tossed in for a glowing patina of legitimacy.

Due to these Mercury/Pluto sorts of interests (by which our lives are so often directed insidiously and subliminally), I very much recommend to you an article by WikiLeaks' founder, editor, and spokesman The Hidden Curse of Thomas Paine.

Now Thomas Paine is an intriguing figure in US, English, and French histories and in his day he schmoozed with the likes of Adam Weishaupt, a man said to be founder of the Bavarian Illuminati (May 1, 1776) which is not to be confused with earlier Spanish orders. And though I'd always been drawn to Tom Paine's life story, and that of Benjamin Franklin with whom I share a Sun-Moon blend, Paine and many of his brethren in the cause of Liberty and Independence were too deep in the bottomless pockets of Reason for my philosophy to gain hold for humanistic secularism, that dabbler in chaotic utopianism, leaves no room and has no heart for Faith, Hope, and Charity.

It was a different time then. And it's an eventful time now with the Cardinal Points of Global Manifestation and Prominence receiving electromagnetic stimulation - infusions - off and on from such directions as expansive, abundant Jupiter and electric Uranus, both lately at or about to cross Aries Point (00Ari00), the beginning of a new cycle (Western Astrology, Tropical) for the a word, Spring.

(You may wish to see Sun 2 Chiron, Chiron 2 Sun: the Strange Case of Thomas Paine, a slight re-titling here!)

As for jolly Jupiter's orbit in real time, there is a larger cycle of about 12 years before The Hierophant/Banker/Explorer/General/Guru/Comedian returns to AP in the Tropical Zodiac (or to 2Tau22, if you prefer); for Uranus, it will be about 84 years for Mr. Unpredictability to speed round again to the Vernal Equinox Point where he is now poised before crossing over into Mars-ruled Aries. Mars/Uranus contacts are volatile, in case you haven't guessed. Restlessness and excitement are also the Uranium menu.

Historically the transit of Uranus to AP tends to bring scientific breakthroughs into awareness, but many of which in 2011 we must be very concerned for certain moral hazards and risky ventures of those who may be classified as unscrupulous men and women of Science can and have caused all manner of ills for the human race. Profit-based Science creates monsters.

The rest of the Cardinal Grand Cross of energy: 00Lib00, and 00Can/Cap00, all signify a mode of being expressed by outgoing energy which may be tapped into.

Also I wish to draw your attention to rather high up in the SO'W sidebar to a new link: Johndro Geodetic Maps 2010 AD. Check out what's really happening at 2Tau22 these days. Hint: 32 degrees 22 minutes have been covered as of year 2010. L. Edward Johndro, math and physics teacher, early pioneer with electromagnetism, astrologer to FDR, and a researcher who determined the 'electrical ascendant' or what we now call the Vertex.

He and Kenneth Brown pioneered financial astrology providing clients with investment advice when it was even cooler then than it is now (and few there be who know of its efficacy for success in financial dealings. There is much more to say on such matters yet lack of time always seem to interfere in its sassy way.

Use of L. Edward Johndro (January 30, 1882 Franklin Centre, CN)'s Vertex (VX) retains its reputation as the most fated point in any horoscope. Earth's natural Spring Time occurs each year in March though some years the weather acts out of character from what the calendar tells us should be so!


bacalove said...

Paine is right. As Helena Blavatsky would write later in the Secret Doctrine "There is no Higher Religion Than Truth." But what some think as truth, others think of as an illusion.

Astroplethoramaman said...

Guernica looks to be a gem of a publication. Thanks for the link.