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Apr 1, 2011

Bush-Reagan-Obama and Solar Eclipses 1991/2009

With his usual insight, journalist Robert Parry of Consortium News has written what for me is an expose of the links between the Iran-Contra scandal of Ronald Reagan (1981) and the Gulf War of George H. W. Bush (1991) - Poppy's "100 hours of carnage."

Mr. Parry ignored his employer's instructions (Newsweek) at the time and set up an interview with a key witness, Israeli operative Ari Ben-Menashe, who sat in jail because his government thought it too politically sensitive to aid him. Parry was attempting to "tie down the loose ends of the Iran-Contra scandal" and you may wish to read results of Parry's Ben-Menashe interview and his excellent analysis by clicking above.

If the American people had then learned of how the Israeli government meddled to affect the outcome of a US presidential election, it would've been damning for Israel. Yet finding out now how they and the US government acted in secret (October Surprise: denying President Carter the fruits of his efforts to free the American hostages in Iran and boosting Reagan in our eyes, plus, the Bush Sr Gulf War which he himself linked to the implementation of a 'New World Order'), only reveals the weak basis of implied and much-touted integrity upon which our nation totters in 2011.

Perhaps this calls for another posting of the famous video of a wonky-eyed President Bush calling for a New World Order from the well of Congress; I watched him speak on TV that night with a feeling of foreboding which has unfortunately for the world, been born out as up-to-no-good:

The Solar Eclipses of 1991 repeated in 2009, the year Barack Obama took office. They are:

11 North (Jan 15, 1991 @ '26Cap' conjunct US natal Pluto; Jan 26, 2009 @ '6AQ', conj US n South Node; on this blog I termed it the 'New President Eclipse' since it occurred just 6 days into Mr. Obama's presidency.) 11N is the Series about 'suddenly changing groups through travel or ideas and making greater commitments to them'. And Yes, he could and did.

11 South (July 11, 1991 @ '19Can' conj Fixed Star Castor, an evil influence; July 22, 2009 @ '29Can', a critical-crisis degree which opposes US Secondary Progressed Pluto.) 11S is a difficult Series about 'making sudden reforms, old ideas or methods failing, and new systems being required to deal with events' - and 'any blocks being violently or tragically removed'.

11S is the Pre-Natal Eclipse Series of George Washington taking command of the Continental Army (1775), the assassination of Marat (1793), the Arab Oil Embargo (1973), and Bush Sr's Operation Desert Storm (1991) as noted, plus the assassination of writer Danny Casolaro who was working on a book exposing what he called The Octopus, the world crime syndicate which has now taken so much air out of our tracheas and most of the money from of our pockets.

But this has been done on behalf of establishing a 'New World Order' so it's okay, right? Puh!

The initial eclipse in the 11S Series occurred on June 13, 1360 (OS) @ World Point 00Can48. Historical events of the year 1360 are understandably sketchy yet there was the Treaty of Calais.


Eclipse info paraphrased from Brady's Predictive Astrology.

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