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Apr 1, 2011

Saturn's rings surging bright, USAF space plane circling 'secretly'

Space Weather News for April 1, 2011

SPACE PLANE FLARES: The US Air Force X-37B space plane is circling Earth on a classified mission. Although its orbit is officially unpublished, amateur sky watchers have spotted it and are monitoring its progress. This week, a veteran observer witnessed a spectacular flare from the X-37B, exceeding the brightness of Venus. Details may be found on today's edition of SpaceWeather News.

Bonus: You can turn your cell phone into a space plane tracker by downloading our field-tested Simple Fly-Bys app.

SATURN'S RINGS SURGE IN BRIGHTNESS: This weekend, Saturn will be at opposition--that is, opposite the sun in the skies of Earth. Whenever this happens, Saturn's rings surge in brightness due to backscattering of sunlight. Even a small telescope will show the effect.

Visit for observing tips and a sky map.


Speaking of Saturn (now in process of performing America's natal Saturn Return with the last 'hit' of three occuring on August 28, 2011 @14Lib48 - and moving into opposition with Jupiter which will affect markets and such), Bernadette Brady writes of how Saturn is now isolated or in exile, a possible reference to Gaddafi or perhaps to other leaders under pressure to step down. Recommended: Zyntara where you'll also find analyses between the horoscopes of Hollywood Queen Elizabeth Taylor and Britain's 'Queen of Hearts' Princess Diana in the site's latest Newsletter.


Mandi Lockley said...

Thanks for the heads up about Saturn's brightness, I'll look out for that! And what an interesting observation about Saturn being in that because he's on his own in Libra and being opposed by all the Aries planets?

Jude Cowell said...

Hi Mandi! Yes, that's why - the closest planet to Saturn just now is Pluto as they linger just beyond their square-ish relationship.

But as you know, Saturn is a loner anyway! The blocked energies of Sat/Plu all stem from their last Great Conj of Nov 8, 1982 (27Lib36), of course. In the US this implicates the policies of the Reagan adm as his silver screen image of a perfect politician continues to mess w people's minds and cloud current issues. Jude