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Apr 29, 2011

Founding of Washington DC based on pay-offs

On the Early History and Pre-History of K Street and Washington DC (aka, Funktown)

by Jude Cowell

K.A. Muston's The Little Green House on K Street is a must-read as I discovered today when its link was sent along to me by the excellent Alex D'Atria of GOP Astrology.

You'll note the date mentioned: June 20, 1783 at Independence Hall, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the morning our desperate Continental soldiers surrounded the Continental Congress hoping to force them to vote to pay the Revolutionary troops who'd served our fledgling nation so well. But Congress negotiated its way out of the day's dilemma and secretively skulked across the Delaware River into New Jersey during the dark of night.

Then after years of a roaming, debt-avoiding Congress, The District of Columbia was founded from whence they pontificate sorrily to this very day.

The Solar Eclipse Series in which the soldiers' actions of 1783 fell was the 1 North which is the same Series as Nostradamus' famous predictive one ('King of Terror' or 'King of Alarm' Eclipse) of August 11, 1999...keywords: unusual events put pressure on relationships; information is distorted and possibly false; take no action until eclipse passes'.

(Paraphrasing Brady's Predictive Astrology.)

US 2011 Saturn Return Ongoing

Now in 2011, the congressional varmints now infesting Washington DC continue to act shadily when it comes to living up to their and our responsibilities - and the skulkers now toy with the idea of America defaulting by not raising the US debt limit!

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