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Apr 29, 2011

Obama administration turns heavy-handed with reporter

Whoa, it seems the Obama administration has a beef against a free press. Or should a reporter breaking a politician's rule be overlooked?

This incident could resound in a loud tsk tsk upon the administration's promised transparency. But they all promise transparency as they walk in the White House door, don't they? Old secrets await them and new secrets pile up as the presidential days tick by.

And isn't it funny about the word, free?

The job market in the US has been decimated in recent decades by so-called free trade (and its elusive "benefits" for the ruling class) while undermining forces have worked to consolidate, control content, and thus destroy America's free press. So trade that isn't free is called free and a free press becomes enslaved = non-free, yet is called a free press.

Doublespeaks Alive!

To me it seems tragic that the current crop of reptilian power-grabbers of the world were ever allowed to read George Orwell's novels because they apparently took his doom-filled prophecies of a totalitarian state to heart and have used that and other knowledge as their How-To guide toward global enslavement.

While I first read Orwell in high school and was horrified at his vision of the future, they read him and were inspired to take action against all mankind.

Funny how different people can be.

Now here's some of the 'offensive' video...asking Where's Our Change?

And I heartily agree with them: Free Bradley Manning, Mr. President!


Zeeks, There's a Royal Wedding on My TV!

Sure enough, on schedule, the car carrying now-Kathryn Middleton to Westminster Abbey and into the arms of her royal fate arrived there at 11:00 am London Time (6:00 am EDT) and though I am no monarchist, I couldn't resist posting one of my Wedding Day Astrology Reports using an 11:00 am horoscope, if you wish to have a view and read a few brief notes on their partnership based on Astrology's 'marriage' pair of lights, the Sun (male) and Moon (female.)

11:20 am: the Archbishop of Canterbury pronounces them man and wife.

Whew! Glad that's done. The rest of the day should be a coast. My felicities to the happy couple!

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