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Apr 27, 2011

Horoscope of Barack Obama w 4.27.11 transits

This morning I posted the NPR News Alert that the White House has released the birth certificate of President Barack Obama. This inspires me to publish a copy of President Obama's natal horoscope, something I had not done before on this blog although I have referred to its placements, of course. The released BC shows the birth time that most if not all astrologers have been using: 7:24 pm AHST, on August 4, 1961, Honolulu, Hawaii.

Around the outside of the chart are today's transits since now we can be certain which houses the planets traverse. I also looked ahead to his Secondary Progressions: he's now in Gibbous phase with a Secondary Full Moon coming soon: November 6, 2011 @ 1Ari11 which falls in natal 2nd house.

As you know, a Sec Full Moon was attained by the US in December 2008 and timed our nation's financial collapse: that was as far as our nation could expand into the world and our national light now dims. Now I'm not predicting that the president's Sun-Moon phase beginning to 'lose light' after November 2011 will keep him from being re-elected in 2012 yet the thought does occur! Another thought is that since the powers-that-be will select whichever candidate to play US president that they want, it could be Mr. Obama regardless of his astro-portents - especially with his Sec Full Moon manifesting so near the Aries Point (00Ari00) of Fame and Recognition.

Here are a few chart details; as always, you're welcome to leave your own observations or opinions in a Comment:

Sun/Moon in 3rd quarter phase = crisis in consciousness; Hour Mars 22Vir35 in 7th H, conjunct asteroid Hopi (prejudice; ambush; sounds like "hope"); Mars conjoins US natal Neptune making it difficult for the masses to see his actions and motivations clearly; chart-ruler Saturn 25Cap20 Rx in its own sign in 12th H of Politics and Karma, conjunct Jupiter 00AQ52 Rx which conjoins US Inaugural Sun and on January 20, 2009, his n Jupiter conjoined Inaugural Mercury Rx. Jupiter/Saturn conjunction folks tend to have enormous success potential.

Co-ruler Uranus 25Leo16 in 7th H conjoins North Node (NN) and is apex planet of a powerful midpoint picture:

Sun/Pluto = Uranus: carrying out fanatic reforms without regard for oneself; sudden obsession for more power and control.

The Uranus/NN pair is a signature of radical political groups, changes which come from attempts to alter the course of events, and revolution for the effecting of popular societal changes. ("Yes, We Can!)

Saturn inconjunct Uranus: Status Quo/Progress Adjustments

Chart-ruler and co-ruler Saturn and Uranus are inconjunct (150 degrees) one another which gives difficulty in establishing priorities within one's obligations, and intimidation from others may be forthcoming; change that threatens personal security is resisted (who wouldn't?) and flexibility must be developed in order to make progress and be successful. Some stress in relationship may ensue as the partner insists that talents be well-developed. Refining those talents and adopting new techniques produce success though a streak of cantankerousness may be noticed in the personality.

Mars trine Saturn

An Earthy (practical) Mars/Saturn trine helps tremendously by giving Mr. Obama the ability to use his energies wisely and productively; the temper is usually well under control, and he's an excellent teacher. Efficiency and conservation are important with a Mars/Saturn trine, an aspect which gifts him with great managerial skills that are valuable in any endeavor. He relates best to responsible, mature people, tends to be guardedly optimistic, and the satisfaction of a job well done is of primary importance to him.

Moon square Pluto

A problematic aspect is Mr. Obama's Moon/Pluto square. This aspect gives a loner's temperament and indicates trouble in parental relationships with a tendency to hold on to the past. (Perhaps writing his book where he addressed his parents' relationship and his early struggles helped with letting go. Saturn ruling ASC shows hardship in childhood though his parent's reputed involvement with the CIA may also be indicated here: Pluto = spying, surveillance, and secretive agencies.)

A Moon/Pluto SQ makes working with the public a must, and compromise helps with achieving one's goals; working in social service is indicated; regular breaks are necessary to unwind and recharge; delving into the occult is indicated yet care must be taken to keep confusion and lack of perspective at a minimum.

Jupiter/Chiron Midpoint = Ascendant; 1st House Chiron in Pisces

As you see (enlarge chart for easier viewing), the Jupiter/Chiron midpoint sits upon Mr. Obama's Ascendant so he is Jupiter/Chiron as well as having Chiron 5Pis19 Rx in 1st house of Self.

Chiron in mystical Pisces describes one whose life crisis is over connecting with the God force (Clow); he tends to hear Pan's flute on the wind (natal Pan 15Ari20 Rx in 2nd H of Values.) One of the power asteroids, Hidalgo, is Rx and conjoins n Chiron which is involved in a Water Grand Trine, as listed below.

Chiron in Pisces is the 'knight in shining armor' archetype where one is called on to perform heroic deeds at great personal risk - or to prevent them, as circumstances dictate. Quoting Richard Nolle: "Life...can be a mystical crusade in which mundane concerns have no place - a Quest for the Grail, perhaps, or a pursuit of the Ring of Power. Seeing in their mind's eye a better world, {those with Chiron in Pisces) take for granted values that may be totally alien from the perspective of prevailing social norms."

Like a New World Order and more 'free' trade agreements that destroy US jobs?

The personal belief system of Chiron in Pisces may create conditions of persecution and martyrdom for faith doesn't allow him the possibility of surrender; a mythical aura of The Hero may bring glory or tragedy for he is convinced that his mission is both necessary and worthwhile, a belief that is, I suspect, constantly renewed by the mentors who surround him. Unfortunately, his mentors seem to be of the one-world-government persuasion so prevalent within the realm of profiteering corporatism and Plutocracy.

His T-Square of Pluto/Chiron, the Plutocracy duo, points to natal Moon in Gemini indicating a reigning need (Moon) for communicating (Gemini) these powerful perspectives (Pluto/Chiron) which include all manner of -isms, primal violence (war, torture) and the disenfranchisement of the population.

Chiron square Moon

Adding emotional intensity, Chiron squares n Moon 3Gem21 in 4th H (1A58) describing more family injury to his psyche in early childhood from the matrilineal side: this aspect tends to create astrologers and analysts! Deep insight into human nature results from his early emotional experiences and deprivations with a Moon/Chiron square.

A Jupiter/Chiron vibe of The Seeker shows visibly with their midpoint upon natal Ascendant, as noted. (Jupiter and Chiron are 34 degrees apart, however, their midpoint is the president.) This combo of energies indicates faith and optimism, and an upwelling of hope with expectations channeled toward realizing the attainment of a transcendent objective (NWO?) The focus is on harmonizing his Quest (see Chiron in Pisces) with the prevailing socio-cultural environment. (Nolle.)

A Mystic Rectangle Affects Career Goals

Besides the Pluto/Chiron = Moon T-Square and the Water Grand Trine of Venus-Neptune-Chiron, you'll note a Mystic Rectangle between Moon, Jupiter, Mercury, and MC. This is a planetary pattern of 'practical mysticism' (Tierney) and given other chart factors already mentioned, it's an interesting possibility that the president either knows and uses, or employs those who use, Astrology for timing purposes. An association with secret societies who use Sacred Geometry (Freemasonry, Illuminati-ism, Rosicrucianism, to name three) is a potential as well.

Planetary aspects within the Mystic Rectangle include:

Moon trine Jupiter gives him a radiant personality, ease in relating to all types of people, lots of creative imagination, and a sensitivity to outside influences with attempts to understand their true significance; solutions to problems are worked out as soon as possible and no bridge is crossed before it is come to.

Moon sextile Mercury (planet of oration in showy Leo) gives him a thoughtful disposition, a capacity for absorbing information readily with a high level of comprehension and recall ability; public relations is a good field for this sextile; tact and diplomacy skills are evident and may be admired even by opponents.

Mercury trine MC (note: Mercury also trines 2009's Inaugural Moon 29Sco45 since the Inaugural Moon - we-the-people - sits upon his natal MC, as noted on the chart) shows communicating talent used in career and an ability to get important people to listen; the profession and home life tend to be kept in balance.

Jupiter sextile MC gives career preferment, success,, and good fortune in matters of public status.

As you see, the Mystic Rectangle contains the Mercury/Jupiter opposition across the Leo/AQ and 6/12 axes which describes one who may go to extremes with their expectations; others may be alienated by a tendency to seem a 'know-it-all' and details may receive short attention when making decisions and this can lead to a need for revision in his positions later on.

Well, there's my thumbnail sketch of President Barack Obama, inspired by today's release of a copy of his birth certificate. If you get anything out of this post, I'm glad for it will soon be linked near the top of SO'W's sidebar for future reference and potential updating.

Further reading: the Wedding Day Astrology Report of the president's parents' marriage or that of Barack and Michelle Obama.


Midpoint pictures: Ebertin, Tyl, and Munkasey - any, all, or none may apply; some aspect info comes from Rob Pelletier's Planets in Aspect.


Alex said...

Hi Jude,

While in a presidential astrology frame of mind I discovered a great astrodatabank entry on Bush's Enron Administration. Best Wishes,

Enron - astrodatabank

DOB 7/19/1966 4:24 pm
Salem Oregon

letter to Bush: EXCERPT

"The list of Enron people on your payroll is impressive. Lawrence Lindsey, your chief economic advisor? A former advisor at Enron. Treasury Secretary Paul O'Neill? Former CEO of Alcoa, whose lobbying firm, Vinson and Elkins, was the #3 contributor to the your campaign. Who is Vinson and Elkins? The law firm representing Enron. Who is Alcoa? The top polluter in Texas. Timothy White, the Secretary of the Army? A former vice-chair of Enron Energy. Robert Zoellick, your Federal Trade Rep? A former advisor at Enron. Karl Rove, your main man at the White House? He owned a quarter-million dollars of Enron stock.

Then there's the Enron lawyer you have nominated to be a federal judge in Texas, the Enron lobbyist who is your chair of the Republican Party, the two Enron officials who now work for House Majority Leader Tom DeLay, and the wife of Texas Senator Phil Gramm who sits on Enron's board. And there's the aforementioned Mr. Pitt, the former Arthur Andersen attorney whose job it is now as SEC head to oversee the stock markets."

Jude Cowell said...

Great info, Alex, thanks! Will save the Enron natal chart in my files for future reference. Jude