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Apr 4, 2011

Is the US infested with the Hegelian Dialectic?

In an attempt to make sense of the mess the US is in, the following article link is posted for your consideration with an excerpt:

The Hegelian Dialectic is designed to get us into a frenzied defense or offense of a particular idea or thesis. The natural outgrowth of the original idea is the opposite idea or anti-thesis, which will breed it’s own defense and offense. The predetermined answer of the Elite will be the synthesis of both sides of the conflict.

In America, the most familiar Hegelian Dialectic is the Republican and Democratic parties. On the right we have the Corporatist, Fascist, Republicans that are pro debt, pro war and pro corporation. On the left, we have the Socialist, Communist, Democrats that are pro tax, pro social issues and pro labor. Both of these two fight back and forth every year in a contrived scripted dramaknown as Washington politics. The synthesis, of these two seemingly opposite ideas, is this middle of the road “lesser of two evils” mess we have now. Read more....


Now there's a basic reason I've often mentioned on this blog Washington's Capitol Hill Theater - it's all theater, dahlink. They don't govern in Washington, they manipulate us while serving their corporate masters. And their illusory D v R-lib v con-blue v red script keeps we-the-people divided and conquered. So please stop following a political 'party' and follow OUR best interests - for someone needs to.

And yes, I heard that President Obama has announced his 2012 candidacy online which was to be expected. However, I don't care who plays the role of Mouthpiece-in-Chief, it's how cruelly they dissolve our republic and sovereignty, destroy our freedom documents, ignore our social contract between the generations, and further disenfranchise the American people - those things matters most to me.

How inconvenient the Tea Party must have seemed to them for a time! But they quickly recovered when the Koch Brothers and others took over what was originally a grassroots movement. Now, like 99% of Washington politicians, the Tea Party has become a tool of corporatism.

What are two of Corporatism's prime signatures in Mundane Astrology charts? The combo of Pluto/Chiron, and asteroid Cupido (The Family; The Syndicate.)

For further reading on such topics as Hegelian philosophy, here's a rabbit hole to follow which includes an image of the modern natal horoscope of the 'New World Order' because that's really the power elite's 'end game' which we're talking about here.


Clymela/Singing Sparrow said...

Now I tried to tell you that I found this article disturbing,interesting and that I liked it but your system will only accept one designation.
I have never before this year heard people talking about the King assassination and the fact that he was taken out when he showed up to support the workers. As an aside when I look at the photos of that man who was an elder to me I am shaken by how young he was and how much ground he covered in those young years.
I will remember always Iimagine that evening with my mother as Bush the father President came out to talk to us about why we were attacking Iraq and he mentioned more than once that we would have a "New World Order". I was jumping up an down while my mother listened Somberly and I asked "Mama what does he mean new world order? That means something the way he is using it!" Well Mama didn't know although it was my mother who taught me to be a progressive, a labor supporter,who was so strong than I didn't even know that women were delicate and weak until I went to the City and by then due to her loving tutoring it was way too late. She has gone on now I am sure helping others grow progressive enough to get to heaven with all those who came before and I say I am grateful that she never had to find out what he was referring to that night and for that matter that her beloved grandson grew up to be a right-wing Christian.
I wonder where this sill end now. I think that with this past election we have passed the point of no return.
Thanks once again for all you do for us-every day.

Eileen said...

Well, how about this link of former CIA Michael Schuer's ionterview about Libya on CNN. He certainly flustered the CNN anchors, but more importantly pointed out those who prefer an interventionist foreign policy are on both sides of the aisle.