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Apr 7, 2011

Sun Aries-Moon Gemini 4.7.11 and a peek at April 16th

Today with Sun in Aries and Moon just entered Gemini, let's look at the Sun-Moon blend to get a sense of the Fire-Air combo of energies now influencing our atmosphere. Perhaps even Capitol Hill will lighten up!

But first, a word about the Moon. Luna has quite a journey to go to conjoin a planet given the many that are lined up in Aries, the sign she left this morning after the April 3rd New Moon @ 13Ari30. In fact, it won't be until Saturday, April 16, 2011, before our lovely satellite catches up with lonely Saturn Rx @12Lib52.

When the Moon-Saturn conjunction occurs, the pair will oppose Mars 11Ari35 and Mercury Rx 14Ari32, another duo now engaged in joining together. The Mercury-Mars pair has a 'power of thought' and 'realization of plans' theme; Moon-Saturn, a 'self-control, depression, ambition and strategy' flair. (Either, or, or all.)

Mercury, Mars, Saturn, and the Moon will form four T-Squares on April 16 which point to an apex Pluto, the master a Cardinal T-Square, apex Pluto uses hidden strengths to confront and overwhelm his opposition forcefully and ruthlessly when he feels challenged or threatened; crisis situations demand his immediate, decisive action, and apex Pluto doesn't share his power with others; he tends toward a chip-on-shoulder attitude and resentment and contempt may be prevalent; explosive endings cannot be ruled out.

Moon/Mars = Pluto: one-sided outlook; fanaticism; moodiness; a woman who stands alone in the world.

Mars/Saturn = Pluto: necessity to rely on oneself; inclination to rise in life by using force and to go one's way alone; depression; separation.

Midpoint pictures will simultaneously form from the other direction as well...

Mercury/Mars = Moon: thinking and acting are strongly influenced by feelings; 'clearing the air' by arguing and talking it out; a quarrelsome woman.

Mercury/Mars = Saturn: good powers of concentration; a slow or sluggish mode of thinking; a tendency to say bad things; a desire to harm others; bringing harm to oneself through exaggeration; quarrels cause separations.

Now let's get back to today's Sun Ari-Moon Gem blend which is a purposeful v scattered combo full of wit, creativity, and musical talent. Variety is the spice of life for this combo so society's mood should improve for a day or so with this immensely dynamic blend (until the Moon enters her own sign of self-protective yet nurturing Cancer.)

Sun Ari-Moon Gem has a sharp mind, yes, but focus may be lacking for this starter-not-finisher pair of energies as brilliant ideas abound. This blend has a joie de vivre which makes mortals feel more alive. (If you, dear reader, are susceptible to falling in love at the drop of a pin, beware: for Sun Ari-Moon Gem encourages falling in love at top speed!)

Zest, enthusiasm, the gift of gab, entrepreneurial skills, and an eye for opportunity are evident during a Sun Ari-Moon Gem reign of influence though brash impatience, unreliability, and insensitivity to others may be noticed as well, along with an unfortunate tendency not to learn from experience. (Such as politicians learning lessons from Government Shutdown 1995/96? The White House is calling for another meeting today on the budget impasse at 1:00 pm edt and I hope they consider how stupid and ineffectual they all look to us and to the rest of the world.)

Sun Ari-Moon Gem's "Images for Integration: A fencing master carries off the prize...A racing driver plays the piano to relax...Hayden's Farewell Symphony." (Sun Sign-Moon Sign, Charles & Suzi Harvey.)

Note: since this is the natal blend of Iran (April 1, 1979 3:00 pm Tehran, Iran), the country may be highlighted in the news over the next couple of days; the above description applies to modern Iran but not necessarily to ancient Persia whose natal horoscope is lost in the mist of time.


Further reading: The Combination of Stellar Influences, Reinhold Ebertin;
Dynamics of Aspect Analysis, Bil Tierney.


FYI: April 7, 2011 marks the beginning of a Free Access week on the site, if you're interested in your roots! But you'd better have plenty of time to devote to genealogy research for it's very diverting. (April 7 - 14.)

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Anonymous said...

Hi Jude,

Have you examined the Mars-Pluto square chart yet? Here it is - set for 4:41 pm April 11 Washington DC:

Using the online Midpoint Astrology Calculator website and keying in the coordinates of

Uranus at 01 '44 Aries

Saturn at 13 '16 Libra

we find the midpoint rests precisely (no orb) at 7 '30 Capricorn exactly where the Pluto location is; in exact square to Mars. Quite phenomenal.

I took the liberty of screen-printing the calculations for your convenience. Here it is:

What is most notable is that if we compare this to the natal aspects of the US Sibly chart (the rectified chart of 5:13 pm 7/4/1776 used by Dane Ruddyar) the results are profound. Tr. Saturn is within 3 minutes of squaring the US Sun and tr. Uranus is within a 9 minute orb of the US nadir/mc axis (1 '53 Aries-Libra).

The significance of these aspects can't be dismissed easily. Does this chart have the signature of a terrorist attack? That's a little out of my expertise to say. David Wilcock seems to think that with the US government shutdown, this would be the perfect opportunity for a sinister event of some magnitude to occur..... See related article: