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Apr 6, 2011

Seriously: Who Takes "President Trump" Seriously?

A recent poll suggests that someone does take NYC's serial-bankrupt mogul seriously in his bid for the US presidency in 2012.

Not that there's anything intrinsically wrong with bankruptcy with its safety valve capacity, of course: except that when it's done on that level of a playing field (where the wheeler-dealers scamper while risking other people's money), a definite whiff of scalliwaggedness must waft about prospective voters' heads if they have any deliberative capacity at all.

And as many people have asked, if Mr. Trump is a serial filer, how good can he be for America's already-shaky financial prospects?

I mean, if America's debt ceiling isn't raised by May 2011, bankruptcy will be knocking loudly on our collective door like a Landlord Trump collecting way-overdue rent.

For me a Trump prez candidacy is on the same shaky rung as the 2008 campaign of Sarah Palin, with John McCain riding close on their pseudo-presidential coat tails. It's amazing how US political campaigns have risen into the stratosphere costwise, and ballotwise there's no telling whose name might turn up for our consideration. Very Jupiter-Neptune, I think: the grand schemers with pie-in-the-sky-esque antics (and those who flatter them!) yet whose talents must in the end have some practical motivation and application within the vicious world of politics.

And with diversion so prevalent in society these days (a handy tool for political operatives everywhere), perhaps a Donald Trump candidacy in tandem with "That thing on his head," as David Letterman has repeatedly and endearingly said (a hairstyle that often defies description or belief), may at some point prior to the November 2012 election, bring us a much-needed chuckle as we watch the jester cavort for the cameras while spouting outrageous ideas that he hopes will catch the public's attention.

(Note: there is nothing presidential or crazy that Mr. Trump can say that can force me to watch The Apprentice, flagging ratings or no. Just sayin'. jc)

Okay, But Let's Take Trump Seriously One More Time on This Blog

(And as my mother used to say, "Now let that be the last.")

On the downside for candidate Trump, being known for barking the phrase, "You're fired!" has a particularly bad vibe for US families and the millions of unemployed voters who have watched Congress argue amongst themselves, grandstand, and read the US Constitution (as if we-the-people don't know how) lo these many months since the Republican-Tea Party majority took over the House in January 2011.

After the November 2010 elections, even I could see the Washington gridlock coming from hundreds of miles away! They've 'served' in Congress barely three months and a Friday shutdown of the US government is said to loom large as I type.

But all I really know is that if shutting down the US government for good is the ultimate intent of certain factions operating within the US (and their antecedents who administered on behalf of an over-arching agenda before the current crop of Hegelian scoundrels, shills, and Chaos Utopians arrived), they're doing an annoyingly excellent job of it as 2012 nears. They may have latched on to the overly-PR'd 2012 New Age-Mayan Prophecy gold mine of Fear and are using it to good effect for their power-and-wealth-grabbing purposes with a side order of mass manipulation.

Or...perhaps the cosmically advanced Mayans knew what they were carving about.

Well, I say, Hurrah! that Wisconsin voters today in their Supreme Court race beat back a little the draconian creep instituted by the state's current gaggle of GOP strong-arming soldiers (like Gov. Scott Brown and his brethren) who seem to have never met what they consider to be a lesser being whom they couldn't stifle, hoodwink, or disenfranchise.


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