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Apr 8, 2011

Gov Shutdown and a Mystery at Stars Over Washington 4.8.11

Author of Stars Over Washington Stumped (more than usual)

by Jude Cowell

As a US government shutdown looms large, Stars Over Washington has to wonder if the stars will dim tonight over our nation's capital at 12:01 am edt. Both sides will look bad in this stalemate though which party takes most of the blame remains to be seen. Republicans adding social issues to the budget agreement seems calculated to guarantee a shutdown since the GOP knows the Dems won't accept its passage with such controversial riders attached.

Plus, the upcoming debt limit debate seems stalemated before it gets a good start.

Astrologically Speaking

Can the current Mercury retrograde period have something to do with the impasse? Mercury rules agreements, bills, voting, orating, thinking, planning, and all manner of things which are intricately involved in the situation as Washington moons we-the-people and acts out like unruly children.

Yet Mercury won't make a Direct Station and change directions until Saturday April 23 and then must leave its shadow (May 11) before mercurial things can really move forward again. Well, Mercury did turn Rx at a critical-crisis degree (click for my notes on Mercury's schedule.)

If you missed it, here's my post on the possible April 8/9th shutdown at midnight showing America's natal horoscope with tonight's transits added.

So now I sit here typing and wondering - both noble mercurial pursuits - why in the last couple of weeks or so, the page views for SO'W have quadrupled and then some. That any of my posts could receive thousands of views in one 24-hour period is gratifying of course, if true, so yesterday I took time to add up pvs of individual posts. As expected, they did not add up to the total...not even close.

Then is SO'W under hack attack? Or is increased readership good news for my 6 years of blogging here? Mercury is the planet of Good News, after all, and rules my natal Ascendant and Midheaven.

Well, if the page view increase is for real, perhaps it's due to a blog link a kind person added to a forum on Planet Waves, an brilliant Astrology site containing much astro-info from expert astrologer Eric Francis and friends.

That, possible Blogger miscounting, or hacking are the 3 best explanations I can think of for this mysterious uppage of SO'W's readership. And this is where in my text a bemused 'head scratch' should be inserted...


Perhaps you'd be interested in reading Jesse Ventura's open letter to the ruling elite as provided by the excellent where you'll find information on topics the US government doesn't want you to know or think critically about.


Teri said...

It appears the shutdown is a done deal alright. I work for a taxation attorney who called an IRS office on behalf of a client and they were already closed at 2:30 pm. There was a recording stating that their offices were closed due to government shutdown and provided a contact number to call if the matter is of an emergent nature regarding a levy of a financial account or on your home.

We also received an email from the U.S. District Court at 1:24 pm. Subject: Impact of Federal Government Shut Down on the Eastern District of MI - USDC.

Additionally, the boss's scheduled meetings (with the Service) for next week have already lightened considerably.

Alex said...

Hi Jude,
Have some shutdown links for your readers. Best Wishes