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Jun 15, 2011

Robert Reich (Sun in Cancer) on McCaskill-Corker Spending Caps (video)

Here's a brief video message from a top US economist whom normal people can listen to without barfing up their dinners, Professor Robert Reich (UC Berkeley.) The message concerns the McCaskill-Corker 'spending caps' proposal which is a dressed up effort to fund more war over the needs of the American people while decimating our nation's social contract between the generations and thus collapsing our economy and 'starving the beast' of 'big government'.

(Is that tax cut zealot Grover Norquist lurking behind the curtain?)

Now I'm not certain quite when the video was posted to Professor Reich's website but his message is presented here today for your consideration. Democracy (if only we had one) works best when all of us participate in our various ways so do what you can and pass on the info, for as the excellent Thom Hartmann ends his broadcasts with: "Tag, You're It!"

Plus, here's a post I published in March 2009 with Robert Reich's birth data (no birth time known) and a brief amount of info concerning his Sun-Moon blend which could either be Moon in Aries or in the money sign of Taurus.

The entry includes his remarks on Politics and the Top Tier and the ongoing effects upon the US economy and the populace.

Yet with two years' worth of hindsight, my 'vote' in 2009 for his natal Moon to be in Venus-ruled Taurus rather than Mars-ruled Aries may have been ill-considered since he has continued to (seemingly) speak out on behalf of the less wealthy among us. I add 'seemingly' for I believe the power elites provide us with false populists in Congress and elsewhere to help keep us mollified and off the protesting streets.

In the realm of personality, Cancer-Taurus is a Water-Earth blend (mud; practical) while Cancer-Aries is Water-Fire (steam; volatile) so here I shall add the Images for Integration for Reich's possible Sun Cancer-Moon Aries blend - just in case - and so you may compare it with the previously noted Sun Can-Moon Taurus combo, if you wish to click my older assessment:

"A suffragette takes to the barricades in aid of her cause...A quiet homebody becomes a sports champion." (Sun Sign-Moon Sign, Charles & Suzi Harvey.)

Could be he!


As you know, Earth's Moon moves the quickest of any cosmic body used in Astrology charts and when a precise birth time is not known, we sometimes find a person born on a day/night when the Moon changed signs within the 24-hour period. This gives rise to two possible Sun-Moon blends since one's Sun is more much more likely to remain in the same sign on a given day. Unless it doesn't which gives more combo possibilities to consider. jc

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