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Sep 12, 2023

2.8 Trillion Reasons To Vote For Biden! You Won’t Believe Reason 8,579,000!

Here is a segment from yesterday's commentary by progressive broadcaster and author Thom Hartmann concerning one financial result of Election 2024's high stakes for the country if voters go for the GOP, aka, America's economic royalists:


Let's Not Vote in 2024 to Further Enrich the Filthy Rich!

by Jude Cowell, posting on behalf of the common good

So when we look astrologically for high finance, corporate banking, the Federal Reserve banking system, and America's money concerns we soon must consider the high stakes planetary combination of Jupiter and Pluto. A previous post, written prior to the current government shutdown/credit downgrade drama forced upon us by House Republicans provides a view of the Jupiter-Pluto Conjunction of November 12, 2020, part of the 13-year Jupiter-Pluto Cycle now influencing financial matters.

Occurring at 22Cap51, the conjunction landed upon the natal Vertex of one Donald Trump for whose approval the maga House members stage all their clown shows and political kerfuffles, hoping to blame President Biden for the negative consequences of their actions, and thus affect outcomes in the 2024 Election - in their favor!

And yet we know that Republicans engage in such underhanded measures no matter the collateral damage to the public because GOP policies are anti-constitutional, anti-democratic, fascistic, and are intended to collapse the US government "small enough to drown it in a bath tub," as Republican Grover Norquist so instructively informed us years ago. Check out a view of Norquist's 'noon' natal horoscope if you wish, particularly around the final degree of Leo where royal star, Regulus, twinkles, though now precessed to 00Virgo+.

After all, hollowing out the US government and establishing authoritarian fascism is what The GOP's PROJECT 2025 is all about.

Now here's a tri-wheel of all three Jupiter-Pluto Conjunctions with details found in a previous post:

So my best advice for the sake of America and the common good?

Vote Blue in 2024 for democracy as if a continuance of the United States of America depends on it. Because you know it does.

Jan 11, 2023

The Ruthless Republican House of 2023

Capitol Bldg; Noclip, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Tragic Idea 2023: The 'Big Lie Party' in Control

by Jude Cowell

After keeping up with events in Congress the last several days, and now that we've seen the disfunction in the House of Representatives, I took a look at a previous post, Midterm 2022 Planets to US Congress Horoscope and found reflections of the chaos and danger of far-right Republican anti-governing tactics intended to neuter and hobble, not just congressional Democrats and the Biden administration, but to undermine the authority of the legislative branch of the US government itself. Basically, the Republican take-over of the House, thanks to finagled outcomes of Midterms 2022 elections, is a forwarding of the coup attempt of January 6, 2021, with the orange blighter cheering on the chaos and disruption his Big Lie pretends to justify.

As erratic events proceed, Americans who have missed the importance of the so-called "clown show" now performed by congressional Republicans, may realize that this is not a game. The QAnon anti-democracy crowd, under instructions from abroad by way of Mar-a-Largo, are deadly serious about obeying Russia, China, and perhaps other dictatorships. Because for global take-over of leadership, fascist-style governments need America and democracy to fail.

So if we consider the Midterm 2022 Lunar Eclipse planets as transits to the 1789 Horoscope of the US Congress, we find the November 2022 Eclipse @16Taurus conjunct radical anarchist planet of zealotry, Uranus squaring 1789 Pluto 18AQ32 which reveals ruthless behavior and criminal activities - and this with Midterms 2022 Saturn 18AQ46 directly hitting 1789 Pluto showing abuse of power implications, power and control struggles (supported by the 6 South Solar Eclipse of October 25, 2022 with its 'taking control' theme), and past actions and mistakes becoming important to the present (exs: threats of another government shutdown by the GOP; playing fast and loose with raising the debt ceiling limit and America's credit rating coming soon - part of the GOP's 'collapse America' plan to shrink government so it can be drowned in a bathtub, as Grover Norquist said out loud). And of course, farcical Republicans intend to interfere with investigations into their own criminal and treasonous behavior by "investigating" themselves.

Now obviously, much anger and frustration can be seen within the 118th Congress and one expression of these emotions is shown by transit Mars in Gemini conjunct 1789 Moon 10Gem54 and 1789 Ascendant with wounded Chiron rising as well (Mars-Chiron: the 'sacred warrior' achetype, as Republican theocrats imagine themselves to be), but perhaps Chiron's function as a blindspot describes the party's delusional plans more aptly as they gaslight the American public ad nauseum.

Then with 1789 Venus 22AQ04 squared by transit Uranus in Taurus, we find unorthodox alliances, potential relationship break-ups, unanticipated obstacles, erratic financial concerns - all of which have and will turn up as their chaos, anti-societal rules, and wastes of money plans proceed (bogus investigations are expensive in more ways than one). Incendiary possibilities, unpredictable events, more relationship troubles, and even a potential for disruption by a crowd are denoted by transit Uranus square 1789 Mars 29AQ04, and all playing out at the 1789 Midheaven of the US Congress.

For more details, follow the post linked, above, where you'll find mention of other transits such as 2022 Neptune 22Pis49 Rx conjunct 1789 Mercury Rx showing Congress' thought processes and plans subject to confusion, misinformation, disorganization, and the irrational thinking of fantasists and propagandists of the Neptunian kind.

Sep 2, 2020

Sept 2020 Pisces Full Moon Echoes the 2016 Eclipse

September 2, 2020 Pisces Full Moon A Cosmic Echo of Campaign 2016 Eclipse

The just culminated September 2, 2020 Full Moon @10Pis12 (1:22 am edt) has inspired this belated post, soggy with Piscean Neptunian vibes, and noting that the current Full Moon is by degree a culmination of the 2016 19 North Solar Eclipse, a New Moon.

That my natal Moon is in Pisces is of no consequence for we're talking politics, that "organized system of hatreds." Add the fact that the more potent Full Moons often act as Lunar Eclipses, revealing secrets and leaking inconvenient facts, with New Moons doing much the same as Solar Eclipses - and all acting as disruptive Uranian cosmic blinks and wild cards of the Universe.

In consideration of all this, we, dear reader, have issues to discuss.

To begin, here's an updated post from 2018 showing the 19 North Solar Eclipse of September 1, 2016 which heralded The Prevaricator, the deadbeat playboy who subsequently insinuated himself into the White House with lots of help from both domestic and foreign enablers, aka, saboteurs. Opposing the 2016 Eclipse was transit Neptune @10Pisces, planet of deception, fraud, propaganda, the media, gaslighting, and other subversive activities. Perhaps you agree that America's political scene has tended to be chocked full of Neptunian concerns - now including contagion - since Day One but Trump and his conspiracy party, formerly known as the Republican Party, upped the anti on corruption, deceit, disguises, impractical campaign promises, and grand schemes. For a majority of people it's no surprise that disappointment and distrust soon followed.

Thing is, solar eclipses in the 19 North Saros Series always call for realism and tackling the truth but with nebulous Neptune opposing its themes, the 2016 Eclipse didn't stand a chance with bad faith actors willing to take advantage of the situation by confusing issues and denying any truth that was inconvenient for their power-grabbing purposes. A massive disinformation campaign was waged against the American voter. And it worked with abundant help from the media, mainstream and alternative.

Included in the long-range plan of sabotage now so obviously being implemented was the Neptunian hollowing out of the US government, its systems, offices, and institutions, bwo their long-held goal of decreasing our government's size until it could be "drowned in a bathtub" (as Grover Norquist so poetically phrased it once upon a time--check out his Neptune-infused natal chart and two linked articles therein that use words of Neptune: eerie influence and banishment!). And of course, that's a bath tub filled with Neptunian water. Disguised or not, wearing masks or not, the 'Neptune-in-Pisces political party' is obviously the Republican Party, formed in 1854, the last period when Neptune was traversing Pisces. The party's recent Neptune Return/s (during the 'Trump era') have been previously discussed multiple times here on SO'W and you'll note that the timing is quite suggestive since the 1854 era is the period the Republican Party would like our nation to regress to - and it's no coincidence that Campaign 2020 is again a Neptunian affair full of scandals, corruption, Trump's cries of "hoax" and "fake media", fraud, conspiracies, and constant challenges to the truth.

Yet despite it all, current problems and conditions of failure and loss in the US and in the world cannot be laid only upon Trump's or the Republicans' doorsteps because there are larger forces and cycles of a subversive nature at work. These are, however, beyond the scope of this meager post other than to add a link to a recent effort which partially involves the 'big picture' as social tinkerers and meddlers ready to meet at Davos concerning their global "reset agenda" - rescheduled from January 2021 to
Summer 2021

And this expectably draconian economic reset agenda is most likely the main reason for the global pandemic that has been used as a weapon to sabotage the world, weaken the 'old order', depopulate and 'purify' the masses, and establish a 'new world order' to replace the post-WWII Bretton Woods Treaty while also superseding America's 'New Order of 1776' (now grown stale for the elite class of bossy one-percenters who let no crisis go to waste).

Significantly, it's an 'order' that will be cosmically timed and supported by the December 21, 2020 Great Conjunction of Societal Planets Jupiter and Saturn @00Aquarius which lands with cosmic precision upon US POTUS Sun. Here's the midpoint picture that forms...

Jupiter-Saturn = Sun: "Taking destiny into one's own hands; major changes according to plan; or, if nothing has been prepared, becoming gripped by the status quo and having to make the best of things." (Tyl).

Now as you know, where POTUS goes so goes America. And my suspicious nature asserts that the status quo is what's under assault - and yes, something has definitely been planned. Yet hope for the best springs eternal and their plan's ultimate success or failure remains to be seen, with perhaps some mixture of both. So until the world is let in on what's to become of us all, I hope you stay safe, well, and defiant against undermining forces, dear reader!

Above drawing: 'The Two Fishes of Pisces' by yours truly; "--that organized system of hatreds" from a quote by Henry B. Adams.

Nov 22, 2017

2017--2018 Planetary Returns to the DOJ natal chart

November 22, 2017: today I've been messing about with the Department of Justice (DOJ) natal chart which is displayed in a previous post of 2016 titled, Shadow into Light: an Esoteric Department of Justice. DOJ Jupiter, the planet associated with justice, is @3Sco10 (closely conjoining US SP Saturn Rx, our nation's progressed Saturn position these days since 1996--US Saturn no longer in balancing Libra, now in Big Business Scorpio) and since transit Jupiter has now entered Scorpio, I peeked to see when another Jupiter Return would occur for the DOJ (the last was on November 9, 2005 with a Jupiter-Uranus trine 3A41). The current Jupiter Return occurred on October 25, 2017--synchronicity! since October 25th is the DOJ's 'birthday' (1934, with FDR presiding in Masonic ceremony--follow link, above to view its natal or or founding chart). Now the DOJ's Solar Return 2017 occurred the evening before--October 24th, to be precise, as Solar Returns will sometimes do.

In the DOJ Jupiter Return chart, justice-seeker Jupiter is sandwiched between the Sun @1Sco57 (as in the natal chart) and Mercury @12Sco30 with the planetary trio in Return 4th house. With 6Leo55 rising, Sun is chart-ruler and applies once--to a conjunction with Jupiter so the whole shebang is a very Sun-Jupiter affair. So from late 2017 and for approximately the next 12 years the DOJ will express its Sun-Jupiter tendencies for good or worse. Potentials indicated by Sun-Jupiter are long distance travel, cultural and social events, intellectual pursuits, courageous actions, self-confidence (maybe too much!), and generally, busy activities within the judicial system. However, Mercury in Scorpio is apex of a midpoint picture (Mars-Saturn) denoting bad news, as in bereavement.

Another stand-out feature of the DOJ Jupiter Return 2017 chart is disruptive rebel Uranus @26Ari18 Rx conjunct Return Midheaven (MC), a marker for potentials such as dramatic reforms and adjustments in career and/or public status (the US is trending down already), sudden reforms that affect every department, geographic relocation for someone, and/or change of profession. These events we have already seen via firings and resignations, a familiar theme of the Trump and GOP agenda as they 'slim down' government until it starves (or can be drowned in a bath tub a la Grover Norquist).

Then in May 2018, a series of three Uranus Returns begin to manifest for the DOJ, a time when the past no longer holds sway and there's no telling what the current crop of Uranian Utopian anarchists (Uranus in Aries) have in mind for our judicial system--apparently a new direction or an unorthodox goal. (Nothing good to my way of thinking.) Because once a country's court system is corrupted to the core, it's down hill from then on, I'm very sad to say. Not that the US Judicial System was ever perfect, of course, but we'll know what we really had once it's completely gone--undermined and perverted by infiltrators of the betraying kind.

Now here are the three dates of the DOJ Uranus Return/s to natal position of 29Ari21, a critical, impatient 29th degree which points toward May 15, 2018 when transit Uranus bursts into Taurus (horoscope shown):

1. May 3, 2018

2. November 24, 2018

3. February 18, 2019

Above image: the Robert F. Kennedy Department of Justice Building; {public domain; Wikimedia Commons}; Constitution Avenue.

Mar 17, 2016

The Republican Plan: Destroy The Government, Let Corporations Rule

Since 2005, one major thread of Stars Over Washington has been my complaints over Grover Norquist's ideology of 'shrink the government small enough to drown it in a bathtub' and its harsh effects in the real world on everyday Americans so it's good to hear Farron Cousins describing this better than I can along with the horrible idea of how America and We the People would manage under the heel of another disastrous Republican president:

After slogging through eight l-o-n-g years of Cheney and George W. Bush (from their SCOTUS-installed victory to the attacks of 9/11/01 to the Crash of 2008), why in the world would US voters ask for more of the GOP's authoritarian paternalism and financial oligarchy designed to weaken and destroy our nation? Why? It isn't as if the power elite will ever share a dime of their ill-gotten wealth with pilgrims such as you or me and it's foolish to think otherwise!

Could there perhaps be a much larger long-range plan afoot, a plan to which most of our politicians have taken an oath to that takes precedence over their oaths to the US Constitution and to the American people?

Jul 23, 2015

The Venus Cycle and US Presidential Election 2016

First Vote 2016, Venus, and the Election of a US President

by Jude Cowell

In September 2008 in her Visual Astrology Newsletter, Bernadette Brady published an intriguing article titled Standing in the Radiance of Venus: A Visual Astrology view of the US presidential election and its self-imposed union with Venus using the 8-year cycle of planet Venus as a predictive guide. With the 2016 campaign season already percolating thanks to interested billionaires and an overeager corporate media industry (using it to divert from other matters), let's take a peek at Election Day November 8, 2016 and focus primarily on the position and condition of Venus who radiates the candidate and ruling party she favors with success, or empowers the challenger she favors, while appearing in her cosmic role as either Morning Star or Evening Star.

Venus Must Have Her Way

Now as Morning Star, Venus favors the incumbent candidate or ruling party (even if 2 terms--8 years--have been served by one president)--aka, the "one who wears the crown" as it was termed in the olden days of Mundane Astrology. The Morning Star status of Venus occurs in November (2nd through 8th, when presidential elections are held) when the lady is in the early degrees of Libra, one of the signs Venus rules. Since our elections are on a 4-year cycle, Venus is Evening Star in alternate elections since Venus returns to her same position every 8 years. As Evening Star her position is the mid-to-later degrees of Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius, sign of the stranger or foreigner---someone different or 'other' who acts as the challenger to the throne -- such as a non-politician, or an Independent (neither Republican nor Democrat).

But in her Evening Star role, Venus bestows favor upon the incumbent party's rival as if she's wielding influence in the court of a king and 'the crown' may be given to the opponent of the king who rules. Yet there have been two notable exceptions to this predictive guide--the successful election of Democrat Franklin Roosevelt in the election of 1932 when he whisked away 'the crown' from the head of one-term Republican Hoover, and the election of Republican Ronald Reagan in 1980 who finagled 'the crown' from one-term Democrat Jimmy Carter. Both elections occurred with Venus as Morning Star yet upsets were somehow allowed due in part to both candidates' tendencies to hastily give favors to others and/or make advantageous backroom deals (Iran hostages for Reagan; for Hoover, his tide of popularity had turned due to economics after 1929.) Let's not use the word 'cheating' though I will say that cheating isn't winning, it's stealing. Plus, a fed up American public makes a difference as well--if we show up and vote.

So setting aside the two exceptions of 1932 and 1980 while remembering that 'dirty tricks' are typically used by power elites to skew election results their way, we look ahead to a horoscope of Election Day 2016 in the form of a symbolic chart of the Dixville Notch, New Hampshire 'first vote' in America which traditionally is cast between 12:00 am and 12:01 am by the small yet representative population of Dixville Notch:

Horoscope: Dixville Notch, NH 'First Vote' November 8, 2016 12:01 am EST; 1st quarter lunar phase = crisis in action

Hour of the Sun; Venus out-of-bounds (OOBs); Venus rules 3rd and 10th houses; ASC 1Vir00 with royal Regulus rising; MC (The Goal) @24Tau08 with golden Midas Rx and trickster Pan Rx in Gemini, 10th h; 3rd house Sun @16Sco13 conjunct voter Mercury which has just crossed the IC (one minute of voting and it's over!); 6th house Moon @20AQ47...'21AQ' = "A Woman Disappointed and Disillusioned" may be significant to our 2016 Venusian election tale.

As you see, Venus @25Sag13 has sashayed past austere (conservative) Saturn in mid-Sagittarius in the 4th house of Domestic Security, the Foundation of the Matter, and she glances back as the Evening Star and radiates her favor upon conservative Saturn, planet of law, government, business--and the US Congress (lawmakers, senators, and such.) Plus, evaluating attracter Venus is disposited by political and banking planet Jupiter in 2nd house of Money and Values. Additionally, Venus and Jupiter are in a Mutual Reception of friendliness with Jupiter prominent as lead planet of a Locomotive pattern (high powered executive ability and a drive to success.) Jupiter approaches US natal Saturn (14Lib48) so we may expect a conservative slant to the proceedings on Election Day 2016 with optimist Jupiter bringing US Saturn hard work structured toward reaching goals, an increase of responsibility, a deeper awareness of needed changes, and a chance to turn ideas and ideals into reality as a long-held ambition is achieved.

For the hidden manipulator, wealthy Pluto @15Cap22 here he's posited in the 5th house of Speculation, Risk-Taking, and Creative Pursuits along with activist Mars, the warrior, @29Cap14, a critical 29th degree which has a revealing Sabian Symbol considering foreign investors set freer than ever by SCOTUS' Citizens United ruling of 2010: "Directors of a Large Firm Meet in Secret Conference." For certain they do! This could easily be seen as a reference to plutocrats, transnational bankers, and even the pope (Pluto) meddling secretly from on high and utilizing testy actor Mars to instigate his schemes to control outcomes in business, law, and government (Capricorn.) Plus, with Mercury in big business Scorpio, we know that Mars and Pluto have a lot to say about what Mercury plans to do.

Mercury: the Voter, the Ballot, and our Thinking Processes

As chart-ruler and planet of voters and ballot-casting, Mercury @23Sco10 is near the Sun (6S56) and may not see issues as objectively as needed. Mercury rises on November 8th with starry Ras Alhague with its imperative to 'create balance' so we may assume that American voters may attempt balance of our political system in our traditional way--but switching parties in the White House lest our country lean too far from 'center' after 8 years of a Democratic White House. Venus in Sagittarius supports a change to someone 'different' though this may describe several of the varied 2016 candidates--even Donald Trump, if his nontraditional campaign style gets him all the way to November 8, 2016 (ed: Senator Bernie Sanders is also 'someone different'.) Plus, one of the asteroids of transition and change, Proserpina, is rising on the Mutable (thus, changeable) Virgoan horizon so a different style and/or political party seems to be exactly what Dixville Notch voters prefer in 2016...and the rest of America as well.

As for chart-ruler Mercury's major applying aspects, there are none but there is a square from the Moon (the public) in 6th house (Military, Police, Civil Service) in America's natal Moon sign, Aquarius. Moon-Mercury square indicates blockage between head (logic) and heart (emotions) which is a time-tested political tactic to confuse the public. This horoscope leans toward Fixed-Earth energies and we think of stubborn, possessive Taurus, sign of the Bull of Wall Street which seems to favor GOP candidates more than progressive Democrats (not that Hillary Clinton is a genuine progressive! That would be Senator Bernie Sanders), and of course, what planet rules greedy Taurus?

Even for all that, it is tempting to say that the cyclical Venus Effect on US Presidential Election 2016 must obviously favor a female victor, unless dirty tricks and arm-twisting backroom deals skew results. But as you see, Venus here plays the role of Evening Star and points toward a change of ruling party in the White House in 2016, a portent which can be satisfied by a Republican victor--and doubly so with one such as former CEO Carly Fiorina, a lady Republican and corporatist.

Yet if a Fiorina victory is too disconcerting for you (and hard to believe), there is at least one other possibility shown for "the other" to be favored by Venus in the person of Senator Marco Rubio for on November 8, 2016 the 'social ladder climber' power asteroid Hidalgo @00AQ03 conjoins the January 20, 2017 US Inaugural Sun, mundane significator of The President. This factor supports the potential for a Republican--perhaps a member of Congress--taking the White House throne in 2016 since the 'king star' Regulus @00Virgo rises and is the starry representative of the Capitol Building in L'Enfant's original plan for the construction of Washington DC's *Federal Triangle (see below.) Regulus may also signify a candidate who has held office on Capitol Hill--even VP Biden fulfills that role.

Actually, the Cycle of Venus timing 'the other' as victor in 2016 possibly may be satisfied by someone like Senator Bernie Sanders, a self-described socialist of a democratic persuasion. Is he different enough for Venus with his political views quite apart from establishment politicians--those we may call "the old guard" as denoted by status quo Saturn? Or will it take a change of political party to satisfy Lady Venus?

Update Oct 15th: after watching the Oct 13th Democratic debate, the performance of Hillary Clinton now identifies her as one who could possibly satisfy 'the other' imperative of Venus in Sagittarius as "someone different" (as pundits are saying)--the first female president of the United States. Yet I dread the Clinton baggage she'd carry for the Republicans would never shut up about it and let the issues of the American people take precedence over partisan politics. Republicans are so very very tiresome and Democrats only somewhat better for both have played large roles in the weakening of our democracy and the undermining of our Constitution.

Now if these considerations seem arbitrary or too iffy for you, perhaps it's because you know that many more events will occur between today (July 23, 2015) and Election 2016 and circumstances will change. On the cosmic list are Solar and Lunar Eclipses, and New and Full Moons which can affect matters in similar fashion to 'wild card' eclipses. Or does Astrology have nothing valuable to offer Politics as far as you're concerned?

Be that as it may, Election Day 2016 Astrology and Politics will again be a topic here on Stars Over Washington in the future and my hope is that you'll think to return to SO'W soon in case new information turns up or new perspectives become necessary to discuss. More natal planet info of Republican and Democratic candidates is to be added as well though not all exact birth times are to be found online. Here are a few I've posted so far, in no particular order:

Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio, Hillary Clinton here and here (includes her Fist of God or Thor's Hammer pattern), Senator Bernie Sanders, and Donald Trump here and here and--uh oh!--he was born with Regulus rising!

Related reading: Solar and Lunar Eclipses of 2015--2017.


*Federal Triangle: The White House = Arcturus (a different approach), the Washington Monument = Spica (the spike), and the Capitol Building = Regulus (success if revenge is avoided) for it's As Above, So Below, as the Founders and Builders of Washington DC well knew as their plan for the District reflected the stars above upon the earth below.

A Jupiter-Saturn Astro-Note: in Mundane Astrology Saturn and Jupiter, the societal planets, can handily represent the Democrats and the Republicans in various circumstances since both parties tend to alternate wearing restriction-and-expansion caps at will. Most often it's the Republican Party that insists on austerity measures (miserly Saturn) even though they are members of the Grand (Jupiter) Old (Saturn) Party. Of course, they spend lavishly like Jupiterians when they're in the White House or when the largess is for themselves or for the military, weaponry, and other things that make them mega-bucks via their stock portfolios and bribes from lobbyists and billionaire donors. It's that Saturn urge that wants to 'shrink the US government small enough so we can drown it in a bathtub', said Grover Norquist whose noon Natal Chart with details may be viewed here.

Note that Mr. Norquist is the midst of a Saturn Return and that his natal Jupiter in Virgo (planet of money, corporations, funding, investment, growth, politicians, preachers, teachers, mentors, military generals, etc) conjoins fixed star Denebola, keywords: to go against society.

Yet as the older of the two parties, Democrats also play Saturnian roles in US politics while playing generous Jupiter when it comes to Social Safety Net Programs, and promoting investment, development, and growth. Naturally, humankind needs the concepts of both Jupiter and Saturn to balance one another and thus, moderation is achieved. Too bad restriction and investment are so often used as cynical talking points to stall opponents' advancement while keeping any progress whatsoever from moving ahead which might benefit the American people. jc

Dec 6, 2014

How the GOP Plans to Rig Congress to Embrace Trickle-Down 'Voodoo Economics' |

If you voted Republican on November 4, 2014 did you expect neocon war hawks to strut into Washington again while GOP congress members exploit a tax cut gimmick to make lowering tax rates for the wealthy look as if they "pay for themselves"? Did you?

Then I regret to tell you that your political judgment is questionable, if you voted at all. Either way, what were you thinking?

January 2015: #VooDooEconomics returns to #Congress with a #vengeance. Wherever they are, #RonaldReagan and #GroverNorquist must be pleased as little gurls.

If you're curious, here's a previous post concerning topics such as the Reaganomics Eclipse of 1981 and Reagan's revealing, "I think we've hit the jackpot" remark of 1982.

Nov 26, 2012

Famous Words for Corporate Welfare CEOs and Jupiter-Neptune

Of Fiscal Cliffs, Tax Pledges, and Jupiter-Neptune-Pluto

by Jude Cowell

As the New Year with its fiscal problems looms, I'm certain you've seen the very descriptive Huffington Post article on hypocritical CEOS who want to cut your Granny's food budget and de-fund Little Timmy's physical therapy sessions even though CEOs themselves have taken--demanded--outrageous bail outs, subsidies, and tax breaks from the hand of US taxpayers, aka, corporate welfare.

Keep the Charlatans--Gimme Those Old Time Republicans

Justice Earl Warren (March 19, 1891--July 9, 1974) was a highly popular Republican governor (in the days when Republican office holders actually governed) when President Eisenhower placed him upon the SCOTUS bench. Perhaps you'll that find one of Justice Warren's more famous quotes applies to America's greedy plutocrats and corporatists who can't get enough American abundance--which they bolster by perpetrating tax evasion and skewing laws in their favor--yet all the while working and lobbying so very hard to deny even the most basic crumbs to the needy as our nation approaches 2013:

"Many people consider the things which government does for them to be social progress, but they consider the things government does for others as socialism."

How true. Now I'm looking in the back of my copy of Marc Edmund Jones' The Sabian Symbols in Astrology and there he is pre-SCOTUS, listed as, "Earl Warren politician." His birth date and hour are given and I will list his natal planets below for the mildly curious, and you'll note the humanitarian Aquarius components of his psyche along with his compassionate Pisces facets:

Earl Warren March 19, 1891 2:00 am (PST) Los Angeles CA; ASC 10Cap50 (where tr Pluto now approaches); MC 1 Scorpio; Sun 28Pis32; Moon 21Can32; Mercury 24Pis01; Venus 14AQ33; Mars 7Tau50; judging Jupiter 2Pis38; Saturn 12Vir38 Rx; Uranus 00Sco35 Rx (conj MC); Neptune 4Gem20; Pluto 6Gem00.

Of course, his year of birth--1891--puts him snugly within the Robber Baron generation by way of the Great Conjunction/s of Neptune and Pluto (1891/92, 3x @7--9 Gemini, conjunct US natal *Uranus 8Gem55.) And since horoscopes of deceased people continue to be triggered by transits ad infinitum, Justice Warrens' natal Jupiter @2Pis38 (in his natal 9th house of Legal Affairs, Higher Education, Philosophy, etc) is currently under the influence of transit Neptune (with its effects of illusion, deception, yet possibly inspiration) very active in its own sign of Pisces.

This transit highlights idealism and a need to keep a proper perspective on things as it points to the Jupiter-Neptune combination of energies which so easily tend toward grand schemes (which may not be valid or practical), charlatans (including Jupiterian gurus like no-tax-pledger Grover Norquist, or, hypocrites of the religious kind), large social projects, speculation, gambling, and the wasting of what is usually other people's money.

So! Is America a nation of her brothers' keepers? Or is she a nation of corporate raiders, outsourcers, tax dodgers, vultures upon the needy, and morally bankrupt psychopaths who work to undermine and shrink the US government into oblivion?


Related: a few astro-notes on Grover Norquist.

*Here's one planetary imprint upon the 1890s in relation to America--all, any, or none may apply: Nepune-Pluto = US natal Uranus: unusual, adventurous, mystical, and supernatural experiences; hypersensitivity; peculiar discoveries. (Ebertin.)

And of course, now as they move in and out of a fated or karmic septile aspect (51 degr 26 min), the 492-year cycle of veiled, undermining Neptune and transformative underworld figure, Pluto, continues its dance...

Aug 28, 2012

RNC 8.28.12 and the Spirit of Margaret Sanger

Today, August 28, 2012, the belated RNC 2012 opens with the presidential nomination of Willard Mitt Romney and the adoption of the austere, hard-hearted, poverty increasing platform of the Republican Party. Let the longed-for catapulting of American women back to 18th and 19th century social and economic conditions begin, say Mitt and the gang!

Since the GOP has its raptor's eye upon both women's reproductive rights and financial prospects for the future, it must be a grand day for the Todd Akin, Paul Ryan, and the rest of the mysoginistic party of Mitt Romney who intends to act as White House mouthpiece and propaganda-catapulter (as George W. Bush so ably summed up his presidential role) as soon as the moving van is loaded and heads, he hopes, for Washington D.C.

Now what astrological factors might we consider which include the confluence of Romney, the GOP, American women, and the cosmic portents of the day? Why, it's something quite basic and yet a major clue for what GOPers intend to force upon this country and it may be at least partially described within the Sun-Moon blend details for August 28, 2012: Sun in finnicky Virgo and the Moon reaching 00AQ00 at around 1:40 pm edt (horoscope set for Tampa, Florida.)

Later in the evening, the Moon in Aquarius will oppose the natal Moon position of Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood among other accomplishments and human foibles (as mentioned in an earlier post.) Sanger's (nee Higgins) birth data is as follows:

September 14, 1879 2:30 am Corning, NY; ASC 13Leo42; MC 2Tau37; Sun 21Vir06; Moon 25Leo37; a 'New Age thinking' Mercury-Uranus conjunction in health-conscious Virgo gave her willful genius and original ideas ahead of their time, and a Mars-Pluto conjunction gave strength, force, and power to her actions and motivations which made her a formidable lady. One arrow in her quiver I must denounce, however, is her adherence to eugenics (engineering human anatomy in order to "improve" it by weeding out those who are considered "unfit" for parental duties and are thus excluded from reproduction.) We see this today with politicians who have the survival of the fittest mentality (aka, Social Darwinianism), and some of them adopted a political platform this very day although they attempt to veil its draconianism. Frankensteinian, Aryan, Anglo-Saxon--whatever you wish to call it, the crude concept seems devilish to me though Sanger did denounce the "aggressive and lethal Nazi ideology" that fueled their eugenics 'research' (aka, torture) with its 'life unworthy of life' motto.

How's that slogan for illustrating psychopathic high-handedness? Think to 'stand in for' God much? Certain theocrats are in high gear tonight in Tampa, partying with Plutocrats and salivating over taking control of America's helm again. Why, the presidency and the White House are so close, Mitt and Paul can fairly taste them!!

8.28.12: Moon to 00AQ00 conjoins US presidential Suns of January 20th

First, check out Margaret Sanger's bio and natal chart here if you wish. Now let's talk about the Sun Vir-Moon AQ blend for today's RNC 2012 opening, nomination of Romney, and platform adoption along with a few quotes from two men who share this blend natally while remembering that these flavors are hereby imprinted upon the Republican Party and their plans for America forever more--will we reject their regressive, backward efforts on November 6th or will we embrace the dusty past?

Sun Vir-Moon AQ is an Earth-Air combo of energies which can be innovative, efficient, and above all, rational. Practical idealists, these jokers aren't playing around and many plans have been laid for the implementation of their ideas and vision which, though they appeal to fundamentalist religious types, contain additional requirements which will have even the most conservative Christians wondering where Truth went as they look back on the glowing promises of RNC 2012.

Yet we know that losing touch with the emotional and compassionate side of life leads to becoming 'dry as dust' and this is a danger that GOPers think doesn't matter at all once they're ensconced in power, for at the moment, all seems rosy. Later it will be a different story if the 'Republic Party' should finagle the White House and/or take over Capitol Hill one more time (when will we ever learn that these self-interested, detached from normal human contact Vulcans are unfit themselves--unfit to rule over an inclusive society of decent people who know that yes, we are indeed our brothers' keepers?)

Sun Vir-Moon AQ (with humanitarian Aquarius being the sign of our US natal Moon of July 4, 1776, aka, we the people) is a blend of the progressive thinker (but to whose advantage?) It denotes reliability, pragmatism, and dispassionate critical faculties. There's a tendency to seem a bit 'wooden' which to me, describes Mitt Romney's posture when he's forced to be a fish out of his accustomed financial and/or religious waters, a symptom of a cultist mentality.

There exists a sense of humor, yes, though the level of practical jokes at the expense of others is apparently more Mitt's style within the comedic sphere. Valuing rules and order in society is important to this blend, and industriousness aids in career success though financial gains may be made by the sweat of other brows, as with Vulture Capitalists everywhere (Romney's unfeeling Saturn-Pluto conjunction in prodigal Leo snugs around his natal IC and affects his career actions.)

Untouched by his own passions, today's blend describes a Mitt Romney who is a quite a people-watcher and this seems to be what he bases his own human-type behavior upon when in public--and yet he makes an admirable domestic companion which will be reflected in and by wife Anne's RNC 2012 speech meant to clue us in on the very private yet Real Mitt Romney.

Negatively, Sun Vir-Moon AQ has a tendency to focus on black and white facts, writes the Harveys in their book, Sun Sign-Moon Sign (no, I didn't make that up for President Obama's sake!) and it over-invests in perfection which their followers presume will be the outcome of a Romney-Ryan administration. Instead, perhaps all American trees must be trimmed to the 'right' height!

Wonder if the rank and file would feel the same about the 2012 GOP platform if they considered the "Images for Integration" which are imprinted upon this day in RNC history (thanks to Hurricane Isaac's interference), the nomination of Mr. Romney, and the GOP platform for 2012 and beyond...

"Images for Integration" (of Sun/male principle and Moon/feminine principle):

"Aliens land and embark on building a new and improved world order...Staring into a microscope, a scientist sees the past and future write large." (Sun Sign-Moon Sign.)

Return of the Freaks! These Images address a blending of Germany's past eugenics experiments which meddled painfully with human genetics with who-knows-what science projects on today's and tomorrow's drawing boards (clones and human-robotic hybrids?) Add to those the Science of medical issues such as contraception, methods of reproduction, and abortion (surgery in back alleys again, ladies?), and on August 28, 2012, Sun Vir-Moon AQ melds them all into the plans of yet another team of 'New World Order' proponents and activists (who are actually members of all American political parties, Rs, Ds, and Ls, at the least) with many Rs being more rabid and zealous toward such cold-hearted, authoritarian aims---modern-day proponents who share Hitler's old vision of uniting the entire world under a ham-fisted Global Goverment, Meanwhile, the needs and desires of 'common' people are dissed in favor of funding Vulcan's swords and weapons manufacturing for the sole purpose of instigating mass destruction and, in America, stomping out our constitutional rights. Nice crowd. They must be glad their convention was missed by Hurricane Isaac's Thor-ish Hammer.

Now let's close with three quotes, the first two by gentlemen who share in their natal charts the Sun Vir-Moon AQ blend, the third from Margaret Sanger herself:

If the world does not please you, you can change it." (H.G. Wells);

The real lost souls don't wear their hair long and play guitars. They have crewcuts, trained minds, sign on for research in biological warfare, and don't give their parents a moment's worry." (J.B. Priestley);

"No woman can call herself free who does not own and control her own body." (M. Sanger, noted founder of Planned Parenthood, an organization depended upon by millions of women, and which the Romney-Ryan budget plan intends to de-construct along with downsizing the US government as advocated by zealot Grover Norquist with his non-taxing-of-the-rich, freakish shrink-and-drown-government-in-a-bathtub philosophy. But wouldn't guarding the purity of each American woman's private parts require a virtual army of newly added government officials which would then weigh down the US government's payroll? Oh, I almost forgot: that, they hope, will help speed the demise of civilization by furthering the destruction of the social fabric in America.

How daft and non-pragmatic is that!?

And yet they are as serious as transformative assassin Pluto creeping through the structured, systemic, status-quo, governmental, usually law-abiding sign of Capricorn and still within range of opposition to America's natal Venus, Jupiter, and soon, our natal Sun (leadership), a picture of an ongoing, titanic power struggle against superior plutonic forces of wealth and station. Can *Mitt the squirmy, flip-flopping Fish successfully meet such a grand archetypal challenge while acting in the theatric role of US president? His Anglo-Saxon self can if he's on underworld Pluto's side.


See Margaret Sanger's astrodata bank details and natal chart here with her fiery, dramatic natal Moon in Leo opposing US natal Moon in cooler Aquarius, sign of the ethereal Water-Bearer.

*Mitt Romney was born 'in America' in March 1947 with Sun (personality; ego; essence; life purpose), Mercury (thought processes; communication style; planning mode), and Mars (motivation; desire nature; action; energy) in secretive Pisces, the 12th sign of Creativity and Mysticism. He may need daily nappy times if he attempts to take over the demanding job at the White House.

Nov 4, 2011

Natal Horoscope: Grover Norquist (w video)

“Our goal is to shrink government to the size where we can drown it in a bathtub, ” said Grover Norquist.

Spoken like a true Utopian Globalist! The following analysis is one astrologer's view of...

The Natal Horoscope of Grover Norquist, Political Strategist

by Jude Cowell

Mother Jones has an article on the eerie influence of Grover Norquist which prompted me to have a peek at his (noon) natal horoscope.

And here's a very interesting profile of him which includes his links to Jack Abramoff and Iraqi oil, among other things. And Speaker John Boehner just called Norquist "Some random person" when asked about closing tax loopholes for the oil industry.

Born on October 19, 1956 in Sharon, PA, Grover Norquist, president of Americans for Tax Reform (founded 1985) and co-founder of the Islamic Free Market Institute, has Sun in Libra, and Moon in Aries if born before 7:07 pm est on that date.

If born after 7:07 pm, his personality takes on a Sun Libra/Moon Taurus hue but odds are, Norquist is a Sun Libra/Moon Aries blend, born near the Full Moon either way.

Here are the earliest and latest positions of the Sun and Moon on the date of his birth:

Earliest: Sun 25Lib47; Moon 19Ari31--Latest: Sun 26Lib47; Moon 2Tau41.

Since his birth time is unknown, the following analysis is based on a noon chart which shows 00Cap17 rising with 24Lib27 at Midheaven (w stars Arcturus and Spica); Hour of Mars. Midpoint pictures included in this post are in effect no matter his birth time.

Please click image to enlarge chart; some US natal planets are penned in (pink), today's transits (Nov 4, 2011) are highlighted in blue around the chart; tr Pluto is triggering two natal midpoints which are notated, lower left and lower right.

With nebulous Neptune @ 00Sco00, anti-tax warrior Norquist has an out-of-sign Sun/Neptune conjunction which is similar to having lots of Pisces energy in a chart (fishy!) especially in the realms of ego and life goals (Sun.) Naturally, Neptune has a masking effect upon the Sun's vitality and helps describe the behind-the-scenes nature of Mr. Norquist's political career and activities.

You may find of interest another article The Banishment of Grover Norquist which addresses just such Sun/Neptune issues. (Banishment is a Neptunian word along with veiling, masking, hiding, and such. Fraudulent, false, and idealistic would be others, along with his "drown it in a bathtub" quote!)

Yes, he's quite the watery, elusive varmint!

Sun conj Neptune gives him a 'veiled outlook on life' which allows Norquist to avoid unpleasant challenges as he easily as he ignores personal responsibilities. A personal reality is created in his mind--or by his mind--which bears little resemblance to facts as others understand them. Living in a self-created bubble is often another way to describe Sun-Neptune folk, so working in Politics, can spin be far behind?

And isn't a 'personal reality bubble' one of the tactics Republicans (and other politicians) use all the time when 'answering' questions as if on a totally different plane--or instead, they answer questions they wish had been asked? Perhaps Mr. Norquist's method through use of talking points is in evidence here for he's been at it for years starting with Nixon's 1968 campaign.

Supporting his Sun/Neptune traits is natal Mars in Pisces (13;43; ruled by Jupiter and Neptune) conjoining Fixed Star Achernar ('crisis at the end of the river; risk of rapid endings'.) Mars in Pisces is challenged to act directly and be clear in his motivations; unconscious resentments are harbored and repressed anger can lead to neuroses. Direct confrontations are avoided, as with Sun/Neptune, and secret means are used against opponents. Others may not trust him as he'd wish.

Any negative aspects in a chart intensifies problems when Mars is in watery Pisces--here, Mars is sesquisquare Sun and Neptune and is opposed by Venus 15Vir40. A Venus/Mars opposition is problematic as well and tends to create relationship troubles particularly in the realm of sexual expression. All oppositions carry Self v Others vibes (Ari/Lib axis) and indicates that Mr. Norquist's feelings are extremely sensitive and easily hurt--plus, conflicts arise over joint finances.

There's also a wide opposition between Mars and Jupiter 21Vir32 (conjunct Fixed Star Denebola, keywords: 'to go against society; out of the mainstream'--which has a Neptunian otherworldly/escapist tone to it.) However, a politics-inspired Mars/Jupiter opposition tends to seek out challenges, take risks, and may resent people who are deemed to be somehow superior. Grandstand plays come naturally!

Another politically interesting factor in Mr. Norquist's natal chart is a Saturn/Pluto square--the 'sore loser' aspect. This energy also describes the Republican Party seen in high relief with their obstructionism against President Obama. This cuss'ed square is part of Dick Cheney's Neptunian personality as well--if you will.

A Saturn/Pluto square person tends to be defensive toward social responsibilities which are viewed as obstacles to their self-interested goals. (And if you're a neocon warmonger, you want all the funds you can get to start wars you can hugely profit from while ignoring the basic needs of the American people. And promote expansion of the one-world-government Utopian Globalists are so determined to force upon us. Sad to say, it's pretty much already here.)

Another political factor is Norquist's Uranus/Chiron opposition which identifies him as what I tend to call a Chiron-Uranus type in government. Falling across the Leo (Uranus)--Aquarius (Chiron) axis of Self Will, this opposition denotes that he may be quite a cantankerous cuss, but with an outer demeanor that's Neptunian and squishy. His behavior (shown by the sign of Uranus) is proudly Leo, sign of the natural ruler.

A helpful Saturn/Uranus trine is great for it gives him a container (Saturnian form) in which to pour his Uranian ideals with ease and the talent to mobilize all his resources, knowledge, and experience. Good intuition allows him to take calculated risks and the trine provides him with leadership ability.

Mercury, planet of thinking processes, oration style, communication, and planning tactics, is @ 10Lib52 and conjoins his Syzygy Moon (last lunation prior to birth) which in this case was a New Moon, so Sun/Moon = Mercury: using education and reasoning to progress through life; searching for opportunities to apply knowledge; an association with young people.

An Air trine between Mercury to Chiron in Aquarius makes him a 'wise old soul' with occultist abilities and healing talent (Clow.) This trine and the opposition to Uranus are the two major aspects made to natal Chiron.

Now with Moon opposing Sun, whether in Aries or Taurus, natal Pluto 29Leo59 (conjunct Royal Star of Persia, Regulus ('success if revenge is avoided'--otherwise, all that's gained will be taken away one day) is the Thales planet in the chart for it trines Moon and sextiles Sun, thus aiding the opposition between the luminaries.

Having occultist talents, Mr. Norquist has managed to use Thales Pluto to his advantage in the stand-off between Sun (conscious) and Moon (unconscious), and, of course, saboteur Pluto has a great interest in the intrigues and power plays of Politics.

And with Moon opposed by Neptune, well, then escapist tendencies are increased, and sensitivity is deepened; illusions are created about the self and others which can cause much confusion and estrangements in relationships, and this can make working alone preferable. America would profit if only he could remember that The Ideal is an illusion that does not exist in this old world! But I suppose his Saturn/Uranus trine keeps hoping and thinks it knows best for all of us.

As far as his authority planet, Saturn, goes, you see a Saturn/North Node conjunction, the source of much of his control. This is an indicator of conservatism with observance of protocol important for approaching those in power. This timing ability has helped him to further his personal advancement but at the expense of enslavement to the lowest common denominator of accepted standards (Sakoian.) Saturnian control/authority is 'on his path' (NN.)

NN 29Sco17 (a critical-crisis 29th degree) has an interesting Sabian Symbol especially considering Mr. Norquist's past association with Ronald Reagan: '30Sco' = "A Halloween Jester". Reminds me of the Carter-Reagan October Surprise (Iranian hostages were released mere minutes after Reagan was inaugurated---was Grover involved in the charade and its arms deals?)

(Astro-note: 29Sco45 is the Inauguration 2009's Moon--we the people--degree which shows that the American people were already in dire financial circumstances the moment that Barack Obama took office--Scorpio = big business; betrayals.)

Now here are Grover's natal midpoint pictures which do not depend on knowing his exact time of birth; as always, any, all, or none may apply:

Jupiter/Uranus = Pluto: strong awareness of objectives; an unusual striving for knowledge; far-seeing creative activity; a sudden change in financial conditions; extreme efforts to produce novel changes in life; a major reworking of designs/ideas to ensure their correct acceptance; devices with world-transforming potential.

Jupiter/Saturn = Sun: dreaming of a potential for actuality; demonstrating leadership; gaining experience; boasting; self-pride; liver disturbances cause moodiness; the bachelor.

Sun/Uranus = Venus: peculiar encouragements in financial pursuits; unique ways of expressing love.

Jupiter/Neptune = Mercury: misleading/misdirecting others' attention; talking a lot; putting on an act; raised hopes; skills with deceptive practices; self-study of magic or mysticism. (Jupiter-Neptune is the grand schemes-speculation-inflationary pair of planets; Mercury is thinking and plans--a perfect combo for a Utopian Globalist planning chaos for the world to be ruled by 'reason'--their own, not ours.)

Jupiter/NN = Sun: ease of contact with important people of power and influence; joining and benefiting from powerful, distinguished societies (he attended Harvard.)

In the noon chart, Jupiter/NN sits at MC (The Goal; Aspirations; Public Standing) which adds a 'career/pursuit of common interests' vibe to the picture as 'important people of power and influence' aid his career aspirations.

Norquist's Pre-Natal Eclipse Series (PE) = 12 South

Grover Norquist was born into the 12 South Saros Series of Solar Eclipses which manifested on June 8, 1956 @ 18Gem01, the zodiacal degree of the December 10, 2011 Lunar Eclipse (the next-up eclipse for us all.)

12S = successful outcomes to long term worries; a draining issue will suddenly clear with a good outcome (paraphrasing Brady's Predictive Astrology.)
(A SN eclipse indicates a loss of energy in affected matters.)

By degree (18Gemo1/11), the December 10th Lunar Eclipse may signify secrets or scandals being revealed concerning Mr. Norquist and may relate to this year into 2012, and/or to a time frame when the 12S last manifested on July 11, 2010 @ '19Can' (which marked the blown-up or blown-out BP well's finally being 'capped' in the Gulf of Mexico--but it's leaking, you know.)

Why, you may remember that back in the day, Grover Norquist was a registered lobbyist for BP! (scroll to end of page.)

(Note: 12S is the PE of America based on July 4, 1776 as our nation's official founding--then at 00Pis33, where transit Chiron Rx is now.)

Now you may wish to view the horoscope of the December 10, 2011 Lunar Eclipse which is squared by Mars in Virgo. As such, a 'Grand Cross' is formed for the eclipse marks a Mars-opposite-natal-Mars transit for Mr. Norquist describing a time when other people's actions and purposes are diametrically opposed to one's own, and any aggression shown is met by an equal or greater amount of determination so he'll want to lay low behind the scenes even more than usual--if the revealing energies of the December 10, 2011 Lunar Eclipse allow such escapism!

To close, here's Senator Harry Reid (D-NV) on the 1st of November making a statement about obstructionist Republicans who follow Grover Norquist like puppets. Perhaps it's his hypnotic, mystical Sun/Neptune with a Saturn/Pluto square keeping the Rs in goose-step!


If you need refreshing after such an abundance of Grover, why not check in with Independent Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders?

Thom Hartmann is doing a great progressive broadcast today (Fridays at noon are 'Brunch with Bernie' Sanders) and Thom reports on 20 unemployed Occupiers' sit-in at Mitch McConnell's office yesterday to demand a meeting with the Republican senator--so they could tell him how badly Americans are suffering--but McConnell lead a filibuster on the floor all day so he could avoid them! Hope he was royally wumped out from doing so much 'work'.)

Tomorrow, November 5, 2011 is Bank Transfer Day if you haven't yet switched your accounts from the Big Banks. I switched two or three years ago and have been very happy with a credit union bank ever since.

And please remember to Move To Amend the Citizens United travesty of justice--sign the petition because Corporations Are Not People!


All midpoint pictures: Ebertin; Munkasey

Jun 15, 2011

Robert Reich (Sun in Cancer) on McCaskill-Corker Spending Caps (video)

Here's a brief video message from a top US economist whom normal people can listen to without barfing up their dinners, Professor Robert Reich (UC Berkeley.) The message concerns the McCaskill-Corker 'spending caps' proposal which is a dressed up effort to fund more war over the needs of the American people while decimating our nation's social contract between the generations and thus collapsing our economy and 'starving the beast' of 'big government'.

(Is that tax cut zealot Grover Norquist lurking behind the curtain?)

Now I'm not certain quite when the video was posted to Professor Reich's website but his message is presented here today for your consideration. Democracy (if only we had one) works best when all of us participate in our various ways so do what you can and pass on the info, for as the excellent Thom Hartmann ends his broadcasts with: "Tag, You're It!"

Plus, here's a post I published in March 2009 with Robert Reich's birth data (no birth time known) and a brief amount of info concerning his Sun-Moon blend which could either be Moon in Aries or in the money sign of Taurus.

The entry includes his remarks on Politics and the Top Tier and the ongoing effects upon the US economy and the populace.

Yet with two years' worth of hindsight, my 'vote' in 2009 for his natal Moon to be in Venus-ruled Taurus rather than Mars-ruled Aries may have been ill-considered since he has continued to (seemingly) speak out on behalf of the less wealthy among us. I add 'seemingly' for I believe the power elites provide us with false populists in Congress and elsewhere to help keep us mollified and off the protesting streets.

In the realm of personality, Cancer-Taurus is a Water-Earth blend (mud; practical) while Cancer-Aries is Water-Fire (steam; volatile) so here I shall add the Images for Integration for Reich's possible Sun Cancer-Moon Aries blend - just in case - and so you may compare it with the previously noted Sun Can-Moon Taurus combo, if you wish to click my older assessment:

"A suffragette takes to the barricades in aid of her cause...A quiet homebody becomes a sports champion." (Sun Sign-Moon Sign, Charles & Suzi Harvey.)

Could be he!


As you know, Earth's Moon moves the quickest of any cosmic body used in Astrology charts and when a precise birth time is not known, we sometimes find a person born on a day/night when the Moon changed signs within the 24-hour period. This gives rise to two possible Sun-Moon blends since one's Sun is more much more likely to remain in the same sign on a given day. Unless it doesn't which gives more combo possibilities to consider. jc

Feb 5, 2008

Eviction: Bush's "ownership society"

Disowned By The Ownership Society

By Naomi Klein

Washington think-tanker Grover Norquist predicted that the ownership society would be Bush's greatest legacy, remembered "long after people can no longer pronounce or spell Fallujah." Yet in Bush's final State of the Union address, the once-ubiquitous phrase was conspicuously absent. And little wonder: rather than its proud father, Bush has turned out to be the ownership society's undertaker.

Information Clearing House #

He's the one who should have been evicted years ago.