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Aug 15, 2011

Mr. Buffett's grand idea for the US Congress and a link to his natal chart

Stop coddling the super rich, says one of the richest men in America to the US Congress.

Even if taxes on the wealthy are raised, who doesn't think they'll get by just fine? To say otherwise is simply acting, pretending, and political posturing.

For as progressive broadcaster and author Thom Hartmann has maintained, if wealthy CEOs won't create jobs in America, then you'd think they'd want to aid their country by paying a larger share in taxes!

Though kicking and screaming, we came to their rescue when large corporations and plutocratic banks 'needed' massive bailouts to cover their fraud and gambling losses and make off with a huge payday yet now they leave millions of US workers idle. Paying more in US taxes when the funds are sorely needed for the sake of the nation is the least they can do after profiting off the backs of the American people for decades.

And the media's much-touted 'lack of confidence' has nothing to do with it since the willing participation of wealthy corporations would quell any such lack immediately by bolstering the system. (Mr. Buffett didn't say that, I did.)

If you haven't, you may be interested in reading Dan Cuiboda's analysis of Warren Buffett's natal chart, a study of the Oracle of Omaha!

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