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Sep 8, 2011

Obama Address to Congress = Chiron in Pisces! 9.8.11

"That's Not the Story of America," says Barack Obama!

If Washington Politics is broken, I think we know who broke it. It took lots of them decades to lead to this impasse, but do they or do they not want America repaired?

Well, if you didn't listen or watch President Obama's Address to a Joint Session of Congress live tonight you missed a fantastic lightening show over the Capitol Dome as he began. Uranus is mighty feisty in Mars-ruled Aries!

And so was President Obama tonight.

Guess it's true what they say: if you have bolts of real-time Uranian lightening backing you up, you don't need a word like stimulus to galvanize the populace if not your Republican colleagues.

The president's speech hit all the right notes for those who want America to continue existing. Mr. Obama began speaking at 7:09 pm edt and finished with a traditional "God Bless You and God Bless America!" after covering pretty much every issue we-the-people care about and bandaging them with tax breaks and other incentives:

Wounded Healer Chiron in compassionate Pisces rising!

Rising over Capitol Hill at 7:09 pm edt was 6Pis25 with Chiron 2Pis23 Rx and Neptune 29AQ04, Rx and co-ruler of the Address's Piscean Ascendant chart. The president's natal Chiron in Pisces arose with his natal Pluto in Virgo setting. It was a Chiron/Pluto opposition performance and seemed somewhat like our old orator. Perhaps transit Venus conjoining US natal Neptune in Virgo, sign of Work, Employment, and Service gave some ease to the entertainment.

Independent, radical Uranus itself @ 3Ari15 Rx arose in 1st house indicating surprising or shocking events hard to control--perhaps a reference to an 'incident' that Homeland Security was tracking down today, something about a threat from out of a tribal region of Pakistan. HoSec backed off a bit and did not use the alert system. Obama was briefed and said Find out what you can...then went on to deliver a crowd pleaser of a speech--unless you're of the Dismantle America Now persuasion. Betcha didn't like it then.

Alert: at 8:34 pm edt, a "disturbance" rings out from the hall outside the first meeting of the Joint Deficit Reduction Committee ('Super Congress')--people chanting very loudly!!! Now there's the 'unexpected event' from Uranus in Aries in first house! (Yes, I typed the beginning of this post several minutes ago, no edits. Back to original post on the Address...)

"You Should Pass This Bill," said the president several times. Well, provisions in his American Jobs Act do sound like improvements over the crap they've been serving us of late and I hope it passes. Things will be even more tragic than ever if the GOP keeps its Grand Old Patootie in the way of such beneficial progress meant for all the American people, not just the more-entitled-because-we're-rich-so-God-loves-us-more-than-poor-people people. (An anti-Biblical view, as you know.)

Since it's already after 8 pm, I'll publish now and return later to add a link to some brief notes on President Obama's Chiron in Pisces (with its preacher-like vibe as he expressed in tonight's Address), especially important since he's now in the midst of his Chiron Return. It's a numinous time for the president and an iffy period in more ways than one as he heads out on the road tomorrow to talk about the bill's provisions and cheer us on to supporting it bigtime.

The square tonight between the Moon (the public) and Jupiter Rx in money sign Taurus indicate that the American people may have been on the apathetic side concerning yet another speech. Perhaps they'll catch up with it later online or on phone. I'll plan to add the video here as soon as possible, too, because I want it here (and for You to watch, of course!)

Mr. Obama wants all of us to call, text, email, write, or terra-mail our Reps in Washington (we still have a few I guess) and let them know what we think about his proposed legislation. After all, the president knows whose poll numbers are @ rock bottom and they aren't his.

Oh, and when the Address ended, the powerful Pluto/North Node midpoint was precisely at Midheaven (The Goal; Career; Public Status)...

Pluto/NN = MC: the future depends on contacts with others.Well, call or write Capitol Hill. Because in these perilous times--it really really does.

Note: for Chiron in Pisces stuff you may also wish to scroll a little way down the sidebar and type Chiron in Pisces into SO'W's Search Bar, provided by Google. Thanks! Jude

As I type it's now 7:56 pm edt and Eric Cantor has just been featured on TV braying basically what you'd expect. So let's see how the Jackassians spin things in order to undermine Obama's American Jobs Act plan and continue their reckless dismantling of America.


Image above: Pisces from the Secret Moon Art collection of drawings.

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LB said...

Hi Jude - Unfortunately, the President also suggested during his speech last night that certain "adjustments" be made to healthcare programs like Medicare and Medicaid. If these cuts are implemented in their current form, it would mean even less support available for those members of society least able to afford it, namely the elderly and the poor.

It can be challenging enough to access services through these plans - in reality, Obama's proposed adjustments would result in even greater numbers of people having to do without necessary healthcare.

I hope when people contact their Representatives, they also consider urging them to take proposed cuts to Medicare and Medicaid *off* the table.

As always Jude, thanks for keeping us informed.