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Sep 13, 2011

Wild Card of the Universe: Solar Eclipse Nov 25, 2011

Eclipse as Wild Card, Financial Uproar on Horizon, & Gerald Celente's Crash Forecast

by Jude Cowell

In general, eclipses in a horoscope (and in the life Astrology describes) function as 'Wild Cards of the Universe' as they're often termed, acting as catalysts that precipitate changes with consequences that they will never be affected or changed by, ever.) Plus, the unexpected quality of astrological Uranus's dynamic energy and its tendency to act early, late, or never upon other planets in a horoscope adds to its mystique as a "Wild" Card, introducing The Unexpected and possibly upsetting process, action, or event.

As you know, Uranus rules lightening, and the spark of genius which God may bestow upon a man or woman. Electricity and Shock naturally The Sky god's provinces as well and its trademarks of Independence, Freedom, Dissent, and Revolt are well known and are obviously a big ole clue to the particular importance of revolutionary Uranus in America's natal horoscope @ 8Gem55.

And we know that the radical Utopians, anarchists, usurpers, and secession promoters in thin disguise, are signified by the sign position of transiting Uranus, currently passing hrough Tropical Aries, a sign ruled by fiery Mars, archetypally the god of war and turmoil. It is from the brilliant Reinhold Ebertin that I take a clue of the true identity of Uranus in Aries, with Aries Point conjunct US natal IC (The Drain; Endings; Home; Real Estate--World Manifestation Point 00Ari00 = AP - tr Uranus, at America's Foundation Point.)

For the spear's point of such riotous enterprises, the position and condition of Mars is implicated, with higher octave, saboteur Pluto motivating activist Mars to commit even more nefarious crimes than he otherwise might (like the FBI setting up would-be terrorists with bombs and money.) And though the Mars figure or figures may be completely unaware of such manipulation, at least for a while--Pluto's Psychology talents fit perfectly with his penchant for Propaganda.

As Chris Hedges has said, We're living in Orwell's Oceana, not Huxley's Brave New World.

Well, if you missed it, here's the Horoscope with details of the November 25, 2011 Solar Eclipse, titled, a peculiar turn of events which may refer to what's in store from the report due November 23 from the 'Super Congress' ('Super Committee') with its supra-congressional peculiarities, or to other things...wild.


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