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Apr 22, 2020

DC Horoscope: May 7, 2020 Full Scorpio Moon

DC Horoscope: Full Moon @17Sco20 May 7, 2020 6:45:06 am edt Washington DC in 6th house/Sun in 12th house; Hour of Jupiter; ASC 29Tau15; Midheaven ('MC') 7AQ34; Mars (26AQ) conjunct US natal Moon (26/27AQ) and opposing the natal Mars (26Leo) of Donald Trump - with the Saturn-Neptune midpoint complicating matters (see chart, upper right).

Chart-ruler Venus in 1st house makes no applying Ptolemaic aspects to other planets but, due to retrogradation, won't conjoin the North Node until early August (see lower left); however, Venus conjoins US natal Mars in Gemini suggesting some measure of cooperation.

This Full Moon falls across the 3/9 axis of Trump's natal horoscope. And since these and other current cosmic conditions have been previously discussed here on SO'W, please enlarge the image if you wish to read my study notes.

And as always, your on-topic comments and observations are invited--welcomed, in fact. Note that all spam will be deleted. jc

Apr 11, 2020

Easter Sunrise 2020 Washington DC: Sun Trine Moon!

Easter April 12, 2020 Sunrise: He Is Risen! is how my Easter posts have always begun in celebration of the Good News for those who believe (as do I). Unfortunately, this post has Trumpism drizzled all over it due to current conditions of the Coronavirus contagion so ably encouraged by contagious Neptune floating through its own shady, frail sign of Pisces and with handmaidens harsh Saturn-Pluto and infectious Mars telling their own turbulent tales. For as you know, Neptune's urge-to-merge desires are being fulfilled all too well these days on a cellular level as people across the globe suffer and pass away, their demises often egged on by too-little-too-late medical care which is stymied, mishandled, or denied by politicians and their enablers of an anti-societal mindset, animated by the spirit of destruction that now roams the Earth almost completely unchecked. As foretold.

Conditions will get worse and stats will increase 'they say', and this we intuit without being told from the screens of our TVs and devices where 'talking heads' follow their scripts of doom, jobs are lost, and financial markets crash around greedy ears. Remember that year 2020 is forever imprinted by its first eclipse--a Lunar Eclipse at critical degree conjunct a certain star.

Meanwhile, shocking Uranus is busy lurching through earthy Taurus, a money sign of growth and development, as earth changes continue to alarm and harm, environmental damage and danger distress us, and new finance is sought from unusual sources. How obvious is it that Gaia, our Mother Earth, is upset and who can blame her? Do you know that April 22, 2020 is the 50th anniversary of Earth Day?

Now let's focus on the Cosmic Weather of Easter Sunday 2020 through a common-good yet political-astrological lens by considering the day's horoscope for clues. My apology that no horoscope image can appear here since ink cartridges are empty and a long waiting period for delivery means fresh cartridges will arrive whenever they manage to arrive. I'd be happy to hand-draw a chart for you but my printer won't allow me to skip print and select 'scan'! Therefore, this post will not consider the April 12th horoscope as fully as I'd prefer.

April 12, 2020 Sunrise at 6:39:40 am EDT over Washington DC with Sun rising at 22Aries and Moon @22Sagittarius in a Fire trine, karmic because the luminaries are in the same 22nd degree. Happily, there's Good News for a Sun-Moon trine suggests strong recuperative powers, stamina, and a sense of optimism - may they extend for everyone across the globe! Sabian Symbols for the rounded-up degrees of the Sun and Moon add information to our clues: "23Aries": "A Woman in Pastel Colors Carrying a Heavy and Valuable But Veiled Load" and "23Sag": "Immigrants Entering a New Country." Yes, Covid-19 restrictions have brought new conditions in and transformation of America and elsewhere, it's true.

Yet with the astrological Moon associated with the physical body and health, how curious that April 12, 2020 is a day of a monthly Trump Lunar Return so it's interesting that Trump has linked the day to his idea of an early recovery and "time to get back to work" after dire government commands to "shelter in place" and stay home from work if you're symptomatic, have tested positive for Covid-19, or are simply contagious with whatever. Apparently his mind has been changed to a later date but I wonder if his eagerness is misplaced optimism, foolhardiness, or a political tactic against his opponents in a desperate attempt to "win" by hook or crook in November? Maybe all of the above. After all, transit Neptune, planet of fantasy, deception, and fraud, continues moving into an exact square with Trump's natal Sun-Moon opposition suggesting that he's the wrong person to go to when realism is needed due to illusions, deceptions, misunderstandings, mistakes, easy upsets, and/or eroding relationships. In a nutshell, unreliability.

Of course, no one needs Astrology to tell them any of this for we know his fantastical history of lies, deceit, and misconceptions. Yet in spite of Donald Trump, Easter 2020 brings comfort to the afflicted via the Sun-Moon trine for those who care to receive the gift!

Comic Weather of Easter 2020

Now as you know, Sun Aries-Moon Sagittarius is a double Fire combo of conscious + unconscious energies with embers that fly high into the stratosphere like a roaring bonfire when things are going its way. But once reality steps in, the 'black dog of depression' hits hard. Historically, Winston Churchill and Mark Twain (aka, Samuel Clemons) were born under double Fire Sun-Moon blends and are known to have suffered heavy depression and dark pessimism when times were tough.

So although we are facing more dark days ahead, my fervent hope this Easter Morning is that tough times will ease soon, relief will come to the afflicted, responsibilities will be faced and shouldered with courage, and we will look up with confidence in the knowledge that what's been sown by those who worship death will be exactly what they reap--for all will be made right in the end.

Feb 20, 2013

Horoscope: Mars = Aries Point Mar 12, 2013 (a YOD returns)

March 12, 2013: Mars to 00Aries00 denotes conflict and fanaticism

by Jude Cowell

Perhaps you'd like a view of the horoscope of transit Mars to 'his' own Aries Point 00Ari00:00 on March 12, 2013 at 2:26 am edt in Washington DC. Mars = AP, a World Point of Manifestation and Prominence, also denotes testy activist and warrior Mars conjoining US natal IC (Homeland; Foundation; End of the Matter; The Drain) in our national 'Sibly' chart (July 4, 1776 5:10 pm LMT Philadelphia, PA.) This indicates fiery actions and, as it happens, rash action on the home front, and of course, we think of police departments applying for permits to use drones to spy and control the American people, and many other Mars-based activities such as protests, strikes, quarrels, fires, and military concerns.

Since March 20, 2013 heralds this year's Aries Ingress (Spring Equinox) when the Sun reaches 00Ari00:00, we may expect quite a Mars-infused season since it's not every March that Mars hits the Aries Point before or after the Sun which makes the AP a tender or sensitive spot in the Zodiac in March 2013.

The Sun-Mars duo of energies in Politics and Business relates to potentials for: military development as an extension of internal policy, hostile actions or challenges to authority which are subdued by guards or armed forces (prison riots? arresting protesters? tear gas or tasers?), a leader with a military background (Chuck Hagel?); then: extending aggression as the will of the people; military might developed to be used against others (build-up and deployment?), government or business authority that is linked to the armed forces (drones across America?), and/or violence against chosen leaders. (Munkasey.)

As you see, the difficult YOD pattern of special tasks and turning points from the Winter Solstice 2012 horoscope is back in force as of March 10th when Jupiter moved into orb again with the Saturn and Pluto inconjuncts. The YOD describes the ongoing conflicts and conditions of the end-of-year, manufactured 'fiscal cliff' embroilment in Washington which wasn't fully resolved and has resulted in the current March 1st 'sequester cuts' of which we speak. Some pundits say resolution of some sort will come around March 27th and there is a Full Moon on that date in the early morning but the Moon becomes V.O.C. at 2:14 pm edt so we'll see how their timing goes on Capitol Hill and if their deliberations 'flow' with the Moon's natural rhythm.

The YOD Pattern Forms Difficult Midpoint Pictures

Social fanaticism, quarrels, and sudden upsets are some of the midpoint pictures' potentials from the YOD configuration of Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto--but when we include US natal Uranus (which is conjoined by Jupiter in December and into 2013) we find a disturbing picture: 'brutal efforts to start a new order; an attack, regardless of potential losses' (Tyl) which I believe denotes the anarchy and austerity reforms now being attempted in Washington DC against our government and our people. If the 'sequester cuts' miss the military budget while cleaving out funds from our social safety net, we'll know the anarchists have finally won against FDR's and LBJ's social improvements--"regardless of (the) potential losses" suffered by We the People.)

Chart: Hour of evaluating Venus at a critical degree (17Pis), Sun 21Pis50 and Moon 27Pis18 are 5 degrees 28 minutes past their New Moon conjunction @21Pis24 ('22Pis' = "A Man Bringing the New Law Down from Sinai"--or, the karmic degree '21Pis' = "A Little White Lamb, a Child, and a Chinese Servant" (Jones, with my bold emphasis due to our topic.)

In The 360 Degrees of the Zodiac, Adriano Carelli (who does not round up the degree) gives '21Pis' the symbol, "Nightly duel of two ancient crusaders" and says the degree gives a "warlike temperament"; Carelli adds, "My son, the cut was good, now think of the stitching," words of Catherine de Medici to her son Henry III after the murder of the *Duke of Guise--of course we are reminded of March 2013's sequester 'cuts' with which the GOP intends to throw the US economy back into recession thereby messing with President Obama's second term and preventing his plans from being realized. Obviously, 'crusader' is also a facet of astrological Mars.

Pluss, sex, guns, axes, knives and other weapons fall within the province of the Red Planet (even figurative ones used to cravenly slash budgets and starve small children) so you won't want to miss the instructive insights of expert astrologer John Townley in his article American Circus.

And here's a peek at the Spring Equinox 2013 horoscope set for DC with a few details added, if you haven't yet checked it out.


*In 1908, a film was made about The Assassination of the Duke of Guise.

Dec 31, 2012

12.30.12 Hillary Clinton's blood clot: an active Mars and Neptune

12.30.12 Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in the News

by Jude Cowell

News Update Dec 31, 2012: Hillary Clinton Blood Clot Between Brain and Skull. See 'Mars-Saturn = skull' below. Doctors say she has not suffered a stroke and will fully recover!

Original post begins here:

Huffington Post is as good a source as any to read what little is publicly known about Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's ongoing health issues. Today it was announced that she's been admitted into the New York-Presbyterian Hospital due to a blood clot discovered after her recent concussion suffered from a fall during a fainting spell which resulted from severe dehydration after contracting a stomach virus.

Whew! That's quite a paragraph and a list of medical dominoes falling, isn't it?

A quick spying upon current transits to Sec. Clinton's natal chart (October 26, 1947 Chicago, IL @8:01 pm CST--I use this time to give her a Prominent Degree rising--00Can03--and because of her round face...Cancer's Moon), otherwise, 8:00 pm results in a nervous, wiry, *crisis-ridden 29Gemini49 Ascendant with a 6th house Rx Mercury @21Sag19 as chart-ruler rather than the Moon @29Pis12, a critical degree, yes, but also conjoining another Degree of Prominence, the Aries Point. But that's just me--feel free to disagree if you think this accomplished politician has a natal horoscope ruled by a retrograde planet and that she reminds you of a nervous Nelly!

Now information on her original problem, a stomach virus, has seemed quite elusive to me for I've search in vain for an exact date, time, and location. She travels so much, logging in visits to 112 countries as Secretary of State, that my little brain cannot possibly keep up with her wheres and whens. So if you, dear reader, have the scoop on her falling prey to what is described as a "stomach virus", please advise in a comment or email.

But let's proceed as if the story is genuine though with Neptune's involvement, some form of poison, gas, toxin, or contagion is always a possibility.

Apparently the tummy virus hit her in "early December" as did her fainting episode (Neptune, also Uranus-Neptune = unconsciousness) at some point when she was 'at home alone' and fell, hitting her head (Mars-Saturn = skull, violent assaults or injuries; Saturn rules bones and Mars, the head...Aries.) Mrs. Clinton has a trio in her health-associated 3rd house--a very close conjunction of Mars 14Leo16 and Pluto 14:51, plus, Saturn @21Leo21. Dehydration, a Saturn and a Water sign (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces--natal planets in all 3) issue is part of the fainting spell, plus, I assume that dizziness may have been a factor as well.

Her extreme exhaustion from non-stop traveling has been a recent concern--retirement coming up soon--and may have become more obvious around October 28, 2012 when restrictive Saturn hit natal Sun @2Sco48, dampening her vitality (and maybe stomping on her ego!) And of course, the stress from the Benghazi, Libya consulate attack/s and the much-touted scandal couldn't have helped what may turn out to be a shaky period of medical problems for our 65-year old Secretary of State.

Even before the "early December" time frame, a perilous transit took place when testosterone-driven Mars @25Sag55 opposed natal Uranus and Ascendant on November 11, 2012 indicating difficulties for group activities, disruption of events and schedules, and generally unstable conditions. Disaster can strike during such times, large crowds and strangers pose risks, and other people with biased opinions may attack, even physically.

More trouble in November!

November 15th brought the lady a Mars square natal Moon (Moon = physical body) transit when equipment failures, stalled vehicles, and other frustrating delays can occur. Digestive complaints from poor food preparation (or from something untoward slipped in? just a thought) are almost a given with this transit and I must wonder if the stomach virus hit her around mid-November, give or take a day or so. Also, creating antagonism in male associates within the environment is not a good idea at such a time for disagreements can escalate and be particularly emotional and nasty.

Then on December 1st, warrior Mars @11Cap22 squared her natal Neptune in Libra, sign of diplomacy and partnership. Problems include disorganization, rationalized or deceptive actions, and time and energy that turn out to be wasted. Inattention may cause dangerous repercussions while lack of awareness (Uranus-Neptune) may provide hidden dangers (Mars) an opportunity to pounce from the Neptunian shadows.

Now transiting Neptune has been active, too. For on December 10th, a square from tr Neptune to natal Jupiter @00Sag37 (in natal 6th house of Health, Work, and Service, and ruler through Pisces of her natal MC--'1Sag' = "A Grand Army of the Republic Campfire"), marking another period of disorganization and cat-herding which, along with unrealistic expectations and misplaced faith, can undermine all growth and development. And of course, Jupiter is associated with Long-Distance Travel to Foreign Lands, Ideology, Religion, Courts, and other 9th H matters.

Neptune SQ natal Jupiter may also denote illusion, deception, extravagance, and/or exaggeration any of which can lead to disaster if not checked by prudence. Fanaticism pretends to be idealism and blind devotion leads to falsehood and possibly to scandal--often with money involved.

Now this reminds me of the September 11th Benghazi attack/s and what I heard initially about how Republicans had voted to cut funds two years in a row for our foreign embassies' security. Yet I haven't continued to hear about cuts to security budgets in the Benghazi scandal's aftermath, have you? Only that security was insufficient and local police were inexperienced, and that though Sec. Clinton took responsibility for the lapses before the official report came out, she "wasn't blamed."

Well, there are two more transits I want to mention though I'm certain there are others which apply, if you care to look. The first is the day that her concussion was diagnosed, December 13th, the day that tr Chiron (the Wounded Healer) conjoined Mrs. Clinton's natal Midheaven (Career) @5Pis23. Obviously we may take Chiron to be a doctor or doctors! And their diagnosis was announced publicly (Mc) though certain Republicans (ex: John Bolton) didn't believe the story and called it a 'diplomat's illness' meant to keep her from having to testify on Capitol Hill on December 20th concerning the attacks.

December 29th: last is a square (obstacles, blockages) from Mars (attacks, challenges, infection, inflammation, etc) to natal Sun in Scorpio which is ruled by Mars and sub-ruled by toxic Pluto. (Note the above mention of her 3rd H trio of Mars-Pluto-Saturn.) When Mars SQs natal Sun, willpower and authority may be tested or challenged, and one feels super-touchy if someone encroaches on what should be ones 'territory'.

Again, tension with or between male co-workers or employees is likely though unfortunately, a blood (Mars) clot (Saturn) has intruded upon the usual portents of this transit with the Sun representing vitality, the constitution, and the heart. Her diagnosis and admittance to hospital today, December 30th, is most closely timed by this transit, a period when caution should be exercised in all physical activities and hasty actions are ill-advised. Plus, as you see, there's been quite a difficult build-up of planetary energies over the last several weeks which could sideline anyone!

Now I won't go on with transits to Hillary Clinton's natal chart or mention progressions, Returns, or other implications yet I must add that she has difficult transits in store for January 2013, primarily from fiery Mars which culminates, in a sense, with Mars conjoining her natal Mc on February 8, 2013, usually a period when career matters are visibly on the rise.

So with this post, my wishes for a speedy recovery are willingly offered and I hope Secretary Clinton is back on her feet, if not on her grueling schedule, in as short a time as possible. This lady deserves a rest!


*Okay, so her life has been somewhat 'crisis-ridden', I agree! And Uranus rising denotes one who is able to successfully cope and deal with the unexpected. FDR had this and in Gemini, too. Yet he was always seen as superficial (Gemini) so if you know of anyone who calls Hillary Clinton that, I'd like to hear about it!

May 28, 2012

Vatican scandal boils as Vatican horoscope shows

Oh, What a Tangled Web in Rome

by Jude Cowell

As expected, the leaky scandal at the Vatican has swollen and a Cardinal may be among the plotters along with the arrested butler.

From March 22, 2012, here's a link to a 3-part video presentation by Max Igan in which several topics are discussed, among them the Vatican Bank. It seems a given to me that the Vatican Bank is intricately involved in the current scandal and the battle for the Pope's fancy hat, scepter, and golden ring!

Now as you know, there are two natal horoscopes for the Vatican: the Independence chart of June 6, 1929 4:01:20 pm CET Rome Italy (historical record) when the religious organization officially became a city state and a law unto itself, and the Vatican II chart: October 13, 1962 9:00 am CET Vatican City, Italy.

Yes, the Vatican Bank has been involved in scandals 'ere this including in 2006 when a banker was murdered after leaving a meeting of the Opus Dei. God's Work indeed! And if you're in a Googling mood, I'm quite certain you can find more scandalous goings-on and mayhem happening at the Vatican and the Vatican Bank without much trouble at all.

Jupiter-Neptune Calling

Astrologically speaking, the 1962 horoscope is being activated at the moment with natal IC 1Pis51 (The Drain; Endings; Home) having fraudulent, scandalous Neptune 3Pis08 recently crossing it and there meeting natal Jupiter, planet of money and religion, at 3Pis15! As you know, the Jupiter-Neptune pair is often involved when finances are shady, grand schemes with glorious outcomes are promised, and religion is in the mix. Neptune to natal Jupiter denotes a time when idealism may become fanaticism, get-rich-quick schemes are offered, and illusion, extravagance, and exaggeration combine with disastrous results (as we see.) Practical perspectives are difficult if not impossible to keep when murky Neptune conjoins expansive Jupiter, and we might say that a deceptive (Neptune) Cardinal (Jupiter) is in the (4th) house.

Adding complexity, in the Vatican's 1929 horoscope, transit Neptune squares natal Jupiter, a time when finances are undermined, unrealistic expectations are prevalent, sneaky people creep about, and scandals lurk behind every curtain.

Other transits and progressions apply, of course, but these are the two transits to the natal charts that 'pop out' at me. You may wish to check the horoscopes for yourself, if you haven't!

Let's close with the 1962 chart which shows the mid-1960s' dynamic, explosive Uranus-Pluto conjunction at MC, the Public Status part of the horoscope: MC 1Vir51, Uranus 3Vir47, and Pluto 11Vir11--and transit Mars 13Vir27, the fire-starter, has just plowed through them causing havoc within those velvet-lined surroundings. N Uranus-Pluto = tr Mars: fanaticism; an act of violence; the mania of destruction; a state of precipitation; the stage of bending or breaking; injury; accident. (Ebertin.)

For further reading why not try an article from 1949 concerning the Vatican and Mussolini?

Jan 16, 2012

Obama's Mars Return 2012: Jan-Feb-June

Mars Returns for Presidents, Too

by Jude Cowell

Saturday January 14, 2012, marked the first of three returns of transiting Mars to President Obama's natal Mars position 22Virgo35, a 'three-fer' Mars Return for the president, the effects of which will last for the 2-year cycle (orbit) of the warring planet of action, aggression, quarrels, and desire nature.

When Mars returns to natal position, a rush of energy returns to the native and a new cycle of activity begins as the natal condition of Mars is emphasized. Hopefully, an injection of Martian testosterone will not be sent hurling bwo missiles or bombs from the Pentagon or White House toward other nations.

With Mr. Obama ('BHO') having Mars veiled by America's natal Neptune 22Vir25, we may expect the 'rock star' vibes of Mars/Neptune to be in evidence on some level even while the combo's disappointment and disillusionment influences continue to bedevil a Democratic presidency under siege from a GOP that, as usual, believes that only one of its minions is suitable to steer the White White helm.

The Condition of Mr. Obama's Natal Mars

The natal horoscope of Barack Obama (August 4, 1961 7:24 pm AHST Honolulu, Hawaii; ASC 18AQ01; MC 28Sco58) shows 10th-house-ruler Mars 22Vir35 in 7th H (Open Enemies; PArtnerships) near 8th cusp 25Vir55 (Corporations; Shared Resources; Debt, Credit, etc); Aries is intercepted in 2nd H showing a potential for karmic conditions relating to money and values; natal Mars applies to two planets:

1. semisquare Neptune 8Scorpio (1A02) showing minor irritation between actions and ideals; Mars and Pluto share rulership of Neptune bwo Scorpio, and n Pluto is also posited in fussy Virgo.

2. trine Saturn Rx 25Cap20 in 12th H of Politics and Karma; a Mars/Saturn trine indicates self-discipline, talent with military and police work (inform the GOP!), and improves all the favorable qualities of Capricorn such as a sense of responsibility, duty, accountability, control, prudence, caution, and stability.

The triple dates of the president's Mars Return 2012 are as follows:

1. January 14: Mars makes no applying aspects so house position (7th) and sign (Virgo) are emphasized; however, the red planet separates from trining the Sun 24Cap01 (1S27, from 7th H to 11th H of Groups) as the Sun approaches his natal Saturn, good for a very productive rush of energy into the psyche.

Mars rules 2nd H (Monetary concerns; Earning Ability; Values) with disruptive rebel, *Uranus 1Ar11 there, and Scorpio appears on the 9th H cusp of Foreign Lands, Higher Educaiton, and Philosophy. In Mercury-ruled Virgo, Mars is focused, dedicated to work and daily matters, and wants to be the authority in all details. (George W. Bush has a Virgoan Mars but enough about him.)

2. February 1: Mars is in Return 4th H, and makes no applying aspects as in #1, but separates from opposition to Venus 22Pis36 in Career-oriented 10th H; Mars rules 11th H (Aries) and 6th H (Sco); Mars sesquisquares Mercury (1S07), denoting an irritant between his thinking and his actions. The stand-off between Venus and Mars--possibly karmic since both are at 22 degrees--shows awareness of relationship issues with much potential for financial disagreements, plus, tax policy issues may be in the forefront including the misguided payroll tax cuts that undermine our Social Security Insurance program every time they're allowed.

Actually, BHO's Mars Return oo February 1, 2012 is key for the president (and thus for America) because, using the Moon as a timer, Mr. Obama has a Lunar Return 3Gem21 a mere two hours after new Martian energy rushes in which gives a Moon/Mars signature to Mars Return #2. ('Moon/Mars' = enterprises begun with great vigor--Ebertin); Mars is Rx, Mars/Pluto rule 6th H of Military and Police; Sun 12AQ32 times BHO's 'un-birthday'--Sun opposing natal Sun in Leo--so it's a primary date during the year when one's agenda should be re-assessed in relation to goals--and a course change should be implemented, if needed.

3. June 18 finds a more active Mars in the Return chart with three aspects to Mars' credit, two applying: sextile Mercury 19Can55 conjunct Fixed Star Castor in 12th H of Politics and Karma; Mars is posited in 3rd H conjunct 3rd cusp 20Vir53, and rules MC 22Ari52 (goals, aspirations = war?) and 5th H (Scorpio.)

Mercury @ 19Can55 recalls the 12 South Solar Eclipse 19Can24 of July 11, 2010 with its financial stress, delays in financial progress, and market fluctuations; this was a South Node eclipse so energy drained out rather than rushed in--though the capping of the BP-Deepwater Horizon blowout seemed to be taken care of 4 days after the eclipse. (Last I heard, BP oil is still leaking into the Gulf but other oil disasters and the Fukushima Meltdown have occurred since.)

View the July 11, 2010 Solar Eclipse Horoscope which, curiously enough, shows Mars in Virgo--or, not so curiously, since 2010 is one Mars cycle ago.

Next applying aspect of Mars is a square with the Moon (We the People--4A22) with an 11th-house Moon 18Gem13 approaching the Sun 27Gem53 (12th H); a Moon/Mars square shows possible emotional outbursts, problems getting along with women, aggression, and resentment when anyone interferes with goals. Mother-in-law issues may be on the White House menu as well though even BHO's political enemies shouldn't wish that on him if they know how karma tends to come back atcha!

Also in BHO's June 18, 2012 Mars Return horoscope, Mars separates from a square with the Sun showing recent problems with or blockages from enemies (oil transport blocked at Hormuz by Iran?) and obstacles to action which can result in greater concentration on the forceful attainment of aims.

Plus, Moon 18Gem13 stimulates the recent Lunar Eclipse of December 10, 2011 which spotlighted speeches, writers, negotiations, trade, commerce, and transport. As you know, in December 2011, DC was awash with the payroll tax cut stand-off and extension of unemployment benefits, matters which must be re-addressed in a few weeks. See the Gemini Lunar Eclipse Horoscope w details if you wish which shows a T-Square pattern between Sun/Moon and--you guessed it--Mars, and which event-wise marked the alleged 'end' of the US Occupation of Iraq.

Well, there's a brief astro-peek at President Obama's Mars Return 2012, and considering how loudly Washington is saber-rattling toward Iran, my sincere hope is that waging yet another war is not the "new cycle of activity" indicated by President Obama's extended Mars Return which occurs three times in 2012 and taints his (and our nation's) entire year with concerns over aggression, contests of strength and will, and other Martian activities and interests.


For further Martian reading try US military operation against Iran would be a grave
. Because it would.

Next Solar Eclipse: May 20, 2012 conjunct Alcyone (horoscope shown set for Washington DC, as usual.)

Walking down a 2010 Memory Lane to Capitol Hill: Senate Blocks Homeless Veterans' Bill (includes video.) Any 'lawmaker' blocking such a bill--or sneaking poison pill legislation into it--should spend two weeks living under a bridge, imho--sans iPhone or Blackberry, the worst punishment of all.

Looks more and more like Mitt Vulture Corporatist Romney will be the Republican nominee for president. You aren't seriously considering a vote for the GOP in November 2012, are you? It will be interesting to see how an elitist Mitt of a Mormon persuasion fares in the S.C. Primary on Saturday, January 21, 2012 especially with prominent Protestant ministers deciding to back a Catholic Rick Santorum.

Personally, if I were tempted to vote anti-Democrat (like if I hit my head on a Diebold Voting Diverter Machine and stunned myself silly), it would have to be for candidate Stephen Colbert...


*Uranus @ 1Ari11 conjoins the precise degree and minute of President Obama's recent Secondary Full Moon 1Ari11, a time when one should begin re-evaluating one's extension into the world for culmination is reached. A midpoint picture is formed with these potentials: Sec Sun/Moon = tr Uranus: acting independently; sudden events or separations in partnerships; sudden conflicts; shared upsets (Ebertin; any, all, or none may apply.)

Because today is Martin Luther King Day you may wish to read his Beyond Vietnam Speech of April 4, 1967--delivered exactly one year prior to his assassination.

The popular social and religious leader of the 1960s (Uranus conjunct Pluto in mid-Virgo = uprisings, riots, protests--now they square which brings up similar events and issues) greatly annoyed the powers-that-be which then took Dr. King out of the American picture for his combining of the strengths of the Civil Rights Movement, the Anti-War Movement, and the Workers' Movement into a globalist threat--a threat against globalists, who now threaten and throttle all Life as we know it with austerity for the people which helps fund more luxury and power for them.

Now it's 2012, and if you haven't, please consider the Occupy the Supreme Court efforts (Jan 20, 2012 @ noon!) of Move to Amend which refers to the corporation-favoring Citizens United SCOTUS decision of January 2010, that abomination which further undermines a nation that once favored Democracy and democracy over Plutocracy and its oppression.

Or at least, it seemed to for a while, didn't it?

Sep 13, 2011

Wild Card of the Universe: Solar Eclipse Nov 25, 2011

Eclipse as Wild Card, Financial Uproar on Horizon, & Gerald Celente's Crash Forecast

by Jude Cowell

In general, eclipses in a horoscope (and in the life Astrology describes) function as 'Wild Cards of the Universe' as they're often termed, acting as catalysts that precipitate changes with consequences that they will never be affected or changed by, ever.) Plus, the unexpected quality of astrological Uranus's dynamic energy and its tendency to act early, late, or never upon other planets in a horoscope adds to its mystique as a "Wild" Card, introducing The Unexpected and possibly upsetting process, action, or event.

As you know, Uranus rules lightening, and the spark of genius which God may bestow upon a man or woman. Electricity and Shock naturally The Sky god's provinces as well and its trademarks of Independence, Freedom, Dissent, and Revolt are well known and are obviously a big ole clue to the particular importance of revolutionary Uranus in America's natal horoscope @ 8Gem55.

And we know that the radical Utopians, anarchists, usurpers, and secession promoters in thin disguise, are signified by the sign position of transiting Uranus, currently passing hrough Tropical Aries, a sign ruled by fiery Mars, archetypally the god of war and turmoil. It is from the brilliant Reinhold Ebertin that I take a clue of the true identity of Uranus in Aries, with Aries Point conjunct US natal IC (The Drain; Endings; Home; Real Estate--World Manifestation Point 00Ari00 = AP - tr Uranus, at America's Foundation Point.)

For the spear's point of such riotous enterprises, the position and condition of Mars is implicated, with higher octave, saboteur Pluto motivating activist Mars to commit even more nefarious crimes than he otherwise might (like the FBI setting up would-be terrorists with bombs and money.) And though the Mars figure or figures may be completely unaware of such manipulation, at least for a while--Pluto's Psychology talents fit perfectly with his penchant for Propaganda.

As Chris Hedges has said, We're living in Orwell's Oceana, not Huxley's Brave New World.

Well, if you missed it, here's the Horoscope with details of the November 25, 2011 Solar Eclipse, titled, a peculiar turn of events which may refer to what's in store from the report due November 23 from the 'Super Congress' ('Super Committee') with its supra-congressional peculiarities, or to other things...wild.


A possibly related video: economist Gerald Celente's 'Money Addicts!'

Sep 1, 2011

Mundane Matters: Riots, Upheaval, and Mars Square Saturn

Moments of Mundane Astrology 2011

by Jude Cowell

In an attempt to catch up with some Astrology reading online this morning, I came across Mary Plumb's excellent Moon/Mars Square Saturn post from August 2011 on her Mountain Astrologer blog which reveals the path of a busy Mars, upstart and warrior, as The Fiery One triggers riots, upheavals, violence, and enraged feelings around the globe.

Plus, in the article's footnotes, Mary notes the triggering of Summer Eclipses by god of war, Mars, which has been out-of-bounds of the earthly plane for several weeks but is now back within the fold of our planetary panoply, though at a difficult spot in the Zodiac--19Can08 this morning. Therefore, Mars will soon conjoin the Twin Stars, Castor and Pollux (20--24Cancer), with both stars possessing murderous and cruel implications on the mundane level of life, creative as they may be when linked to our natal planets.

A Major Supporting Role

Of course, the Uranus/Pluto square, close to exactitude last on August 8, 2011 (horoscope shown, set for DC), plays its supporting role in the violence as well, recalling their extreme, intense influence of riots, protests, head-knocking, and Civil Rights/Anti-War/Workers' Rights demands of the mid-1960s, time of their last Great Conjunction in mid-Virgo.

So with radical rebel Uranus and sabotaging, manipulating Pluto square (90 degrees = frustration, blockages, obstacles) one another from initiating Cardinal signs (Aries and Capricorn), they're ready for action.

This pits a Mars-ruled actor in me-first Aries against a Saturn-ruled actor in Capricorn, sign of government, law, and business--and Mars/Saturn is a difficult combination of energies with 'persistent war' and 'taking what belongs to others' connotations.

For some relief, however, the Mars/Saturn combo has an off-on/hot-cold/stop-go flow of energy and thus, of influence so we should take breaks where we can.

Rick Perry: Preacher, Prez Candidate, or Both?

Then, for Rick Perry fans (or those like me who dread his presidency if we should be so daft as to vote for one) astrologer Alex Miller over at Daykeeper Journal has published an instructive article detailing Perry's history and career--then Alex delves into the Astrology of Rick Perry's natal chart and soon identifies Perry as a Sun/Pandora personality with all the unleashing the blend suggests.

So check out the article, if you missed it, and you may find yourself joining the Be Very Afraid Camp concerning Gov. Rick Perry, presidential candidate. As if you weren't a card-carrying member already!

Plus, in June I posted briefly here on the natal planets of Rick Perry (a related video is included) which amazingly is the most-viewed post on this blog at the moment.

How crazy is that?


Of potential interest to those in America who care about our Social Safety Net and think that Tax the Rich sounds more than logical about now--especially if it means that Granny won't have to resort to eating cat food for din din--follow the link just below. For as noted in yesterday's post on Jupiter now retrograde in greedy Taurus, it's time for Jupiterian philanthropy from the 'haves' of the world, not more draconian, Saturnian austerity to create more 'have-nots'!

Why, it's almost as if the global power elite want to collapse the world economy so that as the dust clears they can rebuild a global system in their favorite beastly image--oh wait! That is their Plan. And most of our sorry Washington politicians are their willing handmaidens! They and their careers would be tossed overboard (or x-ed out a la Castor and Pollux!)) if they didn't play along though most, I suspect, have been part of the totalitarian game from the moment they were 'read in' and found out how they supposedly would benefit.

Please visit The Other 98% and join in their actions at Town Hall meetings and elsewhere, if you care and dare!

For as Thom Hartmann says at the end of his broadcasts: 'Democracy begins when you show up--tag, you're it!

Jul 19, 2011

Consumer Financial Protection w a US Mars Return 7.21.11

July 21, 2011 is the day the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is meant to start operations and synchronicistically it is a day of a US Mars Return, a 2-year cycle of new activities beginning that very morning.

The condition of astrological Mars on Thursday July 21, 2011 isn't what consumers needing protection from financial wolves and thieves could wish but it will be what we have to work from: Mars conjunct South Node, a separative and Saturnian point of the Moon. This gives a 'Mars/Saturn' vibe of 'inhibited or destroyed vitality' to the bureau's nativity which, given its powerful opponents, may be directed at the bureau and its mandates rather than at the fraudsters and banksters who have made its creation necessary.

Mars conj SN indicates a questioning of societal values which is good as far as it goes yet there is a hint of 'stepping aside' if those values don't suit. However, Mars/SN may give the new bureau a 'loner' identity where it acts on its own decisions and disregards what others say or do. This I would consider a positive manifestation since I am in accord with the American people's need for such protection which then has a voice of authority that can speak up for we-the-people when larger forces oppress.

Where there is abuse, the bureau may bring civilian cases though criminal ones would have to be turned over to the Department of Justice, something that doesn't always result in justice being fairly given to the disenfranchised in America today, as you have noticed.

Negatively with Mars/SN, there can be a tendency toward acting at the wrong time or in the wrong place which antagonizes others into opposing the bureau's actions or findings. Anger, frustration, and even violence can result and it's quite clear that being set up under a Democratic president will make the CFPB an entity that Republicans will gum up at every turn (Elizabeth Warren gave up being abused by a Republican-ruled House and will not head the agency she created, as most consumers wanted--instead it will be headed by Richard Cordray.)

So I must wonder if the bureau will be able to do its job at all or will simply create more stand-offs, gridlocks, and ideological straw men that Washington dis-serves the American people with now. Hopefully, Mr. Cordray will put his best political face on before every game of chess he'll be playing and can keep the CFPB from ending up like a kitten ensnared in string.,,cute as all get out, but quite toothless.

And of course, plutocratic Republicans would never have set up such an agency to aid unwary consumers, the hapless pigeons of their Pluto/Chiron dreams!

The only other aspect made by Mars in our national Mars Return chart for 2011 is a semi-square (45 degr) to Jupiter in Taurus, a money sign. This is a minor indicator of obstacles, irritation, and frustration yet if determined to succeed, may result in a dynamic release of energy.

The Mars/Jupiter semisquare may also be descriptive of monied interests (banks, Wall Street--the Bull--credit card companies, global wheeler-dealers, monarchists, etc) interfering in the bureau's actions and decisions at every turn for the aspect astrologically stamps a 4th harmonic imprint upon the entire enterprise. And of course, they will interfere, won't they?

Here's a brief video message from Elizabeth Warren which I snagged from the CFPB website with the helpful motto: Know Before You Owe:

Rounding up America's Mars degree to '22 Gem' doesn't seem to me to apply to this situation as well as the actual degree from July 4, 1776 does. See what you think:

US Mars '21 Gemini' = "A Labor Demonstration"...REPRESENTATION...

positive expression: a consistent courage in attacking major problems at any cost of minor well-being or inconvenience.

negative/unconscious/shadow side: futile ill-will and bluster.

(The Sabian Symbols in Astrology, Marc Edmund Jones, with my addition of 'unconscious/shadow side' and italics.)

Well, Happy Mars Return 2011, everyone!

May 10, 2011

Visible Alignment of Planets: a presaging of 2012? 5.10.11

1999, the New Millennium, 2012, and Planets All in a Row 2011

by Jude Cowell

May 10, 2011: as of today it is possible to see with the naked eye a fabulous celestial show: a line-up of Mercury, Venus, Mars, and Jupiter in the wee hours of the morning for the next few weeks.

Even quirkily inclined Uranus and shy Neptune may be viewed if environmental conditions are right and you have a decent pair of binoculars! (Do let me know here in a Comment if you spy them. Or message: judecowell at gmail dot com.)

Now some folk are relating the current line-up to the potential devastation expected in 2012 though astronomers at NASA are poo-pooing the idea. They say that no similar configuration is on the Universe's schedule for December 21, 2012, the end date of the Mayan Calendar. Yet what the date is the end of, no one really knows. Apparently planet Venus is involved and is said to have been the culprit in an earlier cosmic disaster some millions of years ago; the Sunspot Cycle is also implicated.

For further investigation on such topics as 2012, you may be interested in a website I recently discovered called Shift of the Ages along with New World Order 2012 which addresses such head-scratching topics.

Plus, there's a classic A&E program that mentions the Mayan Calendar 2012 question and is narrated by the excellent Leonard Nimoy - click for a video of Part 1, then click through for the rest, if you wish, for it remains quite watchable as Planet Earth nears 2012.

Is Fear of 2012 Really Necessary?

Personally I suspect that one-world-government types have for decades played upon and manipulated public fears (perhaps assisted by the ancient cataclysm mentioned above involving Venus which, if so, rests deep within our Collective Unconscious) for their own power-grabbing purposes. Something is coming up that they will use to justify their increased control and reordering of our lives.

Such social manipulators use Astrology, too, you know!

And their agenda was ramped up after the Biblical portents in the Book of Revelation became visible astrologically in the horoscope of the King of Terror Solar Eclipse (aka, the 'King of Alarm Eclipse', or 'The Mother of All Eclipses') which Nostradamus predicted centuries ago and which manifested on August 11, 1999. The article lines you up with the eclipse horoscope if you wish a view.

1999: A Major Shift of Cosmic Energies

The mid-degrees of the Fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius) are spotlighted in the August 11, 1999 chart and in Astrology have been known for ages as the Oxen Point, Lion Point, Eagle Point, and Angel Point.

So I must ask you: since the New Millennium began have we not experienced an abundance of misery and fear-mongering upon the Earth since God's angels (timed by the 1999 eclipse and predicted in Revelation) let go the four corners of 'the winds of war and strife'?

The Ultimate Dilemma

In an ultimate and eternal sense, all I can say is that everyone who ever lived, lives now, or will be born of Planet Earth has a true condition before God - what our Creator thinks of each one of us, not what we or anyone else thinks. (Mankind's ego need not apply!)

So to me, given the current climate of natural and other disasters - with more to come - it seems that the most important thing anyone could ever do in his or her life is to examine one's heart of hearts and attend to and repair His opinion - the only one that truly matters - in order to improve one's status according to The Light one has received!

Nov 21, 2009

Does 'The Matrix' have your computer?

In the wee hours of this morning I was on my WordPress blog attempting to do some code posting that wasn't working out when I got a message typed at me on the screen saying 'The Matrix' "has" me.

Read more here and don't hesitate to let me know if you have any good ideas. Is my pc's Adobe Flashplayer old, perhaps? Curiously, I had just spent about 3 hours or so creating a new Art Slideshow at, too.

Funny that a mystery message should happen after the (rare) rude comment of personal attack that I received on this blog yesterday - by a cowardly 'Anonymous', of course - I published it and you may find it by scrolling to yesterday's post about Sarah Palin's disappointing folks who attended her book signing tour.

Well, I guess a rude comment would be from one of her fanatics, wouldn't it?

Astrologically, good old transiting Mars of quarrels and attacks - Mr. Contentious himself - is now opposing my natal Pluto in Leo. Nice. Because as stated in a recent post, it will be 33 long weeks of Mars in Leo!

Oct 25, 2007

Fiery Mars in California

Having just posted Mars and the Fires of California at Jude's Threshold, you may wish to check it out concerning the similarities between out-of-bounds Mars 2007 and out-of-bounds Mars 1993, which was also a year of California wildfires causing great damage and misery--and the year of the FBI-ATF's siege at Waco.

As you know, the natal chart I use for the NWO is set for Oct 24, 1993, timed by the third and final conjunction of Uranus and Neptune. These two transpersonal era-defining planets hooked up all through 1993.


Two Burned Bodies Found in SoCal which may turn out to be more mysterious than we now know or may ever be told.