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Sep 15, 2011

Pluto Stations Direct 4Cap53 Sept 16, 2011

The Tracker Pauses in His Tracks: Pluto Turns Direct 9.16.11

by Jude Cowell

In Mundane Astrology, Pluto has many layers of meaning. Some potentials are: plutocrats, the government (administration and infrastructure), power and its abuse and misuse, big business and corporatism, the criminal Underworld (ex: Mafia), surveillance and spies, detectives, assassins and saboteurs, fear, secrets and scandals, the mega-wealthy class, taboos, Psychiatry and mind control, propaganda, methods of coping, oil, plutonium, other valuable things under the earth, tunnels and pipes, nuclear energy and weapons, death, destruction, and transformation.

Yet Mr. Hades can be the monster lurking beneath the bed or play The Philanthropist with a conscience (but also an ulterior motive)!

Once absolute power has been attained--and it has, Pluto has no intention of giving it up yet we've seen the beginning of riots, protests, and upheavals from populations across the globe as radical Uranus on the streets squares entrenched Pluto in his ivory tower in an attempt to block (square) the furthering of Pluto's abuse of power against the disenfranchised underclasses (Pluto/Chiron.)

Yes, the Cardinal Grand Cross of 2010 extends into 2011 and beyond and will 'inspire' more societal stand-offs between classes and political factions.

Pluto's Direct Station Sept 16, 2011

In Washington DC on Friday September 16, 2011, Pluto turns Direct at 2:25 pm edt with 25 Sagittarius rising which makes a 4th house (Real Estate) Jupiter (banking) the chart-ruler. (Jupiter's applying trine to Pluto is mentioned below.) Moneybags Jupiter is retrograde @ 9Tau51, not the condition we prefer for a chart-ruler--this points toward continuing foreclosures which are now being put into legal processes again (Rx) by the banking industry (Jupiter Rx trine Pluto, now Direct.)

It also points directly toward China, whose totem is The Dragon (Pluto), opening the World Economic Forum's Annual Meeting of the New Champions today--see NPR's China Tells Others to Put Financial House in Order. Our Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner is to speak there tomorrow (9.16), the day Pluto turns Direct.

Thing is, Secretary Geithner speaks with the Sun (leadership) conjoining US natal Neptune in Virgo (work; workers; service) so idealism and fantasy are in the air and someone is zooming someone--probably on both sides (US and China.)

So with Pluto now moving forward and stationing during the World Economic Forum, will China act as the world's economic savior as some have suggested? Pluto, er...China, isn't much impressed with that idea but we'll see. To do so would give the Chinese government more leverage and plutonian control which it apparently desires.

In September, Pluto rises with Fixed Star Aquila (The Eagle; bold action) and there are indications of war drums with Pluto's degree '5Cap' = "Indians Rowing a Canoe and Dancing a War Dance"--not what most Americans want since we're overburdened with Bush-Cheney wars as it is, but Pluto doesn't ask permission from anyone for his strong-armed pursuit of global power and domination.

A Cardinal T-Square with Apex Pluto

With a 9th house (Foreign Lands) Venus 2Lib03 opposing Uranus 2Ari57 Rx in 3rd house of Communications, a square from manipulative Pluto creates a Cardinal T-Square and forms a midpoint picture with these possible manifestations, some of which may turn up in the news as events or scandals:

Venus/Uranus = Pluto: potential for notoriety; exhibitionism; high excitability; accusations, attacks, or disruptions in seeking satisfaction; fanaticism when pursuing enjoyment of affection. (Tyl; Ebertin; Munkasey.)

Sexy! Yet in Business and Politics, the Venus/Uranus pair itself relates to a treasury showing unexpected rises and falls in valuations, strange or eccentric behavior toward financial assets, and/or ruling bodies unable to cope with sudden increases or lacks of financial resources. (Munkasey.)

Now when karmic Pluto is apex (focus) in a Cardinal T-Square, high-level executives are indicated, and certain bloodlines may hold sway. Secluded in an ivory tower, this isolated Pluto never shares power and ruthlessly overwhelms any opposition to his plans for domination especially when challenged; subversive actions and manipulation are used to force his ambitions upon others.

(On the topic of plutonian, draconian bloodlines and US presidents, of course the satanic Merovingians come first to mind.)

So as Venus and Uranus both square The Dragon, US natal Jupiter--Geithner?--is again opposed by transiting Pluto, a difficult and key time for US finances and for political maneuverings as power struggles stymie efforts. The phrase "called on the carpet" comes to mind for Mr. Geithner's visit to China.

Apex Pluto in a Cardinal T-Square describes explosive endings making way for a new direction but if the 'new direction' is global totalitarianism, America's sovereignty and independence will be become things of the past--we're in process of that breakdown now, aren't we?

Jupiter trine Pluto (4A58) indicates aid from banking and other entities (Jupiter - gurus, preachers, generals, Republicans, etc) toward power goals, yet aid is delayed due to Jupiter's Rx state (until Christmas 2011.)

Venus square Pluto (0A55) shows overreactions to something said or done--things are Very Serious, no jokes allowed. Old issues surface bringing along resentments, suspicions, jealousies, and anger over past actions which perhaps were not aboveboard. (Plus, the Venus/Pluto pair has a connection to bankruptcy.)

Well, there are many other chart factors of importance if you care to set up a chart for Pluto's Direct Station on Friday. I'll close with a list of the midpoint pictures formed at 2:25 pm edt in Washington DC (9.16.11) for your consideration--any, all, or none may apply:

Mars/Pluto = Saturn: leaving no stone unturned in pursuit of a particular task; a desire to forcibly overcome obstacles at all cost; frustrated goals require persistence; lessened personal power.

Mars/Pluto = MC (15Lib49 = US natal Saturn, as above): learning to gain control and use powerful or extreme measures for improving status; unusual capabilities for advancement; facing overwhelming force without power (Pluto oppo US n Jupiter; tr Mars opposing US n Pluto 27Cap33 Rx in USA's 2nd house of Money); intervention of a Higher Power (China saves the global financial system?)

Jupiter/NN = Neptune (an ongoing mdpt picture): indecision or vacillation; inhibitions in partnerships; instability; unreliability; disappointment; getting sober again.

Moon/NN = Neptune: disappointment through others; an undermining of associations or unions.

Moon/Saturn = Mars: a lack of determination; the desire to overcome difficulties; feeling inferior; soul conflicts; separation or illness.

Moon/MC = Mars: total devotion to a task; industriousness; a spirit of endeavor.

And last but not least, our world's two societal planets, Jupiter and Saturn, point to activist Mars as well...

Jupiter/Saturn = Mars: a lack of endurance; enforcing changes of circumstances and life conditions; feeling unrewarded and making a change; not wanting to toe the line; ambition emerges out of discontent.

And since Mars opposes US natal Pluto...

Jupiter/Saturn = n Pluto: dramatic trust of self; fearlessness; major change of situation; tremendous perseverance; attaining aims slowly but surely; immense efforts; restrictions; separations; violent changes.

Mercury/Venus = Sun: compassion; recognition; a sunny disposition.


You may wish to check out a previous post on similar topics: China's natal chart and why Geithner is there with the nation's natal horoscope shown with transits for Secretary Geithner's visit in April 2010. You'll see that a transit now repeats due to the slowness of Pluto's orbit--tr Pluto opposing China's natal Uranus in Cancer, a time of struggles for control within the environment, and great conflicts occurring as power and resources are pitted against established financial and political institutions, such as the United States of America.

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