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Dec 22, 2011

GOP kittens tangled in own yarn? Their YOD says, Yes!

Republican Kittens and Jupiter the Thespian 12.22.11

by Jude Cowell

Sometimes when people try to be 'too clever by half' they end up out-doing themselves instead of the people they work so hard to best. At least, my hope is that this is the case with the current Political Theater now showing on a Capitol Hill whose hijinks threaten to mess with Christmas 2011 for millions of disappointed Americans.

So far, no wrapping is needed for we can clearly see that the American people's gift from the GOP as we enter 2012 is to be held hostage to ideological zealotry and an oath taken to what they consider a higher authority than the American people: Grover Norquist, famous for his no-tax-no-government psychosis of futurist utopianism.

Click 'Grover Norquist' to view his natal horoscope where you can see the elusive, mask-wearing Sun/Neptune conjunction which is now being restricted by transiting Saturn in late Libra and forming a midpoint picture--n Sun/Neptune = tr Saturn: having the discipline to shape reality through dreams (of drowning babies in bathwater--jc): persistence in working toward dreams and ideals; frustrations in attaining goals (Munkasey.)

Yes, the realism and accountability of Saturn more clearly identifies and calls to task Mr. Norquist's ego-based (Sun) other-worldly dreams (Neptune) of complete control (Saturn) over Washington politicians, policies, plans, and ideals (Mercury and Jupiter.)

And current planetary energies include the oily special-interest, behind-the-door devils' deals made by the head lobbyist for the Keystone XL Pipeline whose name would be...Grover Norquist.

Did you hear that Hades has frozen over? For even Republican strategist and Turdblossom Karl Rove has told the GOP to cut bait and move beyond the December 2011 tax cut stalemate. Wow.

Frustration Creates Impasse! And It Shows in GOP Progressions

During the US Congress' debt ceiling-default-credit downgrade fiasco of late July-early August 2011, you may remember that a horoscope of the Republican Party's Secondary Progressions was posted to SO'W showing a crisis-riddled YOD pattern between Mercury, Jupiter, and Ascendant which has now evolved into the tangled yarn of political strategy that GOP leaders now, some say, must extricate themselves from, thanks in large part to the gridlock agenda of Tea Party members along with betrayal issues between Speak John Boehner and the 'Judas' standing behind him, Eric Cantor, if what some say is true about their rivalry.

(You may wish to check out the natal horoscope of Eric Cantor which contains a money/ideology related YOD pattern between Sun, Jupiter, and Neptune.)

Well, the 'grand ideas and plans' of Mercury/Jupiter at the base of the YOD does seem to have GOP knickers in a twist--and since I posted the above chart, their Secondary Progressed ('Sec') Ascendant--the Party itself--has reached a 29th crisis-critical degree (29Gem+) which points to the current impasse concerning the payroll tax cut extension, unemployment insurance extension, and the poison pill provisions that certain industries slipped into the bill--all of which shows symptoms of GOP ideological illness and a meeting at the crossroads at least partially described by the party's Sec YOD.

Now I agree that the US government has become an overgrown gorilla yet under the guiding hand of current ideologues, 'anti-government' turns out to be a cover for 'anti-society' as more and more Americans fall underneath the weight of politicians working against us, not for us.

Can Jupiter in Venus-Ruled Taurus Beg to Differ?

With the potential for a marred-by-politics holiday approaching, Astrology tells a brightening tale of Republican Party significator Jupiter about to Direct Station on Christmas Day 2011, in money sign Taurus (@ 00:22.) Will this forward move soon be expressed on the physical plane by a Republican change of strategy?

Looks like it! And it seems we may be able to pin our dreams for social improvement and congressional bill passing on that important turn of direction and hope that jolly Jupiter, planet of abundance, material gain, and ideology--and one of our solar system's two societal planets--will enter 2012 with a forward tilt and workable, cooperative plans for solving our nation's problems caused in large part by the severe and growing imbalance of income inequality now bedeviling the hard working American people.

So although Jupiter is the patron planet of actors and acting (and Capitol Hill politicians are more thespians than problem-solvers), it's actually We The People who deserve an abundant end-of-year holiday--from the self-destructiveness of the US Congress and its current panoply of useful idiots.


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