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Dec 1, 2011

What do Rs want for America? Social Darwinism, says Robert Reich

As November 6, 2012 Approaches, Republicans Tout Austerity's Misery as Solution

by Jude Cowell

One year of austerity measures enacted in Britain has only contracted the UK economy as foretold and pushed Brits into the streets en masse. The UK government's social experiment has brought no real improvement to economic and social conditions across the pond and a worsening is apparent. Can Washington take a hint? Yes--except for political flies in the ointment who want a different course for the American people that follows the UK's example.

If you feel yourself drifting toward voting Republican on November 6, 2012, please read Robert Reich on The Rebirth of Social Darwinism before you leave the house.

For if you've paid attention to the never-ending Republican 'debates', their views mimic "survival of the fittest" ideals, a fact that amazes me for some of them seem to profess a Christian belief system--and Social Darwinism is hardly what an honest person would choose to promote Christian values such as being one's brother's keeper with Charity as a virtue to which we should all aspire.

What kind of America do We The People want?

Well, the Golden Rule is honored in these parts though it's become quite old-fashioned in Washington DC--certainly on Capitol Hill. Do Unto Others As You'd Have Them Do Unto You? Then voting for a ragmop as long as it isn't Republican will be preferable to voting for those who take an oath higher than their oath to the US Constitution and ignore their vow to serve the populace. Being voted out of power would be suitable for all underminers of America who wish to shove your Granny out on the sidewalk--that's one way to identify them and their true intentions.

What you do with and for Granny is totally up to you once she's evicted with her benefits cut. Plus, you'll be fighting to merely survive yourself in a GOP-infused America which is determined with its drastic austerity measures (and gifts to the wealthy) to mire the American people in their old Robber Baron dream from the late 1880s and 90s.

Professor Reich explains it (including GOP candidates' survivalist ideas and attitudes) much better than I can so hopefully you'll check out his excellent analysis if you haven't discovered it already.

Election 2012 looms large. Capitol Hill catcalls that "Politics is broken" simply isn't an acceptable excuse after all our forefathers did and sacrificed to set up this nation.

Yet America would benefit most from new and improved Politics so let's Occupy Everywhere!


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