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Mar 26, 2012

Obama confident of re-election--or already selected?

Update Mar 27, 2012: the real story behind President Obama's hot-mic moment.

Original post begins here:

You gotta love it when open mikes catch unguarded conversation between global power grabbers like Obama's Nuclear Summit Gaffe which tells a lot.

Is President Obama that confident of his re-election in November 2012?

Or do his remarks support my constant grousing of the last few years that movers and shakers like the Bilderberg Group in June 2008 (at their Chantilly, VA meeting) selected Mr. Obama to play the role of US president over Hillary Clinton, in part because his rhetoric so thrilled the masses which therefore would make the American people more amenable to their global domination plans, at least for a while?

After all, the Electoral College decides our president and vice president, not We the People.

As I've mentioned before, in 2008 the GOP ran the Old Man and the Unread as 'candidates' against then-popular Mr. Obama and his star power (his natal Mars conjunct our national Neptune, planet of the masses, and together, Mars/Neptune gave him a rockstar glow and charisma which, as usual with unreliable Neptune, has faded to a large extent though Neptune still throws a veil over his true motivations and actions.)

Well, it must be quite easy to exhibit confidence as you reassure other world 'leaders' when the powers-behind-the-throne are in your corner and you're championing a rigged game.

Oddly enough, I've had the same feeling about the GOP and the clowns--a One Percenter, a Bedroom Spy, and Newt--they're parading about in 2012, taking up space in the news! Is this a fake campaign? Can they be serious?

Whether fake or not, Mr. Obama will 'win' in November and global domination policies (war) will continue apace which, of course, they will no matter who fills the role of Mouthpiece of the White House.

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